Will it roll? (Sculpture by Lars-Erik Fisk)

VW Bus ball is a part of the odd sculpture series by Lars-Erik Fisk. It's impossible not to wonder if this thing will roll - or drive? (some say the wheels are retractable in the manner of 007 Bond vehicle):

Art, sculture
Art, sculture

Lars-Erik Fisk is interested in spheres. More specifically, he is interested in the process of transforming things into spheres and by doing so revealing and capturing their essence. So far he's created school bus ball, train ball, barn & brick museum balls.

Here is John Deere Tractor Ball:
Art, sculture
Photo by Paul

Tree compressed into a ball:
Art, sculture

UPS Truck Ball:
Art, sculture

"Strange reactions are normal for the balls. When a private collector bought UPS Ball and displayed it on his front lawn, he was greeted one day by a pair of UPS workers. "We just wanted to let you know that we're here to pick up our thing out there," they said. "We're not sure how it got here. Maybe it fell off a truck." On the owner's protestations that it was a work of art, they kindly maintained, "It's no problem. We'll take it. Free of charge." Later, a postal worker expressed his admiration of the new "drop box" but admitted that he had no idea how to open it."

Street rolled into a Ball:
Art, sculture

An interesting side note to Fisk's career has been his role as Art Director for the rock band Phish. Fisk's job was to create what he terms "environmental installations," building whimsical structures that imply escapes from reality and forays into wonder.

Balls pop up in some bus stops too:
Photo source

Art, sculture

Further reading: Gadflyonline
via just a car guy, and Thouis

Art, sculture

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Blogger Abby said...

That VW bus ball reminds me of the escape pods in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we <3 katamari?

Blogger Hollabaugh said...

That VW bus ball reminds me of the escape pods in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Activating emergency escape pod! It's super-neat AND fun to fly!


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