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"Decotora" Trucks Shine in the Night

What happens if a Japanese truck "dies and goes to heaven?" It becomes one of the glorified "Decotora" trucks! Decorated trucks, vans and semis glow in the night with the million lights, adding to the already incredibly bright Japanese urban landscape.

They might not look very refined in the daylight, but at night they shine in the most inimitable way. (If you’re looking for some more entertainment why not try some online gaming over at wizardslots.com/all-games)

If you meet such an embellished apparition on a highway at midnight, it may either scare you off the road, or cause you to start to believe in alien encounters. The amount of chrome on these babies is probably equal to a monthly chrome production of a small African republic. I have to admit I'm still scratching my head after seeing this:

"Decotora" mod culture is not only for trucks. They make similiar modifications to
- Bicycles:

- Jeeps:

...and if you'll allow them they will outfit in the same way your refrigerator :)

Pink Tentacle has a few more links to explore, and you can read Wikipedia article about it. Disneyland’s Electric Parade should seriously consider importing a few of these vehicles...

(other image sources: 1, 2, 3)



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally cool.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

like christmas lights...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's Japanese for "honey, did you leave the lights on?"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My brain just wrote an entire screenplay around these pictures.

It doesn't have a happy ending.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the coinslot?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, with so many light, I think the truck need huge electryicity power backup!

Blogger Mavis Ang said...

WOW! i dont know anything about cars but I LOVE THIS!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw these on g4, the guy said it took 10 years and 135,000 dollars to make the van on top.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They kinda look like giant slot machines... Rolling Casinos... Or techno transformers!


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