A stroboscopic madhouse of ideas... SF masterpieces revisited and enjoyed.

Four in-depth updates over at DRB SF site:

1. Theodore Sturgeon's "The Cosmic Rape" (To Marry Medusa)
Reviews by M. Christian & Avi Abrams

"Lots of folks lay awake at night and shudder at the thought of being merged, combined with something else, of losing their identity to some monstrous and hungry collective...."

Click Here to Read the Rest

2. Alfred Bester's "The Computer Connection"
Review by author M. Christian

"Bester was the mountain, all the rest of us merely climbers toward that peak." - Each page sparkles with insane wit and crackling imagination. It's like trying to capsulize the effervescent, freeze-frame lightning...

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3. Samuel R. Delany's "Nova" and "Babel-17"
Reviews by Sunday Williams & Avi Abrams

"Weaves a brilliantly-jeweled web of words, capturing imagination and causing various bubbles of mental presumption to burst deliciously in your brain (no drugs involved)..."

Click Here to Read the Rest

4. Isaac Asimov's (& Jerome Bixby) "Fantastic Voyage"
Review by Sunday Williams

"The story’s style is not exactly Asimov - originally conceived by Jerome Bixby and Otto Klement, this is a page-turner of the highest degree..."

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Also read:
Alfred Bester, "The Stars My Destination"
Thomas M. Disch, "The Squirrel Cage"

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This is the first time I can ever say, on any comments on any web page, "FIRST!"

I know, I know. It's been done before.


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