Reality Hacking - with geeky flair!

If reality is truly made up of highly compressed information and/or is holographic in nature then we should be able to hack our physical world just like a large computer system.

"The Reality Hacker" site is taking all the cool new theoretical spiritual/scientific blends out of the seemingly endless discussion stage and getting down to some serious quantum action. "We have already had some wild results and a few really weird accidents with the more complex things we are working with."

(image credit: Machina18, nsfw)

What do you get when you dive headlong into unbridled spiritual exploration guided only by computer hacking concepts, comic books, movies and theories from quantum physics? The answer: reality hacking.

Reality hacking is based on a popular theory that our physical world is actually made up of little more than highly compressed information. If this is true then our entire world is very similar to the computers we use every day. This means that reality itself can be "hacked" — broken into and manipulated — just like any other large computer system.

"It's an outlandish idea," says reality hacker Lisa Bruder. "And it gets even crazier when you begin to realize that you can pull material from literally any source and it can potentially work.

I actually got the idea for reality hacking from a comic book that pointed out that reality is just another operating system and that magic spells are a messy attempt at hacking it. I stopped dead in my tracks and wondered why something like that had not occurred to me before! Soon, I was figuring out ways to work the idea for real. Like information from any fictional (or non-fictional) source, it needed some serious tweaking, but dang it worked."

(art by: Przemek Kucinski, fragment - see more)

Here is how reality hacking works:

The idea is that there are small weaknesses in our reality—parts that are thinner and more pliable. (Interestingly enough, Lisa got the idea of "thinner reality" from the same comic book series) A few quick examples of these thin areas include sacred spaces, highly emotional group settings or virtual reality environments. Any place that alters consciousness and fools the brain into temporarily loosening its death grip on physical reality will probably work.

The thin areas are then exploited by applying an experimental hack – usually a combination of mixed spiritual practice, modified ideas from fictional sources rounded out with a good dose of hardwired technology. If the hacking combination is successful, something weird and unexplainable will happen that everyone can see and experience. If the results are good enough, another hack will be stacked on top of the first one to worm in even further. The process is repeated again and again, going deeper and deeper, getting more and more creative as each bizarre twist and turn is explored—uncovering larger and stranger effects.

(art by Andrew C. Stewart)

"The process for hacking reality is very similar to cracking a computer, but it requires a unique brand of instinct, on-the-fly creative thinking, spiritual training and some impressive mental adjustments," continues Bruder. "Learning to stop thinking in only three dimensions may be our biggest ongoing challenge.

We are teaching ourselves to wade into a rippling, liquid environment where linear formulas and rigid 'logical' thinking almost never apply."

It also doesn't hurt to be willing to look a bit foolish at times.

"I always look like a dork when I'm actually running a hack stack," laughs Bruder. "I'm either doing some very noisy breathing exercise, building or borrowing some strange structure, referring to a scene from a Star Wars movie like it's a serious scientific source, or wearing various layers of goggles, headphones and biofeedback sensors."

(art by Andrew C. Stewart)

If you decide that reality hacking is something you want to explore, here are three tips to help you get your toes wet:

1. Become a Mad, Wild, Crazy Spiritual Alchemist

Don't get stuck in rule-bound spiritual applications. Follow your instincts instead. Play with new combinations, share ideas, finger-paint with tradition and mix it up.

2. Don't Kill the Quantum

The fluid world is around us all the time. Sometimes we even manage to stumble into contact with it and have an extraordinary and unexplainable experience. Unfortunately, these rare and fantastic experiences are so alien to our established sense of reality that our first instinct is to clamp the experience off and pretend it didn’t happen. As soon as you can train yourself to not explain away random spiritual events you will be ready for the next reality hacking tip.

3. Follow Your "Hackcidents"

This tip is the simplest idea of the three and probably the most powerful. A "hackcident" is spiritual accident that can be reverse engineered into a stable reality hack.

Here's how you do it: Instead of shutting down an extraordinary event — follow it. Don’t run away from a reality-bending experience. Train yourself to run towards it. Shove your foot in the door and start scootching your way in. Ask questions. What is this? How is it happening? Why is it happening? Muster every bit of your curiosity, knowledge, personal training and sense of adventure and put it to work. See if you can find out more about what this thing is and how it might function. This is your White Rabbit. Learn to follow it all the way down the rabbit hole and you just might find Wonderland.

(art by: Przemek Kucinski, fragment - see more)

"The fun part is that you don't have to be a professional scientist or a highly developed monk or yogi in order to understand reality hacking concepts or use them effectively," says Bruder. " You just have to be ready to break every rule of reality, work in some wild, warped gray areas and generally operate so far outside the box that you can mix hard science and ancient spirituality with comic books and video games to make something happen."

