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Philosophy slogans to pick you up, or bring you down

Why read the volumes and libraries written by dead philosophers when you can just pick up a few LOL lines from the internet?

Well, the answer to this is obvious, but this quote from George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones sums it up nicely: "A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its sharp edge". That said, there are still volumes of stuff that's not worthy of anybody's time to read, except for academic research.

Just to save you some time, here is the hilarious collection of internet LOL quotes to brighten up your day, and perhaps make you to think deep and long about your own life and various idiosyncrasies thereof.

Remember, even the time grows old:

(image credit: Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, Melted clock, The Ruins of Detroit)

So, it is time for the intense thought -

(photo by Chuck Close)

Internet has a lot to say about... internet:

(most images came from the internet uncredited; if you know the original, contact us and we will include the info)

Even with this proliferation of social sites and virtual friends, we still feel isolated as ever:

(tourists stand on Berlin's holocaust memorial, photo by AFP/GETTY, via)

First things first, so we start with an axiom:

Life goals, summarized in three words, or less:

or even easier -

(image credit: Mike Monteiro)

Hippies had it right:

Here is a cute reminder that -

Love Carefully. Put it on your t-shirt:

And appreciate life's finer moments:

(image via)

Love / Hate dilemma? Choose both:

They say "Know Thyself!" OK, here is a start:

They also say, "Strive to achieve balance":

(image via)

Surely, education must be the key to everything?

(image credit: Life Magazine, 1954)

You can start here (although, this is only the abridged version):

(image via)

In absence of education, here is a groovy way to kill the time:

or this... producing strangely similar results? -

(image via)

Perhaps you feel that everybody expects too much of you? -

(image credit: Life Magazine, 1956)

Calm down! This "generator of inner contentment" will help you:

If you still find yourself in this predicament:

... then it's time to switch to another style of clothing, and maybe ask around for advice. What would the wise men say? They sure know something -

(image via)

... but they don't tell, or perhaps they're simply extolling the virtue of keeping silence. Maybe this wise lady knows something? -

(original unknown)

This will make an excellent t-shirt:

Calvin came to the interesting conclusion.... (he kept on thinking, however) -

(image credit: Bill Watterson)

On the other hand, if you watch too much YouTube -

Live like there is no tomorrow, because there isn't one:

(image credit: Lerms)

Every self-help and motivational article includes a test or a quiz, so try this one here:

I saw "secret", "past" and "dread". So I must be that mysterious man from nowhere, I suppose. Second try yielded "leave", "kiss" and "dream". Pretty romantic... I guess, I'll just keep deciphering it to find out the rest of the story.

Speaking of mysterious strangers... here is a guy full of intrigue (complete with a strange mind-boosting apparatus):

(Christopher Schauman waits in line to attend a panel at Comic Con in San Diego, California; photo by Dan Steinberg via)

Another guy in Russia did it his way (maybe he makes funny faces at the passengers? or maybe he just thinks that he can spy on ladies more efficiently this way):

or maybe he's just hiding from the world, like this guy:

We can't however hide from everything. They say there are two things that's certain: death and taxes. Well, death might be just a gateway to something else:

But taxes... taxes are here to stay:

(image credit: Life Magazine, 1954)

And if all fails, a guy can always become CAPTAIN VIDEO, Master of the Stratosphere. Yeah!

(image via)


(image credit: "Still" by Liz Collini)

Always a sound advice:

(image credit: Mark Rohde)

CONTINUE TO "The Seven Deadly Sins of Geekdom"! ->



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Anonymous Keith said...

I saw "suicide", "scum", and "dread". Not fair! They were all right next to each other right in the middle.

Anonymous Brian said...

How To 'Get Smart' - That's Agent 99!

Anonymous Japa said...

That wise lady seems to be Agent 99 (Barbara Felton), from "Get Smart".

Anonymous japa said...

Dang, Brian beat me "That much!"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life goals, in three words or less, but in five words. Yeah, makes sense.

Anonymous Cras said...

I saw Crush, Flesh and Secret. Damn, now I'm a closet cannibal...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

risk naked noir

Blogger Danbala said...

suicide, hidden and cut.

Damn. :p

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hate naked rage

Anonymous MadNakedMan said...

I beat y'all.
Mine were "mad", "naked", "man". In this order.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Haha, Mad Naked Man. Awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"maniac", "orgia", "cut"
what should i do now? :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"secret", "flesh" and "rage". That doesn't sound too good...

Blogger Unknown said...

"Leave" ""me" "passion"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw "hidden" "Naked" "crush"
Kind of like the sound of that.


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