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North Korean Posters: Communist Propaganda in its most ominous form

The suicidal and audacious attitude of North Korean communist regime is well known, and considering its longevity, simply astonishing. The meaning of Korean text is pretty much the same on every poster, so it hardly requires translation:

"Remember this well, world. Those who mess with our great mission will become our target."

China joins the fray, too

Here is a few of sinister Anti-US Chinese propaganda posters (the one of the left is especially onerous):

A classic Korean war era anti-American imperialism poster (circa 1951):

(images via)

Chinese industrial front is going full steam:

On a lighter note, here is a poster from Uncyclopedia:

(images credit: Worth1000)

Army Training (in North Korea, South Korea and China) is just as angry and vigorous:

These photographs can serve as propaganda posters, too, as the whole military training process is meant to instill fear and loathing in enemies:

North Korean Army ladies, on the other hand, are pretty irresistible:

Real life is just as tense as these posters:

(image via)

Most images via 1, 2




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They really seem to dislike the Capitol Building.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing like playing in the snow to turn you into a stealthy, capitalist-killing ninja

Blogger Robert said...

...and how does Bush plan on "fixing" this?

Houston we have a problem!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't find it anywhere, but I read a woman's first hand account of fleeing to South Korea to escape religious persecution. In that account she spoke about how hard it was to understand the Christian concept of the Trinity because of the way it's used on NK. Apparently there are three people in NK (Kim Jong Il being one of them) who are worshiped as a trinity of godlike men. That's why it seems appropriate for there to be so much imagery in those posters about threes... three missiles, three people, three prongs, etc... anyway, it really caught my eye that they use 3 so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Insane. Hello our future invaders. See the dedication? Scary. For reals man.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get it, beasty USA.
Korea's people are on the right way with the true ideas. Unfortunately, Korea is too small to beat dust out of america.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you must be joking

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think the book you are talking about is Eye's of the Tailless monsters or something like that. I think we had that book. Let me see if it is still on my bookshelf.

Ok, here it is: Eyes of the Tailless Animals: Prison Memoirs of a North Korean Woman

Anonymous Anonymous said...

some of the pics are of south korean soldiers ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh sorry for that post didn't notice the text where it mentions south korea...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ref the first photo... Stealth motorcycles?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enlighten me here. Why are these posters CP propaganda whereas it is ok for GWB to call other countries the Axis of Evil?

Blogger MikeeyDekor said...

Um.... im korean and i should say this

the pics of soldiers in snow are south korean soldiers

i can clearly see my country's mark...

ps.im south korean

Anonymous Anonymous said...


these 2 are Chinese
Try get a Chinese or Korean proof read your post next time

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey can we get some one to translate these posters?!?!?!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please proofread your content. Two of the posters (not the army training pictures) are clearly Chinese, with Chinese characters, one poster actually saying "China" in it. The fact you lump them all together in one generic translation is definitely not true. The translation you provided does not apply to the Chinese posters, although because I cannot read Korean, I wouldn't be able to tell about the others. The fact that you cannot tell the difference is unacceptable, especially if you're going to group all of them together. Also, the Chinese posters don't even have "anti-US" sentiments in them. There's nothing that says "down with captialism" in them, and there's not even a picture of them crushing a capitol building, or beating the crap out of an American. And also, you can clearly see the South Korean symbol in the headbands of some of the army training pictures. Please take down or make a note of the pictures I've mentioned, as I'm assuming most of your readers will assume what you have when you posted these pictures. No hard feelings, just please be more accurate.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think most of them is not real.

Anonymous MotherLover said...

Did anyone else see the North Korean Women ARMY??? I am impressed. haha.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, is it just me or is the American "Flag" in poster number 5 shaped like Canada?

Blogger heywally said...

That is some serious hopping in the one picture. If I saw a bunch of crazed ice and snow loving guys hopping my way, I would be moving on.

I don't really think that human beings are a good species to be running around the Universe though maybe we can survive and evolve into something worthwhile.

If not, I'm down for the big asteroid strike.

It would be bad if we figured out interstellar worm-hole type travel in our current state of being; the worst we have to offer is very very bad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The meanings are somewhat as follows. The scary thing, I guess,
is 15, since they still try to unify two koreas by armed forces.

1. On hard pressure, we'll fight with hard hits,
On sanctions, with merciless punishment.
2. With the unified forces of the whole people,
let's crush american scheme of nuke war provocation.
3. Merciless punishment to American imperialists!
4. Never run amuck, Imperialist americans!
5. We'll crush american bastards, if you invade our nation!
6. we launched a satellite by our wisdom and strength.
The first roar of the big strong nation!
7. Clear up the enemy with more mercilessness.
8. The target of our revolutionary force is not changed!
9. There's no place to escape for this ----?
10. This one is in the writings on explanation.
11. The targets are clear! Seoul Washington Tokyo
12. Stern judgement to americans and its followers.
13. Great victory to armed forces leading politics!
14. We can survive by our means and resources.
15. The unified nation is on our guns and bayonets!
16. If you offend our pride, we'll show down whereever you're.

Chinese posters
1. illegible
2. produce more, give more.
3. Lemme show you imperialist bastards the people's music!

Blogger Unknown said...

Looks very Patriotic. I love this type of Posters.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

unfortunately these posters are very real. i just located them on ebay for about $500.00 a pop. how is ebay going to allow this item to be listed? im disgusted and appauled!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two of the Chinese "Anti-US" were actually against Soviets. The ones with snow in them. I am from that era and remember those pics clearly.


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