It is definitely fun, often messy and even scary at moments!

To find out more about reality hacking sign up at www.TheRealityHacker.com for a free e-course, videos and reality hacking news.

(art by: Przemek Kucinski, fragment - see more)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh. Warren Ellis' "Planetary" series strikes again.

Blogger veinglory said...

what a crock

Anonymous Anonymous said...

>> "Learning to stop thinking in
>> only three dimensions may be our
>> biggest ongoing challenge"

Not for me; I've always thought in 4 dimensions. If I left out Time, I'd be a statue.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Hinduism and Wicca glossed over with Matrix-esque techno-blather. This is bogus at best and evil at worst.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whether or not the hackuracy of the post is all it's hacked up to be, the art is gorgeous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's probably easier to just do drugs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This thing was started here for me ->

hacker manifesto

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rational arguments for irrationality are always more compelling than irrational arguments for irrationality. This article is among the latter. Read some psychology, and you'll get a better picture what's being expressed here.

Our natural feelings/reactions to situations do provide beneficial outcomes. Its a shorcut way of our brains dealing with situations we dont have time to think about. Its not spiritual at all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reality is made of compressed information, therefore (they say) it's like a computer and it can be hacked?

That does not follow. You might as well conclude that a cow is full of milk, therefore a cow is like a coffee machine and it can produce espresso.

I'm also leery of their description of "the brain's death grip on physical reality". Most of the people I know have only a loose grip on reality. Some of them are away with the fairies, and if you hacked reality they'd hardly notice.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was beyond geeky :s

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a first for Dark Roasted Blend - a bad post. Not much more than new age spiritual mumbo jumbo combined with science-y sounding buzzwords. I surely hope this was a joke! How much ya wanna bet that behind that very skinny Reality Hacker website frontend is a pitch for sending them money, probably for 'secret methods' and such.

It was all worth reading though just for David Byrden's Cow/Coffee Machine analogy. That was just awesome!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the hidden site for Reality Hacker. It's pretty sad.

For a good laugh, take a look at the HTML source for that page. It's got hundreds of unnecessary nested font tags. Must have been from a hyper-dimensional vibration in the quantum matrix causing a glitch in the reality hackstack.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Don't take it too seriously, folks. These are just means to shake things up a little :)

Blogger veinglory said...

I have a PhD in psychology and this *is* a crock. If a spotty undergraduate came up with it I'd giove it a C at best.

Blogger Stealthy Dachshund said...

"you can mix hard science and ancient spirituality with comic books and video games to make something happen."

Yup, I call it 'my life'. Science, religion, comic books, video games... Wheeee!

I think this post needs a follow-up post dedicated to Happy Mutants, the culture hackers. (And as culture is made up of information, it is 'hackable', either for information or for malice.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree that this was the worst post that I have ever seen on Dark Roasted Blend... But I won't fault you... Hitting home runs 99.99999% of the time is perfectly OK by me :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that a psych PhD felt this was worth a "C" exposes more about psychology than the article...

Blogger Master Iller said...

I hack reality all the time, it's called Psychedelic drugs: LSD, Psylocibin, DMT

Blogger Unknown said...

"Avi Abrams said...

Don't take it too seriously, folks. These are just means to shake things up a little :)"

Avi, why do you feel the need to defend your entries/articles? It's your blog, isn't it?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

All in good fun, Commander. Comments were getting nasty toward the hacker girl.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my english is'nt so good:

But i did understand.
You never be able to Hack reality but Your Brain... All senses ar illusions of your brain and iff you think you feel somthing it is an imagination.

So iff you hack your brain, you can manipulate the illusion of senses.
"Your" reality is changing but only yours. and sometimes you get lost.

This act can be assisted of druguse.
Or insanity...

Good luck in hacking.

Reg. Pillum

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, its abra kadabra


that melded science and magic.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an epileptic, I can assure you all that reality has some thin spots.
The natural reaction to these events is to run the other way, or to hang on for dear life in hope of maintaining things long enough to get to a safe place.
The brain is very soft.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guy have obviously never done any serious meditation or read very much into some deep hardcore buddhism ancient hinduism, physics philosophy, any other medium that questions our rather strong grip on reality. That and and you seem to be missing the point about using ideas from every medium to explore our own reality, or lack there of.

Buddha would have been considered insane by a lot of people in his time if it weren't for his incredible common sense intelligence. He believed in life on other planets before people believed there were other planets. He believed that everything was made up of sub-atomic particles that continually recreate themselves as science has only proven recently. He like Einstein believed that time is not linear. He believed that you shouldn't believe what anyone says and find things out for yourselves.

