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Another helping of good old times to brighten up your weekend

"There was something in the air in the early years of commercial aviation. Perhaps more excitement, perhaps more glamorous stewardesses... in any case, it's worth savoring once again."...

And once again! This is Part 4 of our extremely popular collection (start with Part 1 here); send us more stories and photos of the wonderful flight experiences you had - this time around we also feature a few modern examples of attractive flight attendants. Let's keep the skies full of smiles and beauty!

Somewhat creepy, no? -

(image credit: Modern Mechanix)

Delta Air Lines flight attendant uniforms in 1970:

(image courtesy Delta Air Lines)

(image via)

(image credit: Modern Mechanix)

on the right: Braniff's stewardess uniforms, designed by Emilio Pucci. (image via)

Pacific Southwest Airlines are going to give you "a lift" -

(image via CreativePro)

Not really stewardesses, but a good show, nonetheless

The following images are taken either from the advertisements, promotions, films, or exhibition events. The girls shown here are not stewardesses in real life... but the image they convey is worth experiencing:

Click to enlarge! - (original unknown)

Click to enlarge!

(image via)

Certificate of a great experience!

Airline Passenger Certificates: read a detailed article about unique collector's item: Certificates for crossing the ocean in an airplane - issued by early airline companies:

"TWA 1953 certificate awarded for crossing the great Atlantic Ocean on behalf of King Neptune himself" -

Sometimes a stewardess' pretty face was hidden... like in this "survival bag" demonstration:

(image via Modern Mechanix)

Vintage "Aeroflot" Section

Russian hostesses from the 1960s right through to the 1980s (and some modern shots) -

(images via John Coulthard, Dmitry)

AeroSvit company, Ukraine -

Bel Avia company, Belorus -

Most images are courtesy Dmitry

Air hostesses in Kursk, Russia - and a photo from the recent air show in Moscow:

(image via)

Interesting hats of Qatar Airways (top), El Al airlines in Israel... and Korean Air crew just landed:

(images via)

KLM hostess crew is having a picnic (sort-of) on a wing in Amsterdam - good times!

(image via)

Finally, the image that's going to stay with you - remember it every time you fly... Who's going to tuck you in at night? Why, a pilot, of course! -

(image via)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for those old-time stewardesses. They had to spend their working lives in thick cigarette smoke.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I certainly can't think of her as my mother... lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those some really awful hats. Really, really hideous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss the old days. I hate the current PC environment-- it's like they give you the privilege of paying for the flight instead of appreciating your business. AND, I hate the PC no-smoking nazis that appear whenever they see something like this-- as if smoking was the worst thing in the today's world.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The number 9 pictures are not stewardesses. There hostesses from expo 67 in montreal.
The logo gave it away...


Anonymous besucher said...

What about the connection of porn and stewardesses? The "literature" of this subject is really great. Check Flight 69, for example.


Anonymous Kristopher said...

So ... they issued Aeroflot stews with pistols?

Don't mess with them.

Blogger Chas S. Clifton said...

I keep looking past the ladies to the airline seats of old, which seem so more more comfortable than today's!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the person who called me a Nazi; I am not a member of the Nationalist Socialist Party.
And I did not comment because of any "PC" tendencies; I spoke up because a friend of mine, a former stewardess, has suffered multiple lung problems and surgeries since her early retirement.
Cigarette smoke is poison and you cannot change that by telling lies about people's motives.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but there has never been a reliable study proving any link between secondhand smoke and health risks.
I'm not the individual who called the other one a Nazi, but I just thought I'd point that out.

Blogger Library Vixen said...

I agree she is unlike any mother I know of. those come hither eyebrows. Meow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Tennessee: Show me someone with a smoker's afflictions who's never experienced first- or second-hand smoke, and I'll start to care about the lack of studies proving the harm of second-hand smoke.

Anonymous Flying Boogliodemus said...

Remember... The next time you fly and have to deal with a sour-faced, post-menopausal,hag from hell... These are Them!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a plesant surprise to see an old photo of a Delta stewardess, in Part 4, that I nearly divorced my wife for. Should have....

Anonymous Laura said...

Ah, yes, the good old days. We should definitely bring that back. Luckily women are never, ever actually consumers of commercial flights! So we don't have to worry about the fact that they might want a flight attendant who would be attractive to them, or even might be uncomfortable that the staff's uniforms would be designed to make the women sex objects. Thumbs up for nostalgia!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful affair with one of the stewardesses in the Delta photo.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Modern Air Transport had once topless stewardesses. I saw a picture in 'Aviation Week and Space Technology'.

Anonymous czelectric said...

must see, i love all 4 parts

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those girls are not very attractive. It's the same way like wit Polish Miss World 1989 - I do not know, why she become miss:|
Look at her

Anonymous Most Popular Books said...

Awesome pictures, stevards have indeed been beautiful throughout tens of years.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Dark Roasted Blend code for Middle-Aged men?

Anonymous hot secretaries said...

Ahh the good old days, sexy stewardesses, being able to smoke your head off in flight - and we call the modern day progress!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Signs of the times! How nostalgic! I met a Delta stewardess circa 1992 and got to know a bit about the life - travelling all the time, sharing apartments (crash pads) with other women in hub cities - stories of "people who fly who are just clueless and rude", and the occasional ray of sunshine. Nice, intelligent woman - if she's typical, I'd say stewardesses are a great bunch!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"II hate the PC no-smoking nazis that appear whenever they see something like this-- as if smoking was the worst thing in the today's world." - Nazis are not politically correct, and with a death counter at 300.000.000 smoking is actually a pretty solid candidate for worst thing in the world. But I get it, you're old and obsolete and that makes you angry.


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