Star Wars, Japanese Style

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Star Wars in Japanese Anime Style

"Star Wars Tie Fighter Animation" is a preview of a work-in-progress by Paul Michael Johnson: seriously spectacular stuff! Make sure to watch it in HD:

Link 1, Link 2

Today's pictures & links:

Tokyo River Cruise Boat

Designed by the legendary Japanese artist Leiji Matsumoto, this is the Himiko boat going down the Sumida River (see pictorial of this cruise here):

During his long career as anime and manga artist ("mangaka") Leiji Matsumoto designed many sleek spaceships; he was especially fond of submarine-like dashboards, like this one from the "Queen Emeraldas" 1977 manga:

(art by Leiji Matsumoto)


Franz Kafka’s "Metamorphosis"-inspired flexible corset

(image credit: Neri Oxman)

"Neri Oxman, founder of MIT's Material Ecology Design Lab, transposed the super powers of mythical creatures into designs for a "Wearable Mythologies" series of garments realized by advanced 3D printer and exhibited in Paris. This "Kafka" example represents an insect’s soft torso shell combined with armour (a human spine). It is 3D-printed in malleable rubber-like material, with leopard’s spots." More pictures and info here.


Trees in the Desert

These beautiful fractal-like shapes are actually rivers running through the Baja California desert in Mexico (photograph by Adriana Franco):

(image credit: Adriana Franco, National Geographic)


Mixed fresh links for today:

The Babbage Difference Engine in High-Res Photography - [awesome!]
A Dictionary of Victorian Slang - [useless, but cool]
Mars may be hit by a comet in 2014 - [wow space]
"The Man In The Iron Mask" Revealed as a Magnificent Hoax - [weird]
Movies re-imagined for another time & place - [fun gallery]
Most playful offices on the planet! - [office life]
Coolest 3D Art Ads, 3D Billboards - [design]
Adolf Hitler's Favorite Movie (American) - [dubious fame]
Godfather meet the Godfather: Real Mobsters - [film history]
Strange Dance Illusion - [wow video]
World's Biggest Rainwater Mosaic - [wow video]
Interesting Water & Sound Experiment - [wow video]
Paper, or Paper-less? - [fun video ad]
Dr. Strangelove's War Room Scene - [still a classic, video]
Is this intentional? Magazine title spells "sex" - [PS disaster]


Furniture Glitch

This wooden cabinet was purposely carved to look like a digital glitch by Ferruccio Laviani - more info.

(image credit: Ferruccio Laviani)


Space Age Firebird Concept

1958 GM Firebird III:

(image via)


Extreme Air Force photography

Fourteen pilots of the high-altitude military plane Lockheed U-2 posing in full pressure suits: click to enlarge! -

(image via)

Interesting fact: "NASA adopted the U-2 full pressure suits for the shuttle program... U-2 pilots are now the highest flying humans in the world (70,000+ feet) with the exception of the individuals in the ISS now that the NASA shuttle program has ended."

Russian supersonic strategic bomber TU-160 is seen in its full glory in this cool photo by Sergei Ablogin:

(image credit: Sergei Ablogin)


Some neat retro gadgets

Kodak Stereo Camera from 1955:

Aroma Disc Player Diffuser "Aromance" from the 1970s:


Shadow Play!

Surface tension upholds a wasp:

(image credit: Burgenschenker)


Our BIG Solar System

The Sun represents 99.86% of the mass of the Solar System. Of the remaining 0.14%, Jupiter makes up 71% just by itself. Click to enlarge this image -

(image credit: Roberto Ziche)

The following image is even more impressive - click to enlarge:

(image credit: Roberto Ziche)


"Live Slow, Die Whenever"

Current internet wise saying is: "If you ever feel dumb, remember that sloths sometimes grab their own arms thinking they're tree branches, then fall to their death".

Gotta love sloths... it's a wonder they're still around.



Somewhat dubious, mythical American history of beer, according to the printed 1950s advertisement:

(image via)


Kickass Latte Art

Knitting + coffee culture combined = certain geek's place of happiness.

(original unknown)


Space Warp?

Compressed Distance!



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sloths do not!

Anonymous David R said...

Hitler's favourite movie was a 2005 anime? :-) Either i am missing something major or you have a wrong link there.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Haha! wrong link, fixed!

Anonymous John Silver said...

I see traces of Wallace Wood in Matsumotos' dashboard.

The "digital glitch" in the cabinet looks more like an analog tape tracking error.

Blogger Laurinda said...

Ha ha- I had one of those aroma disc players in the 80s!


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