I think that we can all agree that sci-fi and comics tend to bend ideas about reality further then almost any other medium and time and again their ideas are used with success within our reality framework. There are so many undiscovered secrets in our universe that have yet to be found yet you simply write off someones ideas as idiotic and move on just like others did to DiVince, Einstein, Jesus, Buddha anyone who didn't believe in the Catholic version of Christianity, countless tinkerers and experimenters throughout time. And no I'm not putting this chick on the same level and some of the great minds of our time only pointing out that she is trying to understand things in her own way and shouldn't be persecuted for it by some nerds spinning their psychology beanies calling her a wackjob while studying great people that were once called wackjobs themselves. Try reading some Jung, talk about some messed up stuff that works. I'm simply saying that lack of an open mind and thinking you know all the answers using only modern science and ideas only serves to leave you fighting for scraps of knowledge once the dust all settles.

In short, get over yourselves. She may be barking up the wrong tree at times but I'm sure that if she's looking with honesty she'll see with honesty.

One final note. You will never get there with drugs. They give you hints and point you in the right direction at times, but that direction will always be way more blurry then if you get there without.

Namaste motherf$#@ers ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, where to start in all this crazy?

Let's concede that this is slightly plausible; Loop quantum gravity posits something like a Penrose spin network at Plank scale, which is potentially hackable. This puts the "information density" of the universe at about 10^600 bits per square centimeter. The human brain seems capable of processing around 10^14 bits at any one time. If we ignore the huge 10^44 difference between human processing times and Plank time, then the amount of space a human brain could 'hack' is still vastly less than the size of a single proton, assuming the holographic principle.

Hippies love quantum mechanics, until it shows precisely how wrong they are, at which point it's dismissed as an artifact of useless human logic.

The universe has already come up with a perfectly amazing way of allowing you to move things around with your mind. It's called your "body".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

These "reality hackers" are putting themselves in great danger because they are opening themselves up to control by demons.


Blogger Ilyas to i-EL said...

Anonymous is very correct in his/her response. Bravo! In short though. The mind is just a lens of sorts. The world around you is filled with infinite possibilities. How ever small/opaque you allow your lens to be is your choice. But the visionary is the one that steps beyond the "hard sciences" and such to see into the beyond. The beyond being where previous people's lenses have yet to see. And for those hanging onto the logic of various sciences. Science just reflects the knowledge of the time in question. It evolves. So what seems true today may not be tomorrow with further discoveries. So it isn't wise to make the foundation of your argument in something that is in constant flux. Capiche?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on!
I'm a skeptical scientist and an Asperger who tends to fall outside of time, there have been great mornings when I've experienced 6 impossible things before breakfast.

Conventional reality is a flimsy kludge. This woman is pointing intelligently at the gaps between our flashing neon signs. Her hints are right on.

Many of you are right to run away.
Self meta-programming is risky stuff, and you don't ever really recover.

I'm glad I didn't... recover.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the reality hacker site was the biggest bunch of bs ever. and it looked like the website had been put together in 10 minutes. the videos were pointless too.

watch video 5. the onee where the origami is supposedly hovering in mid air: if you look closely, especially at the end when she takes her hand away, you can see its balancing on a tiny post, kinda like a tooth pick.

also, the source code for the site, despite being the most basic site on the web is filled with completely unnecessary code, perhaps to make people think more effort was put into it than really was.

Blogger YouthOfSA said...

about the 'floating oragami'. That video was not showing floating oragami. She was showing how the energy exuded from her palms could make the object spin, not hover. You need more background before you can point out more than a false flaw.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the biggest peice of.....
I've ever seen.

honestly though, I do beleive it is possible to get your own mind to beleive you're "Hacking reality."

But this lady is trying to make you beleive you actually can change reality, which is crap.

By the way, if you'd be so kind,
Take a look at my fractal and surreal art AVI, if you think it's good enough you might perhapse post it here on DRB (heh heh :)

ok maybe not post it, but please take a look http://www.flickr.com/photos/professor_enigmas_incredible_fractal_gallery

Anonymous Ángel said...

The beauty about this things is that no one can say for sure if its true or not. The curious thing about them is that everybody thinks that he or she has the truth. Human being, being of contradictions.

Blogger modabid al-Adel Hassan said...

Lisa Bruder is actually onto something. The problem is that she's too busy trying to make money to realize what she has in her hand.

But like in the Matrix, "Nobody makes the first jump." Lisa Bruder needs to take a second leap and look again. Perhaps she will learn something. Anyone claiming a hold on reality manipulation who needs to sell to make money, is missing the boat.

