"Those magnificent madmen in their neat Japanese flying cars!"

Extreme Automobile Sport

First, some shock value:
"If you haven't seen a Qashqai Car Stunt - you don't know what adrenaline is."

So first, go watch the videos at this site or the offical QashQai flash site.

Come back amazed, and wonder if this madness is for real, or not. After all, another death-defying urban sport is "sweeping" Europe - "Parkour", or extreme free-running with jumps and Spiderman feats beyond comprehension:
Extreme Automobile SportExtreme Automobile SportExtreme Automobile Sport

If they can do that, can't they do it with automobiles? It only seems like a logical progression... To drive the car up the half pipe into the air, vaulting over the apartment buildings:

Extreme Automobile Sport
Extreme Automobile Sport
Extreme Automobile Sport

or to drive up the wall of shipping containers, and skid across it, as though it were a lawn:

Extreme Automobile Sport
Extreme Automobile Sport
Extreme Automobile Sport

oh, by the way, there was a similar car stunt in the recent Russian movie "Day Watch", where the girl launches her sports car off a ramp, and drives sideways at top speed along the parabolic side of an enormous glass hotel building:

Extreme Automobile Sport
Extreme Automobile Sport
Extreme Automobile Sport
Extreme Automobile Sport

So what is Qashqai?:
Historically Qashqai is name of a nomadic people, a tribal confederation of clans in Iran. (see Wikipedia entry). Qashqai is also a name of new Nissan mini-SUV car (see it here). Put two and two together, and you'll have to admit that the new "extreme urban sport" is nothing more than a clever (diabolically clever) marketing campaign. It says "Qashqai Car Games are the hottest urban extreme sport today. Motor punks, ex-stunt drivers, and banned Formula One pilots do mad stunts and sick tricks..." It might be only special effects for now, but it certainly has an excitement potential to spark something bigger. (at least Hollywood movie people should take notice and upgrade their car chase yawn-fests a notch)

These madly alluring videos are brought to you by the same people responsible for the "Swedish Traffic Control" idea (see their hilarious video here, or here, this time as "SpeedBandits" in Denmark)

Hmmm, "Qashqai" vaguely sounds like a "Cash Cow" - could it be a hint that more of such hugely entertaining videos are underway?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend thought this was real. Wow

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is real. I do it all the time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's so hard to master too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm getting pretty good with a minivan.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what, you've never seen anyone do it before?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats so awesome. I do it with a Smart Car Everynow and then.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is definitely fake; too bad though :) It would be impossible to turn the car 180° in the air wouldn't it?

Blogger Unknown said...

Yo Man im ready, bazinoz1


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