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Cars vs. Snow

Link - by Avi Abrams

Cars vs. Snow: Cars lose. And we have to dig them out.

Don't miss our first part: Lots of Snow!. And now, let's get back to digging cars from the snow - again... although, the more you dig them out, the more white stuff seems to fall on them and bury them back under:

(images via 1, 2, AP Photo/Beth DeFalco)

When your neighbour won't move his car... use laser snow removal!:

(originals unknown)

Enough is enough! -

A nasty surprise awaits...-

Maybe if you prepare for a snowfall with a structure like this... it will be easier on your car:

Snow drifts are quite common on the roads of Alberta and Saskatchewan - the last storm of January 11 stranded hundreds of motorists near Calgary and Strathmore (read more):

(image via)

Recent storm on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago (no jokes about a bad LSD trip, please):

(more info here, image via)

Here is the famous Snow Road in Japan: Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, in the mountains of Toyama Prefecture - in some places the snow is 20 meters thick!

(photo by by Mihai Japan, via)

Snow in Italy can be also pretty grand: here is a small car near a snowdrift in the Gran Sasso mountains:

(photo sent in by Roberto Ferri)

Now you can really appreciate this artwork (an installation by Ivan Puig, Spain):

Snow Monster (is there a car inside it, too?):

Interesting "blob"-shaped snow monsters stand on guard in the Russian Ural Mountains:

(image credit: Denis Burdin)

If your car could be made of ice, you'd have no problem:

(image via)

You think you had enough ghastly silence in your snow-buried neighborhood? Compare it to this Siberian ghost town somewhere in Kolyma, and shudder:

(image via)

Snow removal surprise:

Show some shoveling ingenuity:

Once you're done shoveling outside, make sure to close the door after coming in! -

(image via)

And be careful when getting into a snowed-over outhouse - the roof might cave in! -

(bottom image via)

Finally, after all these stressful and upsetting pictures, here is a reminder that snow - even lots of snow - can be actually nice and beautiful:

("Deep Silence", photo by Sven Muller)

(images via)




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Blogger Pardes said...

Oh how I love your website. Along about February I start whining about all the snow. It was great to laugh at some of these photos. Thanks.

Anonymous funny fails said...

LOL...The one with ice under the jeep's wheels was hilarious

Blogger denacem said...

Misread the title as "Cats vs. Snow", that would've been interesting.

Anonymous Hans Broesicke said...

Sometimes you have to just admit defeat to nature.

Anonymous JJM said...

After looking at the picture i realize i dont miss the snow not that i live in a warm climate!! Nice post ,thanks!!

Anonymous minotaurus said...

Awesome photos, reminds me of when i was living in canada last. Nowadays Im near the sea and the snow dissapears as fast as it can land; on one hand no snowballs , on the other not having to dig my car out is a plus :)


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