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Ask your boss to unravel it instead

Never underestimate the power of a mess. It fills all the space allowed for it, but what's worse, it messes up with your brain. Bad wiring jobs often do more psychological harm than even electrical.

The darn thing might work, but its messed-up wiring is gonna haunt you - and will not let go until you take one end of that cable and religiously follow it... into all kinds of rabbit holes. In fact, many tech guys spend a huge chunk of their lives just following the wiring.

In honor of that miserable activity - here is another installment of the mad, mad, mad cable work:

A forest of wires; replaces a real forest in some places:

Cable Waterfalls! Enjoy the view:

(image credit: sysadminday)

Vintage computer wiring (among the printed circuit boards) from Computer History Museum in Mt. View:

(image credit: Stephan Morais)

Electric Wiring Nightmares

Slightly squeezed, I'd say (or maybe these wires grew like mushrooms out of the single spore, given proper humidity...) -

How many ways can you split it? -

(image credit: sysadminday)

Just nail everything to the wall... a radical solution:

Miserable Wiring Situations

When things go wrong, they go really wrong - even though (if you choose to believe the sources) these crazy clumps of spaghetti actually work:

A cable is too short? DUCT TAPE always saves the day:

No wonder they have wiring challenges. Try to wire properly this ex-bus computer sales office:

You know who to blame...
(he's probably monitoring the advance of LOLcats over the internet) -

Or perhaps this cat is after another kind of jackpot:

if you got hanging wires, why not decorate them? -

(image credit: Robin)

What's more, the hanging wires in the picture above also contain a mobile and a functional game server!..

Sysadmins get all the respect. They get to tackle this...

Look at it and shudder:

(images credit: sysadminday)

This is a cry from the heart... written on this door: "Do Not Touch!! Or else... you'll be cursed by the Divine Powers", signed by the Satanic SysAdmin:

(image credit: Academ.org)

Here is probably the above-mentioned punishment, ruthlessly exacted:

(image credit: sysadminday)

In most cases, given enough patience, the wiring could be unraveled and the problem traced to its source... as long as there is no frigging SNAKE inside the PC case:

The frustration sometimes takes ugly forms:

This is done correctly. Respect.

Order is contagious:
(wiring done right at World Trade & Convention Centre in Halifax)

(sent in by Dave Rudderham)

Some other wiring challenges:

CD-80 installation is hairy, to say the least:

(sent in by Dave Rudderham)

Weird (and wired) workplace, perched up high:

(photo by Vladimir Ermilov)

Russian Army Modem (serious-looking device, don't mess with it) -

Sometimes wiring is only the beginning of sysadmin worries. Check out this guy who decided to buy something online:

This is NOT how to make online purchases!
(note that there is already two cards in the slot... he must have confused PC with ATM, poor guy)

Other sources: offtop.ru, Cooler



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Dude, that is some of the craziest wiring I have seen yet!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

strange stuff!!

damn those wires are messy

zip ties always help with organizing wires

Blogger Unknown said...

No, GOD NO! Zip ties are the bane of the industry. Too many twits yank down on them and kink the cables! Then every one and their mother wants to cut off the end of them, which turns them into little plastic razors! I can't even tell you how many scars I have from those things. Good god man. NO, just NO!

Blogger Ryan Clark said...

Wow...some of those are inconceivable! I can also tell which ones were put together by a serial killer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 2nd photo - Pho Ly Quoc Su is in Viet Nam. There are many examples of such wiring "arrangements" in Ha Noi and elsewhere. No idea in which city this particular street is since the same street names are used repeatedly in various cities.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, that credit card one was obviously done for effect. the card still has the "I am not yet activated" sticker on it. Someone just got a couple cards and some tweezers and took a photo.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, good thing to note is those 'perfect' wiring jobs. there is such a thing as too perfect, and those are a good example. Proper structured cabling should not be perfectly parallel, combed, straight cables. Such an arrangement promotes crosstalk and impedes signals. cable bundles should be slightly lose, and allowed to weave a bit. They may look messy, but you'll have a significantly cleaner signal on your network.

Holy crap, did i actually LEARN something from my Data Communications course? oO

Blogger Christopher R said...

The ones that are messed up are called job security. HAHAHAHAHA

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Wow James - interesting point, I was not aware of this (although I had my share of tackling crazy wiring)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto the earlier comment about the evils of zip ties. Use only on a permanent installation, and it's rare any wiring is going to be permanent.

For most applications I use velcro ties, they're a bit more expensive than zip ties, but you only have to buy them once. Write them off as a business expense. :)

Blogger PT said...

The pic of the girl tied up in the wire reminds me of something from way back when.


Scroll down about 2/3 to:

Keep reading.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, some are real funny. Nice post ;)

Blogger Elvee Kaye said...

That picture of the vintage wiring is almost artistic. :o)

Blogger Unknown said...

@ james: Actually, Cat5/6 cables, as well as shielded coax/fibre/other waveguides are designed not to crosstalk with each other. Consider that a Cat5 has 4 pairs, each w/ different signals, and they don't have problems due to the architecture i.e., the twist in the pairs along with the opposing current creates a net 0 EM field, therefore no inducted voltage in another pair.

I also agree w/ Scott, I hate zip ties, although if I have to use them, I twist them off, which creates a smooth end. I hate them more due to the disposable nature of them...

Blogger ciimonstr said...

one last link to the ultimalatte wild wiring http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6e/Touched_by_His_Noodly_Appendage.jpg/250px-Touched_by_His_Noodly_Appendage.jpg

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what happens when wiring is left to software engineer or system adminstrators!!


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