Best Bugs in the Universe

The common insects that we hardly look at, mostly despise and even abhor, become artistic intricate objects when photographed by Igor Siwanowich. They alternatively resemble precision-made Japanese expensive toys, or furry-cuddly-plushy somethings that any mother and kid would love. In any way, they seem to transcend the fact that they are simply... you know, insects.

By photographer's exclusive permission, here are some fabulous insect creations of the Mother Nature:

Eupackardia calleta

Bad hair day:

Plush Moth:

Larva of a sawfly, Cimbex femorata.:

Delirium, featuring Brachypelma smithi spiders:

Idolomantis diabolica - Devil's Flower Mantis:

The Secret Council:

He's back:

Cyclommatus - stag beetles - "locking horns":

We have to admit these critters look well-dressed enough to be admitted to the Royal Ball Dance, or something similarly glamorous.

"Oh... don't mention it" -

(all photos copyright: Igor Siwanowicz, used by permission)

"Mug-shots" for the Micropolitan Gallery

Another gorgeous macro-photography set is on display at Micropolitan Museum. The photos are by Wim van Egmond. Make sure to check out the whole collection. Some mugshots are frankly quite ugly, re-enforcing our general dislike of flies and spiders. All are fascinating, though.


Tiger Beetle with its powerful jaws

Midge's Antennas

The Shield Bug, Coreus marginatus

(images credit: Wim van Egmond)

A Few More Fantastic Insects

Culled from here and there, these faceted visages are prime portrait material, and asking to be framed for your living room. (if your dwelling is cool enough to allow for this)

(images credit: Daniel Aqua)

(image credit: Poras Chaudhary)

(original unknown)

The Moon Moth (Luna Moth):

(image credit: Birds & Blooms, 2004)

Giant Brown Grasshopper, Israel:

(images credit: Botinok)

Weird Aranha Branca "White Spider", similar to these.

(image credit: Sergio Velho Junior)

Treat bugs good and they will do the same to you... maybe.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another praying mantis one: A praying mantis eating a bird: http://www.birdwatchersdigest.com/site/images/backyard_birds/Mantis_hummer2.jpg


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's like insect porn!

Blogger Kendra Holliday said...

stickler spoil sport says: Not all these gorgeous creatures are insects. Some are arthropods. Or something.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evolution... pff, yeah right!!

Oh, and insects are arthropods. As are arachnids (spiders) and crustaceans (crayfish and shrimp and stuff)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

they're just beautiful, don't just mimic to make predator..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible photos!

Anonymous Anna Patrick said...

Wow, these look really scary!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would've liked to have seen a Tiger Beetle on there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try to convince me that God is not CREATIVE.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would try to convince you that God is not CREATIVE but I doubt you would get it.

Blogger Defeye said...

Humans mythological Gods have no place here....nature at its finest.


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