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      Birds Just Want to Have Fun!

      This crow in Russia has taken to roof tubing: it clearly got addicted to
      sliding down the roof in a plastic ring... Perhaps other crows and birds
      will follow suit?


      Today's pictures & links:

      What do you want from me?!...

      A good addition to our page
      Cats Ready to Kill You:


      See more of this grumpy kitty at
      Cute Overload. ------------

      Workers in the Sunset

      Just doing their job in Anapa, Russia.

      (image credit:
        Alexey Mirrus)


      Encounter with the Great White Shark

      This harrowing image of the shark "monster" contemplating puny humans (and
      the strength of the diving cage) comes from National Geographic 2011 Photo

      (image credit: David Litchfield,
        National Geographic)

      See more winning photos from the contest
      here. ------------ Mixed fresh links for today:

      Amazing Lenticular Cloud over Crazy Mountains, Montana
      - [weather]
      Epic Soviet Rocket Engine Testing Site,
      - [pics, scroll down]
      Steampunk Super-Pen Gadget,
      - [geek art]
      Scientists create super-soldier ants, to see what they do
      - [love this headline]
      Great Spaceship Concept Art by Charles Guan
      - [scroll down]
      Top Ten Photoshop Disasters of 2011
      - [funny]
      "DunkFish" Coolest Tea Infuser
      - [scroll down for pics]
      Most Expensive Romantic Gestures Ever
      - [interesting]
      How 3-D Printing Can Change Everything
      - [great video talk]
      Spectacular BBC Bird's Eye Videos
      - [YouTube channel]
      Cat gets into smaller, and smaller boxes
      - [fun video]
      Wonderful Quick Painter
      - [wow video]
      Impressive Rube Goldberg Machine
      - [wow video]
      Surfing Through Apocalypse
      - [wow video]


      Enough of cuddling! I'm going now...

      Hedgehogs are impossibly

      (original unknown)


      Unforgettable "Captain America" Vehicle Designs

      We featured the exciting futuristic visions by Daniel Simon - "the vehicle
      designer for this and other galaxies" - before on DRB: see our interview
      Cosmic Motors Art. Since then, this undisputed master of futuristic vehicle design went on
      to Hollywood to work on "Captain America" and "Tron Legacy" movies, and
      the upcoming Tom Cruise movie "Oblivion".

      (images credit:
        Daniel Simon)

      One of our favorite sites, Core77, has recently interviewed Simon about
      his movie projects and his thoughts on concept design in general - see
      their videos
      Part 1,
      Part 2
      Part 3. ------------

      Meanwhile in Greenland...

      Cute Arctic hares are huddling in the snow (read more about Arctic hares
      here). Bottom right image: Kulusuk, Kulusuk Island, East Greenland -

      (left image:
        Paul Nicklen
        National Geographic; right images:
        Alistair Knock,
        Gerald Zinnecker)


      One of the "Green Monsters": the 1960s Jet-Powered Car

      Art Arfons poses with his "Green Monster" (though it's painted mainly in
      red, white and blue) at Bonneville Salt Flats - more

      (photograph by George Callaway,

      This 1964 land-speed record vehicle was powered by an F-104 Starfighter
      jet engine with four-stage afterburner. Perhaps this warrants an article
      of its own... ------------ The following is a short round-up of the best
      from our
      Facebook stream
      (which update every day with unique material, not available on DRB
      otherwise): This is not going to work:

      (original unknown, via Reddit)

      --- Say Hello to a Kitchen Robot! - Japan, 1969:


      And a Hubot! Made in 1983, this was a sophisticated personal household
      robot - more

      (image via)

      "Hubot is 44-inch tall battery-operated personal robot, which can
        remember how to get around the house without bumping into walls. Hubot
        includes a complete mobile workstation, an Entertainment package and
        robotic functions. The entertainment package included a voice
        synthesizer with a 1200-word vocabulary, a 12" black and white
        television, and AM/FM stereo cassette player, an Atari 2600 video game
        set and a digital clock that displayed time and temperature. Inside is a
        complete proprietary SysCon computer with B&W monitor, Detachable
        keyboard and optional printer which is used to do computing task and
        control the robotic functions. There was an optional voice command
        module that included a microphone to command Hubot verbally."

      --- Hanging... and smiling! -


      New York Aerial Police Force Stunt, 1920 - see in bigger size
      here. --- "Fight the White Jello!" -

      (cover art by Ed Valigursky, for "Dark Destroyers" by Manly Wade
        Wellman, 1960)


      A Little Squid Got the Fish

      Squid "babies" face intense struggle for survival: they have many enemies
      and not much food. This one got lucky:

      (image credit:
        Takeshi Katano)


      The "Princess Margaret SR.N4" Hovercraft vs. People on the Beach at

      (image credit:
        David J. Morgan)

      "Established over 40 years ago as a fast, efficient and futuristic means
      of crossing to France, the service was seen as the future of sea travel.
      The Princess Margaret went on its first trip in 1968 (this photo was taken
      in 1997), but in 2005 the service was cancelled and the giant SR.N4s now
      sit at the Hovercraft museum at Lee-On-Solent." ------------

      Novelty Yarn & Houseplants Hairdo Styles

      (images via

      This yarn is only an advertisement by Ogilvy & Mather Agency... but the
      flower pots were actually made in the Republic of Kazakhstan, see more
      here. ------------

      Goose in Sandals. Looks Sharp!


      Read the story about this goose at
      Cute Overload. ------------ Agreed!




      Make sure to check our daily updates on Facebook!



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Anonymous Tom said...

My parents have a hedgehog in their garden in Sheffield, they're funny little things! That Green Monster jet-powered car is pretty cool too.

Blogger TomF said...

The king of the 'BBC bird's eye' vids has got to be the Gos Hawk from a few years back... (possibly featured here, I can't remember - long time fan ;))...


I liked it so much I mixed it with Star Wars :D



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