"QUANTUM SHOT" #133(rev)
Link - article by Avi Abrams

If You Eat This, Will You Become Better At Math?

You probably have seen it before, but this particular vegetable never ceases to amaze me:

This is the "Chou Romanesco" cauliflower (more info). "When you come across it in a grocery store... on first encounter it's hard to imagine you're looking at a garden vegetable rather than an alien artifact created with molecular nanotechnology." (source). Romanesco broccoli is also called "Brocciflower", among with the "Green Cauliflower" variety.

(bottom image credit: Benjamin Pender)

More cabbage weirdness:

(images credit: Tuffen, Narcissa)

Fractals in Nature

Wired Magazine has collected an impressive gallery of natural fractal patterns, plus this article cites many similar examples and logarithmic growth spirals found in nature. Various fern plants display great fractal geometry:

(images via)

Many Aloe Vera plants (in this case Aloe polyphylla) proudly display a Fibonacci spiral:

(image credit: Colin Warren)

Classic seashell geometry is often based on a logarithmic growth spiral:

(this is a shell of the marine mollusc Nautilus, via)

Fractal virus and bacterial colonies look like abstract paintings or wallpaper patterns:

(images via Science News)

A Fractal Lighting

These are fractal formations created during a powerful electrical discharge: so-called "Lichtenberg Figures", they become visible on rocks, wood, and even people, after these objects and unfortunate humans get struck by lightning. This particular pattern (shown below) appeared while exposing a rotating cylinder of lucite to an electron beam:

(image via)

The Cornstarch Monster

While you may be eating vegetables which look like fractals, be on the lookout for a hungry fractal-blob monster eager to leap out and eat you! Check out this very active and dynamic "cornstarch life-form", which also displays fractal and wave-patterns geometry in its unspeakable dance (activated and controlled by sound waves):



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a simple fractal discovered many centuries ago in Italy by a mathematician theorizing reproduction of rabbits.

Start with 1.1 and 1 equals 2. 1 and 2 equals 3. 2 and 3 equals 5. 3 and 5 equals 8. 5 and 8 equals 13.

This simple pattern produces ratios found in nature, where these particular numbers (5 and 8, 8 and 13) appear.

Something else. The ratio of the numbers produces the Golden Ratio.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mathematics is the language of Nature".

Blogger Bhavika said...

nice:) we love fractals so much, we have a blog called Fractal Enlightenment.:) its all around, nature's creation

Anonymous beef recipes said...

I am always amazed to see how much nature and maths are linked together. Math tries to explain stuff as good as it can, but nature is always one step ahead. Great food pictures, it just look amazing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was studying Forestry in the 80's what always amazed me was the part of a tree or plan called the Apical Meristem, its the point or apex at which the plant produces new length etc. The Green Cauliflower or Broccoflower is a good example of a giant Apical meristem, the proliferation of meristems , I believe, make that fractal like geometry,


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