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Clumsy Heinz Automatons

This hilarious pair is eager to dress up your hot dogs, if you only point them in the right direction -


Today's pictures & links:

Spring is the air

Is it really? Well, it is coming; and it will not delay.

(image via)


A Wonderful Tree Troll

(image credit: Kim Graham)

Kim Graham creates one-of-a-kind sculptures, this one is 12-foot tall troll.. and we love it. More info and images.

And the meantime, sculptures are taking to creating art themselves:

(original unknown)


Rockets? No, Just the Abandoned Mosque Building Site

Seen in Turkey... looks like this mosque is going to stay unfinished:

(sent in by Dorukhan Oren)


So you washed me. Now prepare to die.


Desert Reaching Out

These are the sand dunes at Rub al Khali (the fascinating Empty Quarter, located between Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates):

(photo credit: George Steinmetz, National Geographic Magazine)

"The Rub al Khali (literally, "quarter of emptiness") is the world's largest sand sea... an arid wilderness larger than France. It holds roughly half as much sand as the Sahara, which is 15 times the Empty Quarter's size but composed mostly of graveled plains and rocky outcrops."

(images via 1, 2, )

Read more at National Geographic; you can also order the book about it.


Mixed fresh links for today:

A Mystery in the Galactic Center - [wow space]
Grand Central Terminal NYC Exploration - [travel]
Movies from the Alternate Universe - [fun posters]
Most Expensive Military Aircraft - [tech, gallery]
Incredible Airplane Graveyards - [abandoned]
Made entirely from shattered CDs, more - [art]
CBS Radio Mystery Theater - [very cool site]
This Cat Can Dance - [fun video]
Torturing the Washing Machine - [gruesome!]
Hilarious Lizard Jump - [fun video]
Classic Performance: Nokia Ringtone - [fun video]
Great & Inventive OK GO Video - [wow video]
Most Hilarious Photoshop Disasters - [funny]
Weird Anatomical Heart Pencil Holder - [bizarre]


Colleen Corby, 1965

(images via)

- and (unrelated) a beautiful Dodge Matador 1960 (also called the "Great Red Shark"):

(image via Plan59)


New & Spectacular 3D Street Art

"Virtual Transition". Made by Leon Keer for the RAW EXPO in Rotterdam - more images here

(image credit: Leon Keer)

This kind of painting on concrete is called "anamorphic", measures 45 square meters, and can be seen at Street Painting 3D site.


Buick LeSabre Concept Car, 1951

One of the Motorama Dream Cars. Oh yes... More images here.

(images via)

"The dramatically sculptured LeSabre has the look of a jet plane. LeSabre's styling cues clearly suggest its namesake, the F86 Sabre jet fighter"


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which update every day with unique material, not available on DRB otherwise):

Japanese Zollmen Maza toys - more here:

(image via)


A retro faucet:

And a retro streamlined typewriter office chair:

(futuristic office furniture from 1971 catalog)


Great Japanese SF Art from the 1960s

This is just an addition to our recent article Japanese Futuristic Art - depicting awesome and really weird aliens:

(art from the Shonen Magazine, 1967)


This is what I call a truly great set

Some 300 tools neatly stored in a 40 inches by 20 inches space: Henry O. Studley Masonic Tool Chest - more here:

(image via)

A different set, but impressive nevertheless... Collection of Lightsaber Hilts from the Star Wars Old Republic - more info:

(image via)


Alien Menace

... and the appropriately terrified female astronaut (collage by Bryan Olson, more here):

(image credit: Bryan Olson)

This tower is not going to stand... From the Mothra film, 1961:

(image via)


Missed your stop, buddy?

(original unknown)

Well, if doves can ride in buses, then I can perhaps get a ride as well? -

(original unknown)


A few of fun GIFs you might have missed:



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