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Russian Ballistic Missile Carriers


Russian Army Longest Truck MZKT - 79221
("Special Wheeled Chassis")

Army Truck

Army Truck

Russian Strategic Military has a very mobile part, thanks to the massive truck chassis, developed by the Minsk Tractor Trailer Factory in 1997 (delivered to the Army in 2000)
Unparalleled in the world, this 8-axle chassis is intended for carrying ICBMs over various terrain with temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +50°C. A modification of this chassis MZKT - 79221 - 100 is available for non-military use.

Army Truck

Army Truck

Carrying capacity - 80 t.
Maximum speed - 40 km/h
Diesel engine - 700 hp
Radius of turn - 25 meters

Specs and images source: Legion - Russian military site
(steer clear of anti-US comments, if you decide to "Google Translate" it)

Army Truck

Army Truck

Army Truck

See this truck deployed as a basis for
Strategic Missile Mobile Center RS-12M1 «Topol-M»

Army Truck

Army Truck

Army Truck

"Legion" sites the original for these pictures as TommaX, Inc./Military Parade Ltd.

There was a time when communists loved to display this kind of machinery at every Red Square parade. Today, their military quietly advances in scary weapons and equipment, still very much a force to reckon with.

PS: examples of Soviet Army heavy trucks from the past:
MAZ 547 / 7916 - a predecessor to the above model: it had "only" 6 axles
(images source)

Army Truck

Here it carries the strategic missile RT-2PM:
Army Truck

MAZ heavy truck from the 60s
Army Truck

MAZ 543 with "Grad" missiles
Army Truck

9P117 Mobile Missile Center, seen at many Soviet Parades.
Army Truck

Finally, a bizarre looking "Rubezh" MAZ-543M:
(I think I saw one in my very bad dream)
Army Truck

Fascinating video, showing ZIL Army trucks in action, including an amphibious monster:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's not Russian, but Belarusian. You wrote it yourselves - Minsk, Belarus

Anonymous Laser Pro said...

MZKT stands for Minski Zavod Kolesnyh Tjagachej or Minsk Plant of Wheeled Trailors.

It is in Minsk, Belarus.

So the trucks are Belarusian .They are used by Russians though.

Blogger Casus Belli said...

"MAZ 543 with "Grad" missiles"

It is "Smerch" (Tornado), not "Grad".

Anonymous said...

it's not Russian, but Belarusian. You wrote it yourselves - Minsk, Belarus

It's Russian just by one, but the main reason - it was invented in Belorussia in the time when it was a part of Russia.

OpenID silpol said...

@casus belli please avoid making Russian what is well-known to be Soviet - Victory Day on 9th of May is USSR achievement, not RSFSR one; strategic armed forces were done in Soviet time (not Russian); etc etc etc. And if you take it for granted - even "modern" Topol missile system were designed and launched in production (and then suspended in early 90s). In other words, current Russian system can not do anything apart feeding huge bureaucracy machine and filling up oligarch's pockets ;)

Blogger Jake said...

The Rubezh" MAZ-543M to which you refer is an anti-ship cruise missile launcher of the CSSC family of missiles (Silkworms, Seersuckers, etc...NATO designations).

Blogger teremi said...

Belarusian bEllshit! These are soviet ballistic missile carriers. The soviet union is "Made in Russia", so the carriers are russian. Meanwhile Belarus didn't actualy existed when these machines were invented.


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