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"Dogs Ready to Kill You": Pictures of Canine Discontent

When we wrote about Cats Ready to Kill You, we included a few shots of disgruntled and clearly upset dogs, which were possibly ready to kill you (given the opportunity), teaming up with cats or entirely on their own.

First, let me show you the Mightiest Killing Machine of all - the Super Wolf, or Andrewsarchus:

(image via)

Andrewsarchus is an extinct Mesonychid that lived in the Eocene epoch in the eastern Asia and is believed by many to be the largest land-living mammalian carnivore yet known - more info. It is possible that the frightful and huge Beast of Gevaudan was a surviving remnant of a Mesonychid, as it was described as having hooves, rather than paws. This frightful monster is what any child in history would have nightmares about.

(images via)

Dogs (and even modern wolves) come nowhere near the terror potential of this killing machine. Nevertheless, dogs can be unsettling and bizarre, and today we are going to show you the lighter side of dog expressions, in some of the funniest photography around.

Tough-looking characters:

All discombobulated:

When dogs are stressed they will not hesitate to let you know about it:

(images via 1, Square Dog Photography)

Dogs shake themselves to get back in physical (and emotional) shape. Photographer Carli Davidson sees in this an opportunity to take bizarre pictures (more here):

(image credit: Carli Davidson)

Not a happy camper (even if he's snug in a warm blanket):

(image via)

Slightly confused about his buddy:

Looking lost -

Causes for dog stress

Being attacked by a horse can certainly ruin a dog's day:

(image via)

Look into this dog's doleful, sad eyes:

(image via)

Is he stuck? -

Going places:

Emotional turmoil:

Interaction with children:

Dressing up for a wedding would definitely cause unnatural anxiety in a dog:

...especially when dressed as sinister Freddy Kruger:

Using more imagination? -

Princess Leia:

Oh no...

This uniform is much better: dressed for duty -

Another line of duty:

Distant Chewbacca relative? -

The ultimate Offense! -

...even worse:

Cats get dressed in a bad taste, too:

(top image credit: Kathy Sokoler / Gothamist)

This is much better, as this outfit speaks volumes about cat's fighting ability (see more steampunk creations at Diarment):

(image credit: Rafa Maya)

Catching an impossible throw:

This dog just caught something, but not entirely sure what? or he's just too intent to please:

(image credit: Steffi Atze)

"Dogs Must be Carried!" - Being carried by its owner in an unscrupulous manner can stress the dog (not to mention the owner):

(image via)

Not giving a damn:

Taking charge:

Tough-looking cats are looking on all this with chilling intensity:

(images via)

... and they will not hesitate to come through: "Here's Johnny!!.." -

(image via)




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrewsarchus is not a Dog !
but belong to family of Mesonychia
there related to ,,,Sheep !

you can say it "a sheep in wolf 's clothing"

for the broken link, try this:

Michel Van

Blogger Fekete László said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'This dog just caught something, but not entirely sure what? or he's just too intent to please'

That dog is obviously a member of a South American Tribe:

Or else he is holding a frisbee ;-)

Anonymous Ash said...

haha..real funny dog..
great compilation..

Anonymous funny said...



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