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Link - article by Radhika Seth & Avi Abrams

If it prints, then it's a printer. Even if it looks like SpongeBob SquarePants.

Printers are known to be a necessary evil that takes up much of the precious real estate of one's desk. And for eons we have seen designers trying to make them compact and more space-friendly. Alas, most of these efforts have been concepts and none of them have made it from the drawing board to the table. Here is a look at ten or so Crazy Printer Concepts which have wowed us, and left us lusting after them.

(cats have some sort of special relationship with cool, or rather warm, printers; here are some examples)

1. Hanging Printer by Jaesik Heo

Predictably, the Hanging Printer leaves much needed desk space clear and hangs over the edge for you. It even features a bucket type holder for the paper, giving you a tidy desk!

2. The Tanning Printer by Hosung Jung, Junsang Kim, Seungin Lee & Yonggu Do

Ever got a suntan? Now imagine a printer using the same technique to print paper! This solar-powered buddy doesn’t use cartridges; it uses the process of sun-tanning the paper!

3. The Sophie by Mac Funamizu

Don’t we all love to take pictures with our iPhones? Now imagine taking Polaroid Printouts in a jiffy thanks to this unique dock/case. A QR code and geo tagged map can also be printed to link it to a digital version somewhere on the web like Flickr.

4. The Book Printer by Moonhwan Park

The Book Printer is a Bluetooth enabled device and is good enough to make you look like the studious sort. It measures a modest 50 X 257 X 182 mm and is a pretty smart book for a printer!

5. Document Extractor – Combi Monitor by Byeong Min Choe

One of the favorite keys – Print Screen – has a special meaning here. This monitor cum printer/scanner combo prints out whatever is on-screen at the present moment. Would love to see an iMac version of this!

6. The Instant Cartridge Printer by Yuexun Chen & Chia-Chen Hsiao

Modeled along the lines of disposable cameras, we have here the Instant Cartridge Printer. Simply buy a cartridge printer off the shelf, according to the paper size you plan on using, and you are set!

7. Pencil Printer by Hoyoung Lee, Seunghwa Jeong & Jin-young Yoon

This concept uses lead shavings from the pencil to help print the paper; what’s more, you can erase the entire sheet and reuse the paper for printing out more silly memos!

8. Yet Another Pencil Printer by Hoyoung Lee

Typically we end up throwing pencil stubs into the trashcan, but with this kinda Pencil Printer, you don’t. Toss it into the holder and let the lead feed this printer for ink! Pretty soon you can take pencil printouts and erase your silly typos too!

9. Stick POP Printer by Jihun Kang, Youngho Lee, Jieun Lee & Changsu Lee

I simply love this portable concept for printers. It’s as simple as a stick that fits in your handbag. The device can handle a small load and is meant for just a few sheets at a time. Just hook it up to your comp /device via USB and get printing!

10. The Road Printer by Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim & Hongju Kim

Ever seen those workers make precise lane markings and signs on the road? It is such a tedious process and time consuming too! So here is a printer that helps make zebra crossings and other such signs with no trouble at all. A set of templates like Stop, U Turn, Bus, Arrow Signs etc. are pre-programmed into the device and are jet-sprayed to the surface. Cool!

Other Crazy Concepts

You've probably already heard about the LEGO Printer, see a video of it in action here.

Here's a gold-plated HP LaserJet! (don't ask)

For comparison, here is a massive old-school printer XEROX 9700 from 1977:

(more images and more info here)

Printers are a necessary evil. It's up to you how evil they're going to get

(image via, more info)

And in conclusion, here a very special 3-D printer which prints with food, or rather with colored candy (which might be even better) - more info:

(image via)

This is obviously one step toward the Cornucopia Food Printer: "a 3D printer that can output almost any sort of food ingredient you can imagine in almost any three-dimensional matrix, plus make sure it’s all cooked properly". Amen to that.





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Anonymous Cartridge Save James said...

I especially like the tanning printer, it's really compact, not to mention environmentally friendly! It doesn't use any cartridges either, although it'll be a problem if it's a cloudy day :/


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