Push to Add Drama!

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Push to Add Drama!

I am not sure if I need this "Drama" button in my life... but it did add some wonderfully wacky spin to provincial life of one Belgian city:


Today's pictures & links:

The Angel Falls, like you've never seen them before!

We wrote about Angel Falls before, the World's Highest Waterfall - but this picture almost adds one whole dimension to already grandiose natural set up:

(click to enlarge; image via)


A Mystery Device?

(image credit: Tokyo Camera Style)

No, a Tokyo-made camera! This medium format 360 degrees lens camera was home-made and displayed at Sumida River Cruise Day in Tokyo - more images and info on Tokyo Camera Style.


A Naiad in the Mist

Spotted in Vevey on Lake Geneva (Lake Léman), Switzerland:

(image credit: Samuel Gachet)


Mixed fresh links for today:

"Dune" That Never Was - [sensational geek fact]
Use THIS for THAT - [gadgets]
The Misunderstood Casanova - [interesting]
Industrial Artifacts - [cool site]
Giant Robot to Invade Mars - [space tech]
1.5 million pages of ancient texts - [to be digitized]
The Ricksha Arts of Bangladesh - [unique art]
Unbelievably Lucky Driver - [wow video]
Extreme Kayaking (some wipe-outs in the end) - [wow video]
Dalek's Relaxation Tape for Humans - [exactly what it says]
Awesome "Ice Hammer" Machine - [wow video]
Coffee Steampunk Spaceship Music Video - [cool video]
Photoshop Disasters Round-up - [funny]
When you are bored with your normal workout - [sports]


Hilarious "Top Tips" from VIZ

Here is a little dose of British humor:

SHOPPERS. When buying oranges, get more for your money by peeling them before taking them to the counter to be weighed.

DON'T waste money buying expensive binoculars; simply stand closer to the object you wish to view.

TOP TIP: Keep your wife on her toes by stapling her spending money to the ceiling.

OVERHEARD: "I heard on the news that the January storms had cost this country a billion pounds. What an utter waste of money. If anything, they did more harm than good."

DRIVERS Save money by putting much larger wheels on the back of your car. That way you will always be going downhill, thereby saving on fuel.

Read more here.


Extraordinary Mobile Musical Instrument!

(image via)

One of the campaign posters for the "Classical Adventure" chamber music project of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. This is only a fragment of a poster. See the whole thing here.


Jon Mandelbaum's "Egguins"!

These Egguins, shown individually and forming a legion (or a "portable fan club") are really about "how people with Asperger's Syndrome view everyone else... people with Asperger's tend not to look at other people's eyes..."

(images credit: Jon Mandelbaum)

The smooth ones are made from plaster. All others are ceramic; and if you drop a ceramic one on the floor, even a concrete floor, it will bounce not break. See even more of these creatures in this set. "


I just love this streamlined huge spaceship

Click to enlarge.

("Legend of the Galactic Heroes", artist unknown)


Surprising Sculpture "Hiding" in a Forest

(image via, more)

This is not really a mystery... but a surreal sculpture masterpiece from The Sculpture Park in Churt, Surrey, UK - also called the "Pride of the Valley" - more info.


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which we update every day with unique material, not available on DRB otherwise):

The Piúva (Tabebuia impetiginosa) tree in bloom in Brazil:

(image credit: Walfrido Tomas)

Riding along! - photo by Tustel Ico:

(image credit: Tustel Ico)

This cat is entering the staring contest:

This is a.... "Hydnora Africana" - more info:

(image via)

"The plant grows underground, except for a fleshy flower that emerges above ground and emits an odor of feces to attract its natural pollinators, dung beetles..."


Monster Security Vehicle

Sometimes called "The Car That Eats Dictators For Breakfast!", this is Cadillac Gage 8x8 ASV... luckily for all Dr. Evils of the world, still just a prototype. Or perhaps Dr. Evil (if there is one) might try to acquire one of those himself?

"Cadillac Gage makes the V-series Commando vehicles and specializes in military vehicles. The V-100 and the V-150 have seen use by the military and SWAT teams globally and this massive 8x8 monstrosity will replace the aging V-series fleet." - more info.

(images via)


Fix your plumbing... and catch up on reading!

This is great addition to our recent Bookshelf Paradise article:

(image via)


Is this Natalie Portman?

Nope. This is Russian actress Irina Pechernikova, in the movie "Dozhivem do Ponedelnika" (1968, See You Monday) info. This is a very quiet, lyrical movie about a history teacher in an ordinary Soviet high school, also starring famous actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov (shown here).


The Day the Music Lived!

("The Birth of Music", artist unknown)


Lazy, ahh... nevermind


A Subtle Difference:

(image credit: Ben Warheit)



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