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Some neat ads I've stumbled upon recently

Starting our series of the most creative advertisements in print and "guerrilla marketing" on the streets... We start small, with only a few examples to set the mood -

"Karma in Parking":

"If only women spent less time cooking..."
(advertising for an instant soup product)

Longevity drug? Timely oil changes? -

Some very lively tea:

Poster for a museum:

Not an ad, just a pic I liked:

(original unknown, via)

...and finally "a mystery photo"
(apparently a real place somewhere in Asia...)

(image credit: Von Frank Schlamp, click to enlarge)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once read an article about a tsunami in SE Asia which brought a big ship like that far inland and stranded it. Could be the same one??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

... I remember now that tsunami was after the explosion of
Krakatoa, and it may be the same ship; nobody ever moved that one-
nobody had the money or the will to do it. Krakatoa killed more people
than the tsunami in 2004, if I recall correctly. first the explosion
and then tsunamis that just kept on coming.

Blogger Jerry Bowley said...

Very cool pics... Thanks for sharing!

Also, thanks for dropping by my little ol' blog and taking the time to leve such a nice comment.

And now, in the immortally cliche words of the Terminator... "I'll be back..."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHOAAA!!! You found NOAH'S ARK!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ship i sunk in what some day was the Aral Sea. It's in Asia and is drying because of excessive use of the rivers on the region for irrigation.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the one with the ginnipigs is actualy a ad its from holland made bij albert heijn its somthing like wallmart

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It could not be the Aral Sea, even if it does look like some other pics from there. The surrounding geography is not a sea bottom, and besides - the valley the ship is in is a so called V valley, carved out by a river over long periodes of time. if it isnt photoshopped i'd guess it is some king of former great river somwhere in asia/old ussr that is being depleted.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...I meant some KIND of former great river.... sorry

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd also say the ship is shopped.


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