You may not know about Cthulhu, but they know about you

The last post about Antarctica reminded me of that "unspeakable delicacy" of Lovecraft's imagination, namely the Cthulhu - "the Great Old Ones who lived ages before there were any men, and who came to the young world out of the sky."

(image credit: Dominique Signoret)

According to contemporary belief, a few of the species still lie dreaming, sleeping until the time comes - sort of like Lenin in his mausoleum, but infinitely more malevolent. This post serves to remind us of the coming threat ...and increase world awareness of Lenin's miserable plight - his ghost can not get any rest until the body gets a decent burial :)

Cthulhu pipe:

Cthulhu picture frame:

Cthulhu leather mask (weather-proof)

Cthulhu and H. P. Lovecraft postage stamps:

Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition Sweatshirt
Yes, the same Expedition, terrorized at the Mountains of Madness by various unspeakables and unmentionables.

available here


All of the above images are from a very peculiar site Cthulhu Lives

Cthulhu for kids

Signs of Cthulhu were spotted in a former Russian Communist Pioneer Camp:
see photographic evidence in a link here
Architecture like that helps impressionable children to get used to the Cthulhu's presence (which would also explain a lot of weirdness in Soviet Russia)

Cthulhu toys:

(see more at John Kovalic's site)

Also see this Flickr set for nature's weirdest Cthulhu approximation.

The Mutant Lemon

More edible "mini-Cthulhu":

For the strangely Lovecraftian pastime for housewives, see this "Brain on Wool", and other examples of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art:

then take a stroll through the inviting woods:


Permanent Link...


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Blogger Sigivald said...

To be pedantic, Cthulhu is not a species, but a specific unique entity, one of the Great Old Ones - essentially an exceedingly malevolent and locally powerful immortal being.

(Comparable, say, to a minor God in the Greek pantheon, but without any regard for humanity and with pseudopods.)

Blogger The Constructivist said...

Yeah, but have you hugged the Shoggoth?


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