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A steampunk dream come true!

These fabulous Japanese designers seem to have raised the bar for laptop technology and fashion... again. Not only is this model made out of wood (and a bunch of original 1930's typewriter parts), but - guess what - it actually works, and includes all the hi-tech features that you'd expect from a respectable laptop:

Couple of USB ports? Check. Ethernet, wireless, DVD drive? Check. Who cares that it's impossible to open the thing and actually see the wiring? You can smell the wood - an exquisite choice of wood! What's more, the interior design iron works company that makes this electronic marvel, shows quite a few other creative projects in its portoflio (see its "heavy metal" style, for example)

(images credit: IronWork)

This Japanese "iron works" company also shows on its site a glimpse of another (bigger) desktop computer (plus the whole steampunk-styled office set surrounding it, complete with the antique office chair!):

(images credit: IronWork)

Also worthy of mention among the "steampunk'd" computers, here is The ElectriClerk, manufactured in America - a retro-futuristic case mod, inspired by Terry Gilliam' "Brazil" movie and - just maybe - H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu visions:

(image credit: Ahleman)

It's fully functional, albeit with an ancient 1988 Mac SE inside.

BTW, all this futuristic/retro stuff may sometimes work in pretty unexpected ways:

(image credit: Pandamonium)

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coolest damn laptop ever -

Anonymous Anonymous said...

reminds me of parts of Myst

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Warning: don't close it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me of something that would come out of Metropolis (both the 1927 flick, and the animated flick).
/wants one

Anonymous Anonymous said...

C++?.. pfft... My apps are written in morse code.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I wanna show this to a ten year old, and say something like Now Sonny, when I was your age...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is freaking awesome...it even looks like it has a morse code button on the side

Blogger J. Nathan Matias said...

Yeah, but have you seen the Electriclerk?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

rubberpaw, thanks for this...
I made an update above.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Rippling Water Illusion Wall is cool as well!


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