The Cutest Animals: Awww Update

Link - by Avi Abrams

In our rough and tough world we need a shot of cuteness from time to time. Well, then, consider yourself "shot".

We featured some of the cutest animals in our previous posts (see our extensive "Animals" category). What can we say? It's time for another update!

Latte, Capuchino, Caramel Macchiato & Espresso... guinea pig babies:

(image credit: Pacifist)

What is it, with hamsters and flowers? - this little guy simply LOVES flowers:

(image credit: HendonGirl)

Hold on a minute... I gotta warm my tummy -

(this meerkat likes it - image via)

Touch it! -

(images via)

This photo is not simply an "awww" moment, it is also an elegant piece of art, worthy of framing:

(image credit: Fernando Amutio)

This is a Golden Brushtail Possum

This Trichosurus vulpecula Golden Brushtail Possum baby is called Bailey (his cream-colored fur reminds us of a certain Irish liquor) - these animals are rarely seen the wild, being a nocturnal marsupials mostly found in Tasmania:

(image credit: WILD LIFE Sydney)

This is a Solenodon

Sole... what? (the name means "Slotted Tooth"). This is a pretty rare nocturnal animal, which digs holes, eats insects and is venomous. It is interesting because it still retains unique characteristics of primitive mammals, which lived during prehistoric times - more info.

(image via)

The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is just as rare, and impossibly cute (check out these hazy, large eyes). Another very cute shot of resting squirrels is here.

(image via)

This is a sloth; just one extremely grateful sloth. It was rescued in Costa Rica:

(image credit: Caroline Castendijk)

A newborn Mongoose Lemur looks into the camera (right image)... Mongoose lemurs are very rare; their only protected habitat is the Ankarafantsika Reserve - they are the size of a small house cat and can be both diurnal and nocturnal (depending on the season):

(left image via; right image credit: Sacramento Zoo)

(images credit: Linton Zoo, Cambridgeshire)

Here is a very cute, long-nosed baby meerkat (left image). On the right is another very sweet baby meerkat posing in rough:

(right image via)

The long eared jerboa from Mongolia is on the left:

(originals unknown)

So much tension! And excitement -

(bottom right image credit: Omar Alzaabi)

On the right is a rare and wonderful Kinkajou seen at the Bronx Zoo:

(right image credit: Bronx Zoo, via)

Time for bed; sweet dreams! - by the way, there is a whole book about this little rat, Bug, buy it here:

(image credit: Jessica Florence)

This rat seems to like to go to bed with his plushy friend (just like Mister Bean does):

(image credit: Ellen van Deelen / SWNS.COM, via)

Baby Pigmy Hippopotamus is having a bath (info) -

(image via)

A marvelously cuddly baby Albino Koala:

(image via)

Puppy Love? Sleeping cute puppy love, yes:

(images via 1, 2)

White Fur Fuzziness Overload

This is one sad owl... See a lot more adorable baby owls here. On the right is the bunny white "fur ball" -

(left image via; right image credit Francesca Birini)

Here is a baby fennec fox (left), and a grown animal (on the right): these guys are sometimes called "little monsters", as they are very high maintenance and do not make good pets, no matter how cute they might look -

(images via)

(image credit: In Cherl Kim)

A baby otter can be utterly adorable as well: check out this "Otter Ball" -

(images via 1, 2)

On the right, of course, is just a cute puppy.... But WHAT A CUTE PUPPY!!

This is a bunny, right? -

(image via)

Here is an African Pigmy Hedgehog with "flower power":

(image via)

Here is a spineless hedgehog in a yellow jumper - and another story about a hedgehog with no bristles ("Betty the hedgehog, who was abandoned by her family because she does not have any spikes"):

(images via 1, )

"Staff at St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire have made a little jumper to keep a spineless hedgehog warm. The animal was found by a member of the public in a garden in Bedford and has been named Spudlina by staff as her skin resembles that of a potato."

And then, there is this baby chameleon:

(original unknown)

Interesting fact: "there are several species of pygmy leaf chameleons from Madagascar that are this size when fully grown."

Check out the rest of our popular "ANIMALS" category ->


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post seriously needs slow loris:

Blogger Unknown said...

Great shots - however Trichosurus vulpecula Golden Brushtail Possum is mainly found in Tasmania, not Tanzania - Tasmania is an island state of Australia. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice collection. But the "long nose baby meerkat" is actually a coatimundi.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cute owl, is not real. It is a toy. Look at the claws.


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