Heavy Bombardment of the Moon

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Heavy Bombardment of the Moon

This NASA video is called the "Evolution of the Moon", but we think that "heavy, brutal, merciless bombardment" will be better way to describe the epic cataclysmic events that shaped our Moon in the distant past. While you’re here, why not go and check out some of the best online slot games over at 666casino.com/games/slots.


Today's pictures & links:

The Edge of the World

Beachy Head cliff, South Coast of England: great place to launch and moor airships -

(image credit:Rhy Davies)


This is the leg of a spider

This is why spiders move so easily along the web, never stick to it, fall off, slip or falter. Due to multitude of non-stick bristles, and a special coating, spiders actually "tip-toe" on the string in a delicate dance! - see the video of the leg in motion here.

(photo by Susumu Nishinaga, Nikon Small World Competition)

See more microscope photography by Susumi Nishinaga here.

Here is the no-less-wonderful photograph from a human digestive system, namely the external wall of small intestine, with blood vessels looking like tangled tree trucks in the jungle: " The walls of the small intestine are lined with millions of projections called villi, which absorb and transmit nutrients into the bloodstream." -

(photos by Susumi Nishinaga, National Geographic)


Chapel Set High on a Cliff, Closer to the Clouds

This ancient chapel is set high on a natural formation, a seventy meter tall Katskhi Pillar in Georgia, Imereti region. The original structure was built in 1200 AD on top of the column for protection against attacks by the Ottoman Empire, and is now being restored by local priest Father Maxim with the villagers' help.

(images credit: Ivane Goliadze)

"Upon completion Fr. Maxim hopes to take up residence on top of Katskhi as a Stylite monk".

(image credit: Archil Gegenava)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Reverse Concept of Time Discovered in Language - [fascinating]
A map of the USA in the style of Tolkien's maps, via - [cool map]
South Korean, Russian scientists bid to clone mammoth - [awesome]
Another mind-bending concept: The Great Attractor - [space]
The Color of our Sun is... - [space]
Weird "As Slow As Possible" Event - [incl. slowest car crash]
Casino Crimes Worthy of Hollywood Movies - [interesting]
Great articles on Origins of Futurism - [with pics]
Huge Iceberg Collapsing - [wow video, mute the sound]
Dogs Playing Piano...Really? - [fun video]
Breathtaking Downhill Ride, Even More Crazy - [wow videos]
Fresh Guacamole Cute Stop-Motion, more - [fun video]
Steampunk Corkscrew Thing - [wow video]
Outstanding Fortunes & Economists - [compilations]
Another Photoshop Disaster: The Endless Arm - [funny]
Absolutely Cheerful, Colorful "Feathered Fish Fibers"! - [crafts]
Be-A-Doll: Action Figures of your Loved Ones - [great gift idea]


Super-incredible architecture

...turns out to be not real, after all. These surreal structures are the work of the Belgian artist-photographer Filip Dujardin - see more here

(images via)

More strange and imaginary structures (note, these do not exist in Russia, Eastern Europe, or anywhere!), by the Spanish photographer Victor Enrich:

(images via)


Jungle Yachts!

We wrote about this streamlined Art Deco RV concoction before, but now (thanks to our knowledgeable readers) we have more info and images:

(images courtesy Wisconsin History)

There were called Jungle Yachts and featured quite a luxurious interior (here are a few images of the trailer's interior - 1, 2, 3)

"Ever heard of Attilio Gatti and his "jungle yachts?" Picture a couple of streamlined semi-trailers, set up as luxury living quarters, cruising African Congo in 1938 to 1940". The expedition was sponsored by International Harvester.


Jupiter and Venus were...

..."just a cat's ears apart" this week! You can observe them very close to each other in the evening, till March 17 - Venus is the brighter one (more info)

(image via)

At the other end of the sky, Mars is also very bright and red, silently watching the pair's dance around each other.

Also, recent Solar activity produced great Northern (or Southern) lights: here is a view from the orbit:

(image via)


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which update every day with unique material, not available on DRB otherwise):

Monstrous vehicles: really weird food truck - more info:

A little dog from a nightmare: well, hello grandma! -

Looking good! -

Creative Rust! -

The mysterious Mona Lisa's.... cat:

INSIDE a musical instrument -

Construction of Hoover Dam, 1933-1935 - more info:

(image credit: Margaret Bourke-White)

Golden Brushtail Possum! - more info:

(image via)

Eric Johnson from Garden Drama came up with this great idea: find some marbles, stick them in your fence and enjoy the radiant art! -

(image credit: Eric Johnson)

Wonderful space adventure scene by Al Williamson, cover for Overstreet Comic Book Quarterly #4, 1994:

(art by Al Williamson)


"Insects", by Sang Won Sung

See more here

(image credit: Sang)


Wires... Dust... Great mess...

Here is the wallpaper version

(image via)


Dieselpunk, or Art Deco, you decide. Electron Microscope from 1945

(illustration by Thornton Oakley, image via)


Trilobites had full 360-degrees vision!

(Walleserops found in Morocco - via the National Museum of Natural History, Robert M. Hazen)

As you all know, trilobites lived around 500 - 300 million years ago in Triassic period (the largest growing to the size of an umbrella). However, one fact about trilobites is even more amazing than their longevity - they roamed the oceans for all 270 million years!. The Trilobite eye is truly amazing instrument: it's the oldest eye we have on record, and also a very successful one - it gave trilobites a huge evolutionary edge compared to other species.

The most advanced species possessed compound eyes capable of 360-degree vision; what's more, their eyes were made of solid crystal! - more info. "The trilobite eye is composed of solid calcite crystals pack together."

Even more interesting is this peculiar columnar eye (complete with an eyeshade), discovered on one of the rare varieties of trilobite: "In September 2003 Fortey and Chatterton reported on a remarkable trilobite: Erbenochile erbeni, a Moroccan acastoid with an extremely well-developed schizochroal eye borne on tall, columnar palpebral lobes, rimmed with an eyeshade."

(images via)

"Trilobite scientists now conclude that trilobites “possessed the most sophisticated eye lenses ever produced,” and their vision may actually have “been superior to current living animals”...

If you think that nothing resembling trilobites survives today, think again - Notostraca family are true living fossils, changed little since the Jurassic period (approximately 180 million years ago)! Here is a specimen found in Chelyabinsk, Siberia, of the Triops kind:

(images via)

And then there are horseshoe crabs... Seems like "Trilobite doppelgangers" are all around us:

(image via)


Some funnies and smarties found on the internets last couple of days (originals unknown):

("Monster Pillow" creation by Deb van Zyl)

and this one (some language)





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Blogger mirana said...

In case anyone was wondering, the source of the Monster Pillow sitting on a couch is an artist by the name of Deb van Zyl (http://www.debivanzyl.blogspot.com/) and after she sold that one she started taking commissions for other monsters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The giant sinkhole picture was taken in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada this past week.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. So much good stuff.
One fact check: trilobites went extinct at the end of the Permian period, and none survived into the Triassic. Trilobites were most common and diverse early in the Paleozoic era. None are known from the Mesozoic or later.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you for the Pillow image info. Page updated!


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