Automotive Madness! (Funny Pics, Part 2)

Link - article by Avi Abrams

Simply driving a car (and enjoying the convenience) IS NEVER ENOUGH!

All for the sake of twisted creativity, or out of sheer desperation (necessity to fix something, or pure boredom) hordes of talented engineers and mechanics worldwide create weird and wonderful automotive apparitions - providing us with never-ending material to post and admire. See the first part here

The Train-Truck Mutant Hybrid Spotted in Russia

This truly awesome 12-wheeled monster train-truck concoction is also the mobile power station and a former missile carrier (this thing has been made from a diesel locomotive put on top of the missile launcher chassis). It would also make a great vehicle for "World War Z"-like zombie apocalypse.

(image via)

It was not the only train-hybrid parked nearby. The exact purpose for their creation is unknown, and these beasts are doomed to rust away unless some smart movie producers move in and use them for great apocalyptic action.

No Worries... I Fixed It

The quick and dirty repair, shown on the right image above, makes sense, actually...

Right image below: you can pump up your car with your own exhaust, according to this product -

Fixing the car doors... with limited success:

Salvaging various car parts plays no small part in the overall car madness... The Mercedes Desk and the "Car-Cabinet" idea was percolating around the internet and in minds of homegrown inventors for some time - and here are the results of these DIY projects! -

(right image via)

The right image above is the "Car Cabinet" project by Martin Kerber, you can download the blueprints (if you have the right car, of course) from his site. Also do not miss our popular article Car & Plane Parts Furniture!

This is quite literally a "Front Wheel Drive" vehicle:

The Cute and the Ugly:

These cars seem to have a "nose problem":

Half-bike, half-car hybrids are pretty popular with amateur engineers: they provide some protection from the elements and make good use of old car wrecks:

Not sure if this intentional, or -

Car-car combinations sometimes can go very wrong, too:

(image credit: Breck Anderegg)

Duct tape used for car modification:

(images via 1, 2)

Left image above first appeared in Jalopnik - full story - and seems to be just a whimsical creation with no practical value. The car on the right, however, was a deliberate improvement on gas milage: "Darin Cosgrove has increased the fuel efficiency of his car by 15.1% by adding a homemade boat tail made from cardboard, aluminum and duct tape to the vehicle." (info)

And here is this Geo car - naked! -

But for this hybrid, we are left speechless, as no excuse can possibly exist for its existence:

A sculpture... -

"Nice load in the trunk" stories -

(photo credit: Maxim Bandalyukh)

"Pakistani men hold a camel from the back of a car after buying it in an animal market in Lahore." -

(image via)

(original unknown)

Matryoshka Trucks:

Car / Slide Stories:

This car could also be used as a slide: Yeeee! - and you are in the driver's seat! -

(image via)

This is a deliberate "no one in the car" prank (left image). On the right is another surprise, featuring Clint Eastwood with friend:

(right image via)

Planes on the highway? Sure, some are being transported for scrap, while some are somewhat harder to explain:

Car Acrobatics

Our hugely popular series "The Weirdest Accidents" here has plenty of hard-to-explain car acrobatics... Here is an addition:


Check out our complete series "Crazy Logistics"! ->


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The reason for the tractor car-cab seems obvious to me. It gets cold out there in the fields!


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