Swat that fly! It's spying on you!

Robotics, Computers

Robotics, Computers

Robotics, Computers
Images credit: Original source unknown, but I strongly suspect Worth1000

The future is friendly, even to bugs. They get to be transformed into flying cybernetic machines; all you have to do is spray area around yourself if you decide to do something private. Seriously, even if these insectoids "break down" sometimes -

Robotics, Computers

...the trees and the plants will carry on "eyeing" you, and even point their cute little guns at you:

Robotics, Computers

via MetaCafe

Israel military is investigating the possible use of the newest "battle spy" wasps and flies, which can carry miniature cameras, various data sensors and even can deliver mini-loads of explosives for truly "targeted" terrorist extermination.
(source: Botinok and YNet)

Robotics, Computers
Robotics, Computers

Flying Dragonfly Robot

Seen on this blog, it also includes a video of its flying: the world's first wing-flapping robot.

Robotics, Computers

and of course, if all else fails (as technology often does), then insects can spy on you in an old-fashioned way:

Robotics, Computers

Hello there! Can I buy you a drink?"
Robotics, Computers

oh, and as promised, here is a very helpful instruction of
How to kill a fly without a fly-swatter

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Blogger Maggie said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but the dragonfly is more akin to an rc airplane or car than a robot. It's also available at your local Radio Shack for USD 50.00

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody seriously needs to develop a robotic honeybee since the real ones are disappearing... and what will pollinate the fruit trees (and bazillions of other things) if they're gone?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trully Amazing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This pictures are great. the bugs are great :)


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