Pimp My Food!- For the sake of Art and Stomach.

These wildly creative examples of artfully augmented food (that anybody can make, provided they got Michelangelo's sculpture skills and nearly limitless free time) can be then displayed in upscale New York art galleries (until they go bad) and bring their creators untold riches and client commissions. So then - who needs to eat boring food ever again?

(images credit: Tzessler, Voichenko and Stanislav Volyazlovski)

"Five Easy Pieces" of playing with food, quick and easy to accomplish:

Why don't you start artfully arranging your food and drive all your roommates insane:

1. The remake of Edvard Munch’s famous painting “The Scream” (from ice scream, of course) -

(image credit: Adriana De Barros)

2. Make Jar Jar Binks from potatoes (and hastily devour this hateful creature) -

(image credit: Only Knives)

3. Make a cute little plane out of your fish (just don't launch it inside the restaurant) -

4. Play with your omelet until it becomes a little scary to eat it:

5. Can your preserves... with a twist:

Foodscapes of the Mountain Loaves and the Salmon Sea

Painting landscapes is so passe, this has been done since the beginning of art. Foodscapes are much more unique, and can be blown to billboard size to advertise your local fast food chain. Actually, the art of Carl Warner is notably classier than any fast food chain can ever afford to be - these are French and Italian cuisine paradise destinations (click to enlarge):

If you look closely, you'll notice that this sea is made of strips of salmon:

(images credit: Carl Warner)

Don't forget to populate your foodscapes with tiny figures... We wrote about Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida in our Strange Food Special, but since then they had some updates: here is a busy-looking "Nutcracker" -

(image credit: Minimiam)

Well, short of amateurish dabbling in this appetizing art, we can show really classic, professional work that stood the test of time:

Guiseppe Arcimboldo (1527 - 1593) is hard to beat in "food portrait" sub-genre (click to enlarge) -

(images credit: all-art.org, via)

Vintage seed catalogs and postcards introduced their own brand of Humpty-Dumpties:

(images via terr-bo)

The apocalyptic "Veggie Tales" out-take:

(image via)

These veggies have seen the light... or Cthulhu:

For the Starved Road Warrior

Spending an inordinate amount of time on the road? Why, then you need this - a flavorful assortment of sausages... wait, it seems that it would need some refrigeration - not to go spectacularly bad. Oops.

(image via terr-bo)

Turkish Airlines offer a new service:

Miss Grill - Do NOT think of decorating your wife this way, even if she cooks good. She's not going to like it.

(image via)

Shopping Fantastique!

Shopping for food starts with the list - the ROCKING grocery list:

(image via)

Your grocery store probably does not feature this "fruit stand / football stadium" - too bad it can only be seen in an art gallery:

(image credit: Helmut Smits)

These are probably not kosher:

These are certainly not kosher:

Surreal Food Preparation

Rediscover the joy of peeling potatoes:

(image credit: Gilles Pinault)

The act of preparing food can lead to psychedelic and enlightening experiences, especially if you use the wacky appliances listed below, and keep your eye open for the weird occurrences, such as this optical illusion (this is NOT Photoshop!) -

(original unknown)

Not Photoshop, just strategically places couple of sticks and beer caps. Any stove can be a happy stove, if you only let it.

Skeleton hand serving forks (buy them here)

(image credit: What on Earth)

Make sure the eggs don't break by putting them in... cast iron:

World's Smallest Hamburger requires a very precise preparation:

(images credit: Daily Cognition)

Think about food while working on the computer: Cute Croissant Wrist Rests -

(image credit: toys.brando.com)

Cheers! Keep the drinks coming.

Buster Keaton (with his trademark wink) enjoys his pint, while the poster on the wall proclaims:

Interestingly, it states "NO!" in the Soviet poster part on the left, while Dmitry Medvedev happily says "YES!" on the right). Practice moderation and know when to stop (hopefully before you start to see drunk angels hanging around your drink) -

(images via terr-bo)

Speaking of beer... (did we speak about beer? no matter, we always speak about beer)

Drink Orange Juice LOTS:

(image credit: Plan 59)

If you prefer to drink milk... then, hmmm... make sure that the cows that give you milk do not drink milk themselves:

Your Coke bottle should not have a toothbrush in it:

(image via)

Stay away from this (while in Japan) -

(image credit: Kelly Hyde)

National Cappuccino Day

"Cappuccino, which is an Italian word meaning "coffee for people who watch art films," has grown increasingly popular in the U.S. thanks to Starbucks, Friends, and our nation's endless need for new and different caffeine delivery mechanisms. Where once only high-class Italian bistros and beat poet-infested coffee houses would serve you a frothy mug of steamed milk and espresso goodness, the average convenience store will now sell you a product they can somehow legally call Cappuccino. Truly, this is a halcyon era!

Our friends at Food Rants has come up with a nutty video, celebrating National Cappuccino Day. This is a cautionary tale of dreams lost, illusions shattered, and wives annoyed. Watch at your peril. - Click Here

This is not a paper cup! Check out this ceramic coffee cup here:

(colorful sugar cubes - original unknown)

More Surreal Food & Drink Moments:

The Potato Shark - the scariest of the bunch:

(image credit: Sebastian Niedlich)

"Quit Stomping on Us!!!" (seems only reasonable request) -

(image credit: Murat Suyur)

These hybrids can only exist on your computer screen:

(art by Sergei Voichenko, Vladimir Tzessler)

(originals unknown)

Good old Worth1000 never disappoints:

(images credit: Worth1000)

But these you can actually replicate in reality:

(image credit: Ariel Bariel Long)

See a lot more of fruit drama on this page

(image credit: Sakurako Kitsa)

And of course, anytime you're bored - just start drawing monkeys on a banana (do you think the picture will improve as the banana continues to go bad?)

(image credit: Matt Reinbold)

Also Read: The Tasty Art of Chocolate and Candy


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post !

you did a lot of research finding these interesting pics !

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I absolutely love stuff like this. Amazing post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing photos. perhaps some of the best I have ever seen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I think it's a keeper.

I had Mummy dogs on Halloween night. I hadn't seen them before and I was impressed by how simple they were to make.

I've got a recipe book for making eyeballs out of pickled onions but I've never taken the opportunity to try it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a bit of info for you Avi, The drunken angels are swimming around in Absinthe.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

OK, now somebody just have to drink absinthe with eyeballs from pickled onions...

Blogger illustrationISM.... said...

These are so creative! Reminds me of what my daughter isabel & i saw on her plate a while back...!...

THANX for sharing 'a piece from your plate'!
mark jaquette @
illustrationism &
bammgraphics !

Blogger reytia said...

that's cool, i'll try some in my foods anyway, haha!

and anyway, seeing those pictures just make me feel hungry.. amazing how looks can affect your appetite.. ^^

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was busterkeaton!! in that one picture. i love him!! :D

the chihauha was really cute
but i like all the pics on this site

Blogger Court said...

It's unreal to me the amount of creativity some people have!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Louise Bourgeois demos her version of the orange-peel guy for an interviewer--only hers ends up with a strategically placed spindle.

Blogger silvergirl said...

part of me feels like a total spoiled jerk, getting so much joy out of seeing the (doubtless artful) wasting of food... but then the right side of my brain takes over, and i celebrate recklessly! ;) Love this post. thank you.


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