Creative Masterpieces of Commercialism

It would be simply impossible to list or even mention all of the great ads that appeared since our last issue. We're sure you've seen some of them already in the running campaigns, and perhaps even succumbed to their appeal and reached for the wallet. For this is what they are: creative masterpieces designed to part you and your money.

As always, this next installment in our highly popular series covers print, urban, and viral advertisements, chosen for originality and lasting impression. Click to enlarge images.

Awesome liquid shot, combining milk, chocolate into a cream liquor:

Urban Tackling:

(image credit: Edlo Kawa)

The "Time Machine" -
Almost brings tears to my eyes: 1960 election with hope, optimism, victory in the air...

SNCF Trains: Try it once and forget the road -

Spectacular ad for the "fast-drying concrete":

Politically charged:
Map of United States of America (in its global context):

Adidas, "Out of the Earth" - aims for the viceral effect:

Some dark humour is in play here:
nuclear mushroom cloud as a clown head(s) -

Similarly-shaped, and also sinister is this head of broccoli:
"Because Vegetables Are Scary"

Oh, the joys of adopting a dog!
(besides being forever worshipped as a dog saint)
(click to enlarge)

Good sleep, good dreams -

"The Cola Wars" - see bigger image and info at Caycowa's page

(image credit: Caycowa)


Fruits got juiced for your Slurpee:

Comparative pricing: pint of beer vs. simple water:

Effective way to lose weight? -

This is your eyes on (drugs) Playstation 3:

Weird birth to a chicken:

When music is not to your taste:

Androids and their lives can be exploited for the good marketing effect:

Scary Energizer: still going -

Another scary ad: when the idea gets born the hard way:

(image credit: Edlo Kawa)

Deeply wrong urban planning:

This is for the geek in all of us:
Full list of parts inside VW car -

Car "Park" (Skoda ecologically cleaner cars)

This feat was actually on YouTube, the guy put together Rubik's Cube with his toes (turns out, he just filmed the process backwards) -

Leather bomber jacket:

WWF campaigns:

Homeless animals:

It's time to neuter your dogs:

Viral Urban Ads - creativity on the streets

(image credit: yeeliberto)

Very good use of "bad road conditions". The driver, though might slam on the brakes and create an accident, seeing potholes like this:

Memorable billboards:

"this park is protected by raccoons" -

Are we there yet?

This one has got quite popular, and for a reason. After all, the product is "free":

Headphones, engineered to inspire:

Even dogs are not left out:

Cool ads from the underworld:

Something is seriously mixed-up with the message of this ad:

American Insurance campaign:

(image credit: Edlo Kawa)

Mergers and Acquisitions:

And finally, do you remember who you were in the previous life? Rebirth Awaits.

I was a rat

I was such a chicken

I was such a pig

Sources: Ads of the World, Adme.Ru, Knuttz, Advertka, Exler, Kuteev, Pantherhouse




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Rubiks cube ad was originally a short by Michel Gondry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm that is BROCCOLI not cabbage!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually gondry didnt do it first.

you might think he did because thats where you first saw it, but only because he got the most youtube hits.


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