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Sexiest Truck on the Planet

Luigi Colani is a legendary Swiss-German industrial designer, who prefers freely-flowing, organic shapes over the more conventional forms, and thus comes up with truly ergonomical, and yet wildly-looking visual masterpieces.

Words fail me as I gaze on the audacious curves of these full-size trucks, some of which seem to float above the ground and prepare to launch into outer space. First "Colani Trucks" (based on the Mercedes platform) appeared at the end of the 1980s, and several variations on the main streamlined theme were made since then.

Here is the Spitzer / Colani model:

(all images courtesy W. Heix, NeueWeltClub and JSDI, Japan)

The Mercedes-based model:

Other variations:

Other images source: lkw-infos.net



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Anonymous Marcin_O said...

hugh.. i think it's ugly.
I prefer normal trucks.

Anonymous Jonesee said...

I have to admit....I like it.

Anonymous Jeffy210 said...

Wow that's trippy. At first I thought he meant truck in the american sense, but after looking at some of these i think it'd be cool to see one on the road. Better than the current semi's (lorries, etc.) out there. I especially like the one with the 3 rotating windshield wipers.

Anonymous james said...

they all have rotating wind screen wipers, i like the shapes of these but the windscreen is jumt rubbish, i wonder what would happen if i wer to smash that - would it fold in or shatter ?

Blogger Keith said...

Interesting and probably the Shape of Things to Come...

A Bit "Ugly for Sure" and I wonder how Efficient it is?...

If nothing else it will show up in the next 4 or 5 Sci-Fi Movies that we haven't seen yet...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I can claim to have peaked at what trucks will look like in 100 years. Very futuristic concept and looks very efficient on overcoming drag.

Blogger Kevin said...

Eeww.. interesting, but surely ugly.

Using the same style, but a lot prettier are the instruments made by basslab
Those are beauties.

Anonymous Brandon Harper said...

I was obsessed with semi-trucks growing-up as a kid, and I remember having a book about them that showed a prototype Chevy truck from sometime in the 50's or 60's which looked very similar to these. To me, these designs are not anything new.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it a truck ?
Is it a car ?
Is it a train ?
Is it a Space Ship ?

Blogger Ted said...

Hate these for the same reason I hate cabovers. What happens when you hit something? Looks like a whole lotta "ouch " to me. Good for show not for go.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! i cant wait to see those on the street!

Anonymous watch online tv said...


Anonymous Anonymus said...

I would kill for that truck

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a truck like that the driver would be the first one at the scene of an accident.

Anonymous Don Alipio said...

as a truck driver myself, I can say that I would hesitate to put a Pamela Anderson poster in the back of this truck's cabin. Well, maybe the poster of Reina Borg, or Princess Leia...

Anonymous chewy said...

Maybe just a bit overdone. But American semis have really horrible aerodynamics, they can easily up their milage with little work.

Anonymous mkk21 said...

Hahaha...yeah when I first read trucks I was thinking the typical pickup truck not semi. As out there as they look, I kinda like them. This front view picture does not do them justice. The 1/4 side view is a much better vantage point. And I like how the space between the cab and trailer is at a minimum.

Blogger Hot said...

The windshield looks crazy, but there's got to be a functional purpose for it. From the looks of it, the driver can see what's directly in front of the vehicle, such as pedestrians.

If that goofy windshield means more visibility, I'm for it. Also, in a collision with anything shorter than the windshield (cars, for example), its odd shape might not be a concern.

I'm talking out my ass, though. I'm no engineer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder w/ the air dynamic design if it saves fuel in the long run. With gas prices and competition, you could save quite a lot of money.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

seen years ago...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Aboozar said...

I really got very ecxited to seeing such beautiful trucks and I wish I could use them one day But I'm Iranian and not only can use them but my own country trucks!

Anonymous wawotsch said...

Colani studied aerodynamics, in 1981 he presented a Citroen 2CV with 1.71 L/100km, only by aerodynamic modifications: a living guru of aero efficiency. Ergonomics is his second obsession: a designer casting vision in useable things, from supersonic planes to beer glasses. I always liked his stuff. Search for his name on Wikipedia!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colani states that this aerodynamic form reduces fuel consumption by 50%

Anonymous Vern Michaels said...

Oh that's not so bad looking. Sure it's weird, but it looks European, which is fine.

Blogger Shafiqa Hussain said...

dont understood that truck..

Anonymous Kenneth said...

these are interesting. I'd like to see pictures of the interior of the trucks, though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw one of these in tennessee a couple of weeks ago. are the available now or what was it doin?

Anonymous Muscle Cars said...

The interior and could not look any more (yaaaawwnn) BORING!!!! What a disappointment.This is a true let down. It looks nothing like the sketch drawing.

Anonymous Kazimierz said...

Jest super!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

semi spaceship is more like it....

Anonymous Matt said...

Hi to all

How can you buy one? and where?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Industry is so stupid and greedy for money they stick with that old and ugly crap.
This Planet need some new life.
Thank you very much


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