Stamps Commemorating Future Milestones

      "Artificial Intelligence" Passes the Turing Test! -- The First
      Faster-Than-Light Travel Achieved! -- (future postage created by
      Mark Wilson)

      (images credit:
        Mark Wilson

      See bigger versions
Mark explains: "It's about a thousand lines of hand crafted PostScript code. I've taken a gray-scale ASCII-Art version of a B&W photo of Turing and injected the text of an actual test conversation into it, and added the title text etc. The stamp's "value" is 25μ, where I'm imagining that's shorthand for 25μgAu (25 micrograms of Gold)." (more info)
We hope that this example will inspire you to create more cool future postage artifacts... taken from headlines of the future (or perhaps from the Wired magazine's "Found" feature) "In Cthulhu We Trust"? Not on my watch! The weirdest of the bunch of postage stamps that apparently fell out of some wayward time traveler's machine are the ones issued by the Cthulhu government, dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft - of course! (image credit: Lovecraft Memorabilia) in the other Cthulhu-related memorabilia "from the future" (or, rather, alternate reality) are these curious finds: (images via) Not really from the future... but generating about the same amount of goosebumps Just imagine... if in some alternate reality this vision from a vintage postcard of multi-level futuristic New York may be realized... I want to visit, and take some more pictures of this place! (image via Susan) Also in some alternate reality... vegetables grow REALLY large in Lexington Heights, Michigan - (image via Susan) Communism-inspired Proletariat (the workers) finally defeat the dragon of consumerism (a Soviet-issued stamp from 1921 - really a wishful thinking): (images credit: Tmora) Airships ply the skies and the infamous Palace of the Soviets is built: (images credit: Tmora) Mythical creatures are celebrated on the postage stamps just issued by the U.K. Royal Mail (painted by Dave McKean: more images and order information here) (image via) Finally, I give you the future of mail delivery - on the Moon - more info (image via) Mail delivery on the Moon?... not without its challenges, it seems: (art by: Alex Schomburg) Also Read: Thrilling Vintage Movie Posters! -> Don't miss our series "World's Most Curious Ephemera" ->


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Anonymous Spanish classes said...

I've never understood stamp collecting. I'll admit some of them are very cool and I'm sure that it isn't easy to make but it just doesn't appeal to me. Different folks, different strokes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOON NINJAS!@@!!!!@!$@!#!

Blogger Graeme McKay said...

"MOON NINJAS!@@!!!!@!$@!#!"

that looks more like Mars in the background to me....

Anonymous soundchaser said...

My dad has collected thousands of Soviet stamps throughout his youth. It is so exciting everytime to have a look at them. They are simply epic, especially the ones with the theme of space exploration and animals.

Blogger Kateastrophic said...

Somehow, the "Kids First" on the Ctulhu license plate really creeps me out...


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