#36 - Week of November 24, 2007

Not your typical scientist - [wiki]
Shark vs. Octopus - [wow video]
Yellow...er, blue brick road - [urban art]
Paint fragment shows layers of time - [flickr] - via
The Muscle Machine: Impressive Robot - [tech art]
Flying Mobula Rays - [wow nature]
Energy-Generating Kites - [wow idea]
Atomic Spaceship's Story - [space]
Top 60 Japanese Buzzwords of 2007 - [japan]
Hysterical Machines. Just what it says. - [art] [video]
The World's Best Snowmen & Snow Art - [pics]
The original 1940 List of "Things to do before you die" - [vintage]
Ocean-going Hotels! - [architecture]
Wooden Car with Split Personality - [auto] [weird]
Strange opinion about the social media - [web]
Uganda wire-truck toy - [kid's idea]
Buy Yourself a Robosaurus - [opportunity?]
Caligynephobia: The Fear of Beautiful Women - [interesting]
Stumbling Robot - [art] - via
Christmas toys for the damned - [weird]
A toilet-themed restaurant in Taipei, and a house - [bizarre]
Celebrities, as painted by famous artists - [fun art]
Giant 2.5-meter Sea Scorpion was real - [nature]
Extreme Ride at Home - [fun video]
Jet engine losing a turbine blade - [wow video] - via
721 Claps per Minute - [wow video]
Frog Attack!, more info - [cool video]
Darth Vader in Looove - [fun video] - via
Bose Entertainment System just for participating




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the link about the interesting take on social media, whoever created that page is a dumbass.

They claim that users who install ad-blocking software (such as Adblock Plus, which I have installed and recommend to everyone) "infringes on the rights of web site owners."

That's complete bullshit. Web users can do whatever they want to to either enhance or detract from their browsing experience. The only way it would be infringing is if the web user had agreed to a contract to click on the ads, and I have never done that on any site I have been on.

The creator of that website also claims that web users who don't click on ads are "stealing bandwidth." That is more bullshit. I wonder why that guy is running that site? Oh, to make money, you say? Well guess what, just because his greedy ass doesn't make as much money as he wants doesn't mean that web surfers are "stealing" anything from him.
Unless he runs a site that requires people who view it to click on the ads via a contractual agreement, then not clicking on ads is a personal choice, not an illegal action.

I wonder if he believes that people who purchase goods from a cheap merchant as opposed to an overpriced merchant are "stealing" from the overpriced merchant.

What a dumbass. If he offers a way to make money off of his web traffic, and people don't give him money, that isn't their fault. If you don't like running a website, or aren't making enough money off of it, just shut it down. Don't make illogical and dumbass statements.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


On another note: a sea scorpion is not a scorpion, nor was it even close to 20 meters long.


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