Bacchanalia of colors that can be lethal

Not all beautiful frogs depicted here are poisonous, but those who are - can be very deadly indeed. The most poisonous animal is not a snake or a spider. It's a beautiful little frog! "Most frogs produce skin toxins, but the dart poison frogs from Central and South America are the most potent of all. The golden poison frog, called terribilis (the terrible), is so toxic that even touching it can be dangerous. A single terribilis contains enough poison to kill 20,000 mice or 10 people. It is probably the most poisonous animal on Earth." (source)

Click to enlarge:

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

Animals, nature, Photography

And finally, the aforementioned "Most Poisonous" Golden Poison Dart Frog:
Animals, nature, Photography

"Mint" flavour:
Animals, nature, Photography
Animals, nature, PhotographyAnimals, nature, Photography
Animals, nature, Photography

Phyllobates terribilis, shown above, has enough poison to kill 100 humans (source)

"Their poison contains toxins that dull the nerves and produce heart and repiratory (sic.) failure. The skin of an adult P. terribilis has enough batrachotoxin to kill 20,000 mice, or 100 adult humans. Two-tenths of a microgram of batrachotoxin is lethal in the human blood stream and each adult P. terribilis contains nearly 200 micrograms."

Some of the Latin names of frogs depicted above:
(plus some toads were added for good measure)

- Dendrobates auratus
- Dendrobates azureus
- Ceratophrys ornata
- Mantella aurantiaca
- Phrynohyas resinifictrix
- Agalychnis callidryas
- Dendrobates pumilio

Images sources: Zoltan Takacs, Amy Snyder, Juan Manuel Renjifo, the rest from email: contact me if you know the photographer.

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Anonymous Zjawer said...

simply beautiful.

great blog by the way, keep up the good work mate!

Anonymous Dave said...

Fantastic post!

Anonymous koshka said...

me likes little bitty killer frogs

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dangerous and cool looking, but i think the blue ringed octopus is a bit more lethal than this.

Blogger Matt said...

The venom from a single bite of the inland taipan might be potent enough to kill about 250,000 mice, or the mouse equivalent of 100 men.


Anonymous Miss Precious said...

Beautiful pictures, and not just on this post.
Cool blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um... At least some of those aren't poison fros. LOL The third down, for one example, is a "Pac Man Frog" and I used to have one. Not a bit dangerous, unless you're a bug or baby mouse.

Blogger tko said...

nice blog! worth visiting whole pages. thanks.

Anonymous nemo said...

Interestingly the frogs' poison comes from eating ants. Frogs raised in captivity are not poisonous.


Anonymous sfosparky said...

Let us not forget the box jellyfish.


"You have virtually no chance of surviving the venomous sting, unless treated immediately. The pain is so excruciating and overwhelming that you would most likely go into shock and drown before reaching the shore. So don't go swimming alone! Be sure to know the first aid procedures."

Blogger WIT AND HUMOR said...

WOW! You should be in National Geographic Mag. Your blog is informative and the pictures are amazingly colorful and bright. Each picture deserves to be in a cover of a magazine.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's an open source Bit Torrent program called "Azurues" and its icon is one of these little blue poisonous froggies.

Blogger k said...

super blog!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i liked this topic too much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, that's fantastic!!! Too much interesting.

Anonymous Rachel said...

i think your all ur pics are smart and fantastic - Especially the frogs!
Awesome work.

Blogger ben said...

I really love the pictures you have on your post. they're great. it's the only place i've seen pictures of the "Mint Green" morph of the Golden Dart Frog. My favorite pic tho is the blue dart frog on the red plant.

in response to comments questioning the potential lethality of our little yellow friend:

The Golden Poison Dart frog (Phyllobates terribilis) is "currently considered the most poisonous vertebrate worldwide". Each Golden Dart Frog contains an average of about 1 milligram of batrachotoxin, enough to kill 10,000 mice or 10-20 humans.
the above information was taken from Wikipedia.

i also found a number of other sources claiming that the P. terribilis is the most POISONOUS [CAPS for a reason] animal in the world. One of these sources mention that batrachotoxin is the most lethal poison/venom found in any animal.

the reason I used CAPS for "poisonous" is because there is a difference between poisonous and venomous. venomous animals deliver their toxins via injection in the forms such as a bite or sting whereas the toxins of a poisonous animal are delivered through absorption (touching) or ingestion (eating/swallowing). Therefore, regardless of the lethality of inland taipans or ringed octopuses, the Golden Poison Dart Frog is the most poisonous animal in the world.

That said:
sorry anonymous, but while it is ONE of the most venomous animals in the world, the blue ringed octopus is not more potentially lethal than P. terribilis. While there is no known antidote to their venom, a bite can be survived with artificial respiration: "Respiratory support, together with reassurance, until medical assistance arrives ensures that the victim will generally recover well." (quote from Wikipedia).

That statistic of a single bite possibly killing 250,000 mice or 100 people refers to the milking with the highest recorded venom yield for that snake (meaning the most venom recorded in a bite from that snake). The venom yield (amount of venom delivered in a single bite) was 110mg. The average venom yield for the inland taipan is 44mg. That means that the average bitewould potentially kill 100,000 mice or 40 people. That's 1.1 mg per person. That means the LD50 (dose of substance required to prove lethal to 50% of the tested population) of the inland taipan's toxin is 0.025mg/kg, making it, yes, the most venomous animal in the world. However, our little yellow friend's toxin (batrachotoxin) has an LD50 of 1-2mcg(micrograms)/kg [a.k.a 0.001-0.002mg/kg], making the toxin of P. terribilis 12-25 times more potent than the toxin of the inland taipan, thus making the Golden Poison Dart Frog (Phyllobates terribilis) the most toxic animal in the world.

plus the fact that a cute little frog less than 2 inches in length can singlehandedly kill up to 20 people just seems so much cooler than death via a bite from a brown colored snake.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Very informative, Ben - thank you very much!

Anonymous vromo said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a friend whose little dog got sick and vet said was from frog spraying on him---is this possoble here in indiana??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody know anyone who keeps frogs such as these at home, in an aquarium, as pets?


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