Fantastic Colors and Sublime Glory along Japanese Autumn Trails

With winter fast approaching, we'd like to linger a bit more among the few available signs of autumn. As it happens, the trees are still "aglow" in Japan.

"The Autumn Color" photography competition was organized among Japanese bloggers on Yahoo Japan (homepage of this contest here). During the months of October and November, they gathered thousands of pictures, of which these are only a few examples. Witness the supernatural beauty of Japanese landscape and the sublime quality of "Autumn in Japan."

Japanese blog sources: 1, 2, 3

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. I've always been very partial to the red and orange leaves more than the yellow ones...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Avi Abrams said...

not photoshopped at all. That's what amazing about it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photos r breath takingly beautiful: I had immediately saved them up in my desktop theme folder.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

these are absolutely stunning.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Autumn colours in Japan really are amazing. We've been lucky enough to have a longer than usual autumn in Japan this year, so that even if we went rather late (end of november) there still was plenty of colour to enjoy

Blogger Iain said...

@Avi - Not "photoshopped" as such, but surely the colour saturation turned up somewhat? People routinely do that with a lot of photographs (many Canons do it automatically in the camera, I understand) and it spoils the photos for me thinking "surely it can't REALLY look like THAT..."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG it's like an orgasm for my eyes! Seriously!

Blogger Dan Savage said...

Saturation is way, WAY overdone in all of these images. Many cameras boost saturation a little because consumers like it (you can turn off artificial enhancement settings in camera menu).

On overcast days, software built in to cameras often gets confused and can especially "overcook" the saturation resulting in SCARY photos like this. I say scary because for many people, the brain rejects natural settings when they are obviously unnatural. Annoys the mind when something is obviously false.

The key is to dial DOWN the saturation in your photo editor (Photoshop or anything with saturation adjustment) when your camera freaks out in this manner. Natural bright color is much more engaging and appealing.

What is odd (or even suspicious) about these photos are the blue sky images. When the overall light is bright like on a blue sky day and you are not shooting in shade, then the in-camera software usually doesn't get this freaked out with its over saturation.

If your camera is screwing up this dramatically on bright blue sky days, you need to try shooting with color enhancement features turned off, or... buy a new camera.

Don't mean to sound like an obnoxious know-it-all with this comment, but these photos would look so much better if they were natural and not artificially over saturated. It pains me to look at these images, knowing how beautiful they could have been if not ruined with unnatural saturation.

Anonymous Shakti said...

Very Good Pictures...I really liked them much...

Blogger EDM-News said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for great photos.

I've come back to Japan last year and Autumn reminded me the beauty of Japan.

If anyone can't believe these colors, just visit to Japan...
You will see it is real.

Blogger Unknown said...

No-no-no, what's scary in those pictures is that there's really NO color saturation adjustment in them. They ARE that vibrant -- that's Japanese Maple for you. It has a peculiar characteristic: when its leaves go yellow in the autumn, they start to produce some substance that fluoresce under the UV light. That is, the leaves look so bright and vibrant because they are literally glowing. Ever seen a fluorescent road cone? It's the same effect, only natural. Note that there are no such effect when the day is rainy -- because the maples aren't glowing in the sun.

Blogger Dan Savage said...

Sorry Khathi...
I assume you are just trying to be funny. I have spent 2 full autumns in Japan and am about to spend my 3rd. I am also something of a Photoshop professional. Maple leaves don't look that way (ever) in Japan or anywhere else in the world. :-)

Blogger Photo Hunter said...

Please tell me the names of the locations for these pictures. I am going to Japan this autumn and would like to come back with my own photographs of the autumn colors.


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