Gratuitous shots of limo interiors, and more

In our day and age of automotive downsizing (Smart car is all you really need) these atrocious exercises in overblown style and scale remain popular, mostly because you don't have to own one of these yourself.

The modest, normal-looking stretches of the 60s and 70s look positively primitive today and completely lost their jaw-dropping factor, so the limo companies go for the utmost SUV jugular and start outfitting tractor trailers, tanks, and the whole trains (Dr. Evils of the world seem to like blinged-out trains with nuclear missiles on board)

(image credit: Fly)

It is said that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" - and if you are in the excitable, inebriated or "devil may care" mood, then beholding these super-limos should not be a problem for you. All you need is a sunroof with shrieking ladies holding champagne - and away you go into a nightclub-filled city mist.

(image credit: AlexeyChe)

I doubt James Bond would be caught riding in some of these blinged out monstrosities (or maybe only to please his female companion). Additionally, no comment is necessary about their esthetic design value. It's not the point, really... you want marriage of form and function, then go ride in a Smart car.

(image of a limo in front of Taj Mahal - via Cincinnati Limousines)

British Midland Limos Ltd keeps a no-holds-barred fleet of monstrous Hummers:
Triple Axle Hummer Limo

Pink Hummer Limo - Bli-i-i-i-ing!

Three TVs, laser lights, strobes, 1800 watt sound system, Disco Floor, star lights, optic lights, pink leather interior, 22" Chrome alloy wheels. Very popular with ladies on their night around town.

Courtesy Midland Limos here are a few gratuitous shots of their Hummer limo interiors (click to enlarge) -

Here is how folks at Midland Limos describe their fleet: "Only some prestigious limousine companies have Hummer H2 model limousine as it is larger than life and unique in the UK. It is one of the biggest limousines in the world - the new H3 model is also out, colored in pink for all those women who like to be chauffeured in style at their fancy.... But both the H2 and H3 Hummers are dwarfed by the new Triple Axel Hummer Limo which has 8 wheels and is known as The King of All Hummers"

They also add that limousines today come outfitted with additional safety features (such as the fire escapes and fire extinguishers) and there is a regulation in place preventing the overcrowding. Some countries also limit the drinks served inside to only soft drinks (no hard liquor). Sometimes even no beer. What, you're supposed to drink milk in there?

More limo interiors designed to make you drool:

Messing up with classics

Itching to see what the maestros of stretch industry did with pure forms of Chevrolet Corvette? Then head over to this article. Some examples:

Would you say that this one has a kind of beauty to it?

(image credit: Manfred)

Some of the stretches are "stretched" quite wrong:

(image credit: Autoblog)

Old cars that refuse to die are remade into limos. Good old Russian "Volga", and the humble "Lada" -

The old Beetle is given a new "stretch" of life (see other Beetle modifications here) -

(image credit: Murat Selam)

(image credit: Lance E.)

The ugly stretch is ugly:

(image credit: Kisolog)

Russian limos sometimes have trouble navigating the countryside:

(image credit: Denis Baltin)

And finally, if you want an idea for a badass conversion limo, consider this recent Russian Army vehicle Kamaz-43269:
(you don't need to stretch it to make it any more wicked)

Also read World's Strangest Vehicles, Parts 1 to 4 and Tank Bling!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not Found
The requested URL /abramsv/SNXj8c6IwxI/AAAAAAAAfY0/b3TGt-btAOcs1600-h/er6turfgjgh.jpg was not found on this server.

Even Google didn't like the green astroturf Caddy limo.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh, I went in a limo once for my Year 12 Formal, and was very underwhelmed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"King of all Hummers?"
Only of you don't consider the ability to go off road a requirement.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a Ferrari Limo!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of the limos look like they're from Playboy - which obviously would be completely over the top. The interior design looks pretty much similar only different colors.

Anyways, can you imagine the gasoline cost on those?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should have a couple of extras on the Smart Car order sheet;

Function: Optional
Form: Not Available

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple more that might interest you:

1. Tank Limo (actually a cut'n'shut FV432 troop carrier):


2. BRDM limo - not stretched as such, but certainly pimped-out by the Russian entrepreneur who owns it:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best one is the Limo Hearse in Dallas,Tx. You can see pics on myspace.com/limohearse . We are actually using their red one for our wedding. :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prius Limo:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe gas shortages are actually a good thing. That's all I can think after looking at these. Oh, yeah, and I'm a social worker, and I work every day with the people that our society has decided to throw away and judge as unworthy. There are fewer resources every day to try to help as many people as we can, but if we go down, we'll go down fighting. And meanwhile people are spending money on limos like these... it makes me sick, and it should make any moral human being sick too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sooner we run out of oil the better.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Not only are these vulgar monstrosities being built to chug up already over-congested roads and fill the air with ozone-depleting CO2, but some people find them 'great'. Meanwhile, how well do you think they're going to float when the sea-levels are above your window-sill? I am a graphic designer - those who like limos need to question their taste (if applicable) and their ethical values.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's a "social worker"? Methinks you're an enabler. Just as guilty as the people who build and rent these wasteful monstrosities. But...you're vastly more morally reprehensible.

Blogger Eliyahu said...

The Valley Baptist Church limo -- the rusted out one toward the bottom of the stack -- is an older Checker Airport limo, and they were actually quite functional at the time they were built, being designed to haul large numbers of passengers between hotels and airports. They've pretty much been supplanted by mini-buses and vans now and have gone the way of the classic Checker taxi cab.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the lamborghini limo is a fake, isn't it?

The 3rd one from top is great! I would make that one my personal playboy limo, of course full of playmates!:D

By the way, it's a big no-no a playboy limo without playmates!;D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldent ride in no limo if it dont have a sub woofer chamber. you need atleast 4 20inch woofers to get nice bass at 120decibuls. i wanna see the windows shake and everything rattling in my ride.


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