Auto Oops! Bizarre Car Accidents, Part 7

Link - article by Avi Abrams

Nothing is as fascinating as an unexplained accident

New batch of car-related strange misfortunes, weird situations, and often maddeningly mysterious wrecks, where we keep asking ourselves: "How on earth could that happen?"

Reversing their car out of the high-rise parking in Changsha, China (left):

(image via)

Another victim of a reckless backing-up:

Car Acrobatics! -

This "monorail car" appeared as a result of some clueless winter driving in Maine:

This is not an accident, but a street art installation in Portland, Oregon - by Jesse Sugarmann, “Voyager Union":

(image via)

Do you feel lucky? Trees vs. Cars

This tree "killed" a number of cars with one stroke:

Look at the way this tree fell and see WHY it missed this car in such a spectacular fashion:

(images via)

Here is another very fortunate tree vs. car outcome:

But no amount of luck could help against the... grand piano, randomly falling out of the sky! -

Here is a double (no, triple!) decker sandwich:

This bus is not going to get where it thinks it's going:

... and neither is this one:

Wild, Wild Tractor's Chainsaw Massacre:

Another crazed tractor, a horrifyingly pink machine (seen in Oregon):

Another losing battle, this time with a war-time piece of artillery:

Somebody's going on a guilt trip, big time:

The flood of (nearly) Biblical proportions:

Flooded in many other ways -

Other unexpected natural calamities:

Big trucks have a definite right-of-way, even in a situations when they don't:

"The Marauder" is a ten ton military vehicle which can wreak a considerable damage on poor little Hondas, Mazdas and such - see the Top Gear video for some demolition fun in Johannesburg:

Here is some strategic placing of a spare wheel -

(photo by Mihail Kopychko)

Hybrid monsters and mutants:

Overloaded! -

Awesome parking:

Truck Calamities

Sure, they can! -

This is quite a scary situation, with an appropriately scary poster:

(image via)

A second before an accident -


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Anonymous Neo VG said...

"This bus is not going to get where it thinks it's going:“

This is actually where the bus is supposed to go. And yes, it’s kinda strange from the inside. ;D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bet 90% of the vehicles were women driven.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bet you're a male and single

Anonymous Car Accidents said...

Too bad for these wonderful cars. I think these celebrities are just thinking at fame.

Anonymous mo said...

Neo VG is right. This is the "Höttinger Gasse" in Innsbruck and that bus probably made it, just like this one:


Anonymous teemu teekkari said...

The pink tractor is actually the mascot of The Guild of Mechanical Engineers at Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. They have a thing for pink stuff. See http://www.koneinsinoorikilta.fi/Jaokset/Telatraktori/?lang=fi


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