Neo learned he did not need to dodge bullets. He simply altered their existence and gave them a new behavior.

Lisa Bruder doesn't know it yet, but that what reality hacking is really all about: Consciously and deliberately giving Reality a new behavior.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Some fresh view on all of this - thank you, Modabid

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whether or not the hackuracy of the post is all it's hacked up to be, the art is gorgeous.

I agree with you completely.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, closed minded folks...this post opens some avenues for explorartion that until 100 years ago conceptually were not yet possible. I am currently working on a rather large hack. I am attempting to jiggle the weather system on the east coast enough to draw a hurricane directly(give or take) to NYC. As a quantum explorer, chaos theoriest, fuzzy logician, deadhead and a graduate of Princeton some things seem obvious. Chaotic systems are very sensitive to what is called initial conditions, summed up by the butterfly effect. So an wise hacker would work on stuff that coincidence could explain away. Since the universe seems to be a very large coincidence engine at all scales. Long story short, do try to make it snow in june in the northern hemisphere or rain on a sunny day. Remember, plato's cave has no reasonable proof pos or neg.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the Holographic Universe.
Many many details, and studies show that this is indeed possible.

The levitating nuns
Levitating Monks
The monk who clicked his fingers and a tree dissappears.
The Jansenist Convulsionaires where countless laws of physics were broken.
The Hindu Holy pilgramiges where bodies are skewered but no blood or pain.
The many experiments of mind-mind communication.

All these things hold 3 things in common.
Suspension of "laws" of reality
An unshakeable and fervent BELIEF/FAITH in "something"
An altered state of consciousness

Reality "hacking" cannot occur without these conditions.

This is why skeptics will never exerience what many have called "miracles". But which are just our connection to the implicate order.

Because BELIEF/FAITH is a prerequisite.

To some its a belief in God, others its a belief in Spirit, others, a belief in the "quantum code" or whatever.
But in all cases....
Their left logical brain switches off, Right brain takes over, and communication to the implicate order can take place.
Hence, reality can be hacked.

Just read Holographic Universe and you'll know what I mean.

Unfortunately, I lack the capability to STRONGLY BELIEVE anything.
Hence I am unable to hack reality,
But I have experienced the state as to which this would occur.
And I have no doubt in my mind that its possible.

But one has to be pretty advanced in meditation and spiritual practice.

Not just any Joe Blow can reality hack.
Because its not something you just think about and do.
Its much deeper.

Logic has no place there.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

great comment, thank you

Blogger Unknown said...

It sounds good and rather prosperous. This is actually how i gather info for my magic and psi training. The problem is the fact that most of your sources are based in fantasy. I would love to shoot laser out of my eyes or punch thru concrete as if its paper but truly and honestly your mind is being led astray.Much like day dreams affect our idle mind. Sure you can use it as a reference but not as solid root code to access your self potential. Most of the ideas that are placed tend to be half assed or just plain incomplete. The mind is yes a massive computer but the person is not. I use references from books, movies, comics, psychology, quantum physical theory, Machine Mechanics, etc, all the time but they don't have that solidity that a person needs to make real world connections to place into practice. It is one thing to contemplate and come up with it but its different when your actually doing it in real life. Like any skill or talent it must be practiced and it must honed so as the person can have true understanding. As far as i have seen there is two options do it or don't. If it works for you hell power to you, but lets say its just more complicated then you think. Find the source of the idea and download its full code then and only then install it into your systems. But remember the universal laws and the Law of Karma. Plus if you keep adding only fantasy into your mind then reality slips away bit by bit until you forget where you start from. peace

Anonymous J€$\/$ said...

Great Job!!

Do U know about "Mouches Volates"??

Look at the bright sky. Fix ure eyefocus about 15cm in front of ure nose. U will see litte white Floaters that fast apper and dissapper. Now move ure focus slowly to infinity and pay full attention to the floaters. when u practise this, u will find a way to look into the MATRIX!!

i did, do, and i am getting better every day...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, when you are ready to believe it
this stuff actually works.
the only dependency is beliefs.
And not every human is ready to change those.

i am a big fan of reality hacking, got me my rooms, my jobs, my money, my women, my everything ...

i know what i want, do you?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

somebody's been smoking their angel dust..... Cool idea though. I wonder if karma, do unto others, or the law of return or whatever you want to call it could be construed as a reality hack of sorts?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of the naysayers will believe after we hack your reality by walking into it (as if from and out of thin air). 'Nuff said.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange Computer Code Discovered Concealed In Superstring Equations!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a Computer Simulation & Physics Can Prove It: George Smoot at TEDxSalford



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