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Spirited Away, or Spirited for Good?

They may be closed, but they're still a lot of fun! For a new installment in our popular "Abandoned Amusement Parks" series we look at four beautiful, enchanting and rusting away parks in Asia - South Korea, China, Laos and Japan.

We've already covered a couple of parks close to Seoul. Now we look at more haunting grounds (hotbeds of gladness and joy only a few years ago), based on research by Jon Dunbar with the exclusive permission of the photographers included here.

(image credit: Olivier Malosse)


French urban explorer Olivier Malosse visited the once-famous "Koga Family Land" Park in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. It seems to be completely swallowed by a lush forest, its past gloriously illustrated in children's drawings, which now hang, fading, from the peeling walls - an echo of "family fun", silenced:

Sad toys hang around - and a bunch of ferocious rabbits haunts the premises:

Spectacularly overgrown roller coaster - and "Okutama Ropeway" still offers great view from the cabins:

(images copyright and courtesy Olivier Malosse)

Rust in the Mist - "Takakanonuma Greenland" Park

Another highly evocative location is actually quite famous among urban explorers - the images are well-known, but still worth seeing. Spiral is an intrepid Japanese explorer who's interested in all sorts of wild abandoned places, not just parks - but one look at this page and you'll be hooked to click on every link there, even though they're all in Japanese.

Here is a misty ride 250km north of Tokyo (for those who want coordinates - 37°49'02.16"N 140°33'05.78"E):

(images credit: Spiral)

Would you trust these rusty rails with another ride? Maybe, if you're in a 1980s horror movie:

(image credit: JensofJapan, via)

These pictures take my pick as the creepiest of the bunch:

Passengers in stasis: frozen in time, place and who knows what else -

(images credit: Spiral)

Japan has a ton of abandoned parks; here is a Wikipedia page that lists parks there, as well as in other parts of the world - Click Here


Many parks in China were originally built to as "People's Parks", for many years being the focus of family fun and activities in large cities. With huge changes in the Chinese economy and a lack of funds for upkeep, many are lying in disarray, and yet many more are still open and maintained by dedicated workers.

Here is a Shanghai theme park with dioramas and statues intended to represent countries around the world, abandoned for nearly 10 years - photos by Wesley:

The heads are growing like mushrooms there:

Ever seen an abandoned fairy tale castle before? You know, "Happily ever after"..? -

This picture has everything: signs of old, signs of new (airplane) and a profound philosophical statue to contemplate this all:

(images credit: Wesley)

Another abandoned park (again for 10 years) near Beijing: this time because of the lack of funds to maintain it -

For a moment I thought that it's a Shuttle launch tower:

(images via)

Finally, here is an aesthetic pleasure - another Chinese park, photographed by Kurt Tong

Looks like the faux-"mountains" are still standing:

(images credit: Kurt Tong)


One Korean expatriate photographer found a dilapidated amusement park while on vacation in Laos: "It was completely deserted, but it was close to some wats, and there was some kind of festive music playing from one of the wats across the street, so the whole time I walked around I could hear this faint carnival-like music. It made it all even more surreal."

Dokmaideng Playland, Vientiane, Laos

Batman grounded:

(images by SadisticSpice)


A few more pictures from South Korea: exploration updates by Jon Dunbar, including Greenland park:

Space Beam - a veteran robot stands at the door of abandoned factory:

Entry into the park, leading to a "house of terror":

Some colorful characters inside:

Outside the park: Buddhist statues and the sound of Buddhist prayers from the temple next door:

Caterpillar exodus. The world will soon end if you see these heading out of the city.

(images credit: Jon Dunbar)

Now, this abandoned "clown train" - does anyone know where it's from? And yes, you're welcome to creep yourself out staring at it.

(original unknown)

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Blogger idaho69442 said...

I believe the "clown train" is in Pripyat, Ukraine.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is among the weirdest and most beautiful things... Wonderful really

Blogger Italian Job said...

wonderful post!!!! keep going!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really cool!
must be spooky at night time...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this abandoned parks series... I'd love to go and see them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

SO cool, but all I can think about is stepping on a rusty nail and getting an infection!

