Some say they're cute, some may find them beyond cute and rather weird
- make your choice here :)

You've seen how little turtles are born (click here). Now observe the stupendous cuteness power of these tiny hedgehogs. I want one (only one!) for a pet.
Images courtesy Cetki

And here's how they look in the wild -
newborn hedgie inside a nest:

Photo credit: Liz & Tony Bomford

Category: Animals
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Blogger aspirin111 said...

HA HA i wonder how it must feel for the mom to have a spiny hedgehog comg out of their...well you know what.

just wanna say great site! i visit everyday and ure site is like my source of entertainment and knowlegde everyday keep up the great work!

Blogger Keith said...

Hedgehogs are indeed neat little pets. On occasion, we host a guest 'hog here in the office.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! I never saw baby hedgehogs before.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

awwwwh. still: look like foreskin with spikes to me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've done it. You've beaten cuteoverload.com for cuteness of hedgehogs.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

oh i am flattered

Blogger Natty said...

OMG they were so cute I've never seen baby Hedgehogs ..I wish I could hold one, too bad they get big and then you dont find them cute anymore..lol...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are so adorable. I should know. I breed hedgehogs. So baby hedgehogs are a common sight in my house. YOu can visit my hedgehog website at hedgehogs4u.com. I am located in NC and I do not ship, so if you are interested please do not ask me to ship my hedgies. Thankyou!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never seen them when small before!! they like ugly no-fur dogs ^^

well, I'm from the north of Spain and i've hosted some hedgehogs at my garden, most of them as big as a hand or more. They never stayed with us mora than a few weeks but returned many times, no meaning about our german Shepard dog (they ate his food!!)

Once we found a really small one, not so bigger than the displayed on the article but with developed spikes. He probably was left by his mom. We tried to feed him but he died in 2 weeks.

The are wild animals; can´t hold in a place and have to live on their own, doing what they want, going where they feel like to.

Nice article! Wonderful site! I follow you daily.

PS: nice trick to touch them: rub them from head to back, they will relax spikes.
And remember, no snails or slugs at home with a hedgehog around!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I have never seen baby hedgehogs before! I had no idea they were so cute! I've seen cute baby animals before but these lil cuties take the cake!!!:)

Anonymous steve said...

Oh god they are so cute, I leave a giant pile of wood at the bottom of my garden and there's a hedgehog or two hibernating under there - I hope one day there'll be the pitter patter of baby hedgies.


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