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Beyond Spectacular: Super Climb!

This is Ueli Steck's record speed solo climb of the the Eiger's radical North Face (from the film "Swiss Machine", created by Sender Films). He did it in just... 2 hours, 47 minutes and 33 seconds:


Today's pictures & links:

Sprawling Monster

This is Ferrari World: the newest Abu Dhabi theme park.

(image via)


Here's looking at you!

"I spy with my little eye" - this is Tia, the baby mongoose lemur, more info:

(image via)


The Rich and the Poor: A Line of Constrast

Slums and inequality are on display in Bairro Serra, Belo Horizonte, Brazil:

(see more images here: via)


These Toes Are Still Reaching Out

This is found in the weirdest Hermitage Santa Barbara sculpture garden (more images here):

(image via)

Check out some of the craziest sculptures ever made in our Sculptural Weirdness article.


Mixed fresh links for today:

Urban Decay: South Bronx in the 1980s - [shocking video]
Spiegel's Interview with Gorbachev - [quite revealing]
People Taking Naps with Objects - [better than it sounds]
Recycled: Steampunk Motorcycles, Old Suitcases - [design]
Amazing Post-it Note Structures - [geek art]
Quite a Character: Richard Francis Burton - [interesting]
The Future is Now: Connected Appliances - [geek tech]
This car knows what you're thinking - [concept auto]
Tough Women Wrestling From Bolivia - [travel]
How to make fire from ice (!) - [wow video]
Mad Bicycle Skills Yet Again, more - [wow video]
Shooting Mosquitos Out of the Sky with Lasers - [wow video, info]
Cruising Sunset Strip in 1964, 1967 - [retro video]
Preventing Toplessness Since 2004: Funny t-Shirts - [fun designs]
How to Earn Money While Traveling - [tips]


Our Father, Who Art in... Kremlin

Perfect Soviet communist youth reading the works of Josef Stalin:

(from "Smena" magazine, 1953)


Vintage Pop Drink Caps (colorful collection)

Read more about this collection here:

(images via)


Europe and North America Superimposed

There is something powerful about this comparison... For example, you can really appreciate how small (and packed with wonders) Italy, Greece and Switzerland are. And how the whole of England can fit between Calgary and Edmonton (almost). Not to mention mind-numbing distances in Saskatchewan and Manitoba -

(image via Radical Cartography)


Storm Over the Chateau

This is one example when photography ministers to the soul... Highly evocative picture:

(image credit: Dung Hoang, used with permission)


Radical Zeppelin Construction Photography

Truly awesome images invoking the tremendous era of airship exploration and travel:

(image via)

See more here.


Marilyn done up in layers

Yet another version of iconic Marilyn's pose. This is a sliced metal sculpture by the Korean sculpture Chan Girl Park - more images here.

(image via)


Hot Smoking Car

(original unknown)


Soviet lighters

(image via)

Russian lady soldier from World War 2:

(image via)


Wishful Thinking

The words are in Russian: "Beach", "Sand", "Ocean", etc.


Projects from Extinction

DODOCase designs hardcover book-styled cases for IPads:

This cool California company teamed up with another neat online art project Chirply for a design challenge to create the best-styled hardcover iPad case - details here. "The inside fabric of the DODOcase is your canvas to create something amazing and beautiful"... The prize money are good, and so will be the exposure.

Chirply is a new art project, but already offers some groovy card designs:

(images via)


Hugh Ferriss in his studio

We featured monumental Art Deco skyscraper visions of Hugh Ferriss before. Now we can see him during the creative process:

(image via)

In the spirit of the early 1930s, here is some Art Deco, including fantastic stained glass designs by Light Romance Studios:

(left image: 'Metropolis" movie poster, via; right image Light Romance Studios)


Stop Following Me!

Two Rules, eh?


Sewing Machine Head

"Sewing Machine, Kuwait", 1955 - photo by Jean-Philippe Charbonnier:

(image via)


Weird Pic of the Day: Animal Cruelty

What sort of a sculpture is this?? -

(update: this is work of Tom Otterness)


Robbery Gone Wrong:



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Anonymous John Silver said...

The map projections distorts the sizes and distances.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The map projection is imposing, but distance is relative. I live in the Netherlands (on the map somewhere in Canada), which you can travel from north to south in about 3 hours. But when I travel in a plane for about 2 to 3 hours, I can be in a different country and even in another continent with a totally different culture if I want to. Holidays are real fun this way.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The part of the sculpture with the cat is from Tom Otterness "The Real World", Battery Park, New York. I don´t know it myself, but I know the "Überfrau" from him in my hometown very well and recognized the style. Three googles further and I found it on his website tomostudio.com.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just watched on youtube american girls converted to islaam. And foto of muslim women with sewing machine on the head... Its like metaphor for me. Headless tool. So sad.


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