Blogger HC said...

Those old attractions look so sad now that nobody is in it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want to live!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome pics man, thanks a lot for sharing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT post!!

just one point...

"Koka Family Land" - wrong
"Koga Family Land" - correct

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Foreshadowing of a doomed species on a wrecked planet.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, that clown train is from the amusement park in Pripyat (Ukraine). Pripyat was a small city next to Chernobyl but was completely abandoned due to radiation and is now a policed 'restricted zone'. Its cordoned off with limited visiting rights. Its a freaky place - search for pics of it online and you will see.

Blogger C182Skylane said...

Is the Clown Train really in Prypiat? The theme park there is in the middle of the city, while the picture above doesn't seem to be taken somewhere near any traces civilisation.

Blogger Zeston said...

I would love to have a screen-size version of some of these. They would make great creepy wallpaper!

Blogger Tony said...

I beleive that the clown train is from Fairyland Park in Kansas City Missouri.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, the ferris wheel at Koga or Kouga Familyland wastaken down recently. Also, the Fukushima Greenland theme park is gone too.

Blogger Unknown said...

the "philosophical statue" is "Mosè" di "Michelangelo" Buonarroti

Anonymous Graham said...

Like tony said, that clown train is from the US. Pripyat, ukraine has 4 different rides there obviously abandoned. A ferris wheel, Bumper cars, a small swing type ride and a revolving chair ride. I have some photos on my website = www.firesuite.com

Anonymous alex said...

amazing amazing post. this has provided so much inspiration!

Anonymous Jeremy Kennedy said...

The clown rotary ride looks like the same model-type installed at Six Flags over Georgia (Atlanta, USA) in the early 1970s. The ride bounces youngsters as it travels around the flat-concrete track. You can see a photo of a version of this ride in operation here:

Unfortunately, the Happy Worm, as it was known at many parks including SFOG, gave its last ride at the end of the 2003 season and hasn't been seen since.

Anonymous Joe Federer (Minnesota) said...

Very cool - and the visuals are amazing.

civilizations-gone-by are always intriguing. I wonder if 500 years from now some archeologists will dig this stuff up and make all sorts of wild claims about the lives of people in the 20th centure.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone know if the clown train originally came from Fairyland Park in Kansas City, MO?Is it operating in Pripyat, Ukraine.(think the picture said it was in South Korea.)

Anonymous Pete said...

Scooby Dooby DooOOOOOO!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

clown is from chernobyl city.

Blogger Unknown said...

It is NOT FROM CHERNOBYL, you damned idiots. This fact has been established many times over. What's with all you people who think because you have knowledge of an abandoned park somewhere that you can outright claim you know where the damned clown train is from, when you have never once seen a pic of it there. POST A PIC or a google maps direct link to back it up if you are going to continue to claim you know where it is.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm game to check the amusement park out. It looks like a dream come true. If it really does exsist.

Blogger Lu said...

I am pretty sure that the last pic with the clown train is from Prypiat, Ukraine. I recently found it surfing the net, in search of abandoned parks...thanks for sharing this nice collection!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Type the coordinats provided under one of the pictures above in to google earth for added eerieness.


Blogger Blue said...

Those Google Maps 'nates for "Takakanonuma Greenland" park seem to just take me to the middle of a large, established town.
Are they correct ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the Park near Beijing was originally abandoned because it was trying to copy Disneyland. Notice the Donald Duck look alike? It had Sleeping Beauty's castle and other Disney characters. I think Disney had something to do with having the Park closed until they got rid of all the look alikes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The clown photo is from Laura Salas. Her livejournal link is below:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the clown ride is from the theme park Joyland. I saw it while looking at pictures of the abandoned park.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cool. I love looking at old abandoned facilities like these. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is the park in shanghai with the dioramas and statues called?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to take the Abandoned clown train home with me ;n; Clown trains need hugs too!
(^ ᵒ∀ᵒ)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The abandoned clown ride is in Africa somewhere there is an amusement park there in Zambia that is abandoned the ride looks nothing like that now though. It is all rusted up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, Okutama ropeway is nothing close to this amusement park. It's in Okutama.
(the photographer)


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