Crazy Logistics: People Trying to Do Things (Funny Pics)

Link - article by Avi Abrams

Incredible Feats of Strength and Imagination, Part 13

Today you are going to see some "head scratchers", befuddling pics that will make you wonder what exactly these guys were thinking? You may also ask what was the result of these endeavors, and did these people finally get things done? Well, sadly, photographs are not videos and the outcome of these incredible feats of strength and imagination are unknown. We really hope they made it... See the rest of our "Crazy Logistics" series here.

When snow comes to Winnipeg, Canada:

(original unknown)

Got a used bed frame? Make a bike! -

(originals unknown)

DIY car air conditioner! -

Taking a bath in India:

Taking a bath, redneck-style:

(original unknown)

"Make Your Own Bike!" -

"Make Your Own Helicopter!" -

This wonderful hybrid hammock boat was spotted at the University of California at Davis:

(image credit: Tobin, via)

... And another one, less fancy:

Coolest DJ outfit ever -

In the Kitchen

(images via)

Great way to remove a stubborn cork:

(image via)

DIY Mixer! -

(image via)

Not safe, but "good enough":

Geeky household ideas

(originals unknown)

Defrosting your fridge.... mowing your lawn... -

For those of you who needs to secure your stash, here is an idea! - and instructions how to make it:

(image via)

Various ways to use computer side trays:

When you have nothing else to do -

When you have too many empty beer cans:

(original unknown)

Adding an extra room to your house:

A primitive mousetrap! -

... and a trap for thieves? Nope, a "Hipster Trap"! This is a piece of street art in New York, by Hunter Fine and Jeff Greenspan - more info:

(image via)

Secure your remote (so that it would not get away) -

Need to hang your key? Just make sure that this outlet has no power:

"Wife packed me a lunch for work but forgot a fork... so I had to improvise":

(image via)

Doing it right, and doing it wrong:

(top image via)

Crazy Loads (did they reach their destination?)

A truck crosses the Grand Erg (the Dune Sea) overloaded with migrant workers from Libya. Photo taken in Sahelzone, Niger, Eastern region. They need to cross 2500 kilometers, which lasts 20 days! With 13-hour stretches per day, with stop for the night. During the day these passengers have to face 45 degrees Celsius heat and freeze at temperatures below zero during the night...

(image via Waco Hale)

These are normal means of transporting goods in Burkina Faso, Africa. They have special hats made for this:

(image credit: Eleonora)

We had a separate installment in the series, Overloaded!, dealing with all sorts of unsafe loads on cars, bicycles and tractors. Here is a bit of an update. This arm was seen in Russia -

(originals unknown)

French photographer Alain Delorme has a series about various overload situations in China - see the whole gallery here (warning: some are Photoshopped) -

(image credit: Alain Delorme)

Super Stacker! -

Another prize for super-stacking:

(image via)

Taming a wild truck in Pakistan:

(image credit: "Kashmir Motor News" via)

And another wild ride, seen in Lagos, Nigeria! - "Yeee-haaa!"

(image credit: Malfark Pous)

"Yeeeeeee!" -

Camels are often overloaded, too -

(image via)

When you do not have a horse, or a camel -

Pimp up your ride! -

Russian commute overloading:

Transporting a cow! -

Here is how you transport a cow in your side car - with the bottom of the sidecar removed:

(images credit: Elly Gaverink, via)

And here is a cow family is going for a ride:

(image found in newspaper, via John Dreuning)

Tractors are still good for many things:

Sleeping on trains is a national pastime - seen at Dakka Bangladesh train:

(image credit: Jonas Bendiksen, National Geographic)

Not every "Crazy Logistics" pic comes from a third world country, here is one spotted by Tim Buerger in Tokyo, Japan - right in the middle of the classy Shinjuku area:

(image credit: Tim Buerger)

Here is a "helping hand" at Shinjuku railway station. "This is what I call customer service!" -

(image credit: Johnny Vandergaz)

Seriously Unsafe Construction

Work disasters waiting to happen:

Here is a close-up on this guy from the last image above:

He seems to know what he's doing... These guys, on the other hand -

Well, this would seem like an "obvious" idea:

They should make a (comedy?) movie about fixing air conditioners in some countries:

Clipping your nails has never been easier:

And of course, this image is a "winner" (if you did not see it yet). See a lot more scaffolding diasters waiting to happen on this page:

(image credit: Reuters, via)

Some extremely stupid "fun" activities:

Letting your cat out for a walk:

DIY kid's slide:

And finally, a classic playground construction fail:

See a lot more of failed "Nightmare Playgrounds" in our popular Architectural Horrors Series.




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Anonymous Kurt said...

I've always liked this site, but this post makes no sense. Having seen some of these photos in their original contexts before, I don't get why you'd want to remove them from their context and then call them "head scratchers." It seems like someone just grabbed a lot of photos from google images without bothering to determine their provenance.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Kurt, the purpose of this post is to have fun. We also try to provide context wherever we can, if you have more context about some images, we'd love to hear it.

Blogger Patrick Ryan said...

It's not a "trap for thieves", it's a hipster trap. Duh.

Blogger Ray said...

Please tell me how you get sparks from toenails.

Anonymous Kurt said...

Avi, That's the "throw it back to the reader" response. The person who wrote the post is responsible for providing the context, not the reader.

One example: As Patrick pointed out, the hipster trap was an art project in NYC. It was covered on laughingsquid, neatorama, gothamist, etc.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Kurt. We have the page updated, good info.


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