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First Surreal Animation

This inspired trip is "Fantasmagorie" from 1908, made by Emile Cohl. Some of the old cartoons were very bizarre... for example, Russian scientist Ladislas Starevitch used to create animated films using dead insects with wire limbs. Another very strange cartoon is this one... "You wanna be a member?"


Today's pictures & links:

Drooping... drooping...

This is a grain silo designed by German architect Frei Otto in 1951 - more info:

(image via)


Underwater Bus, 1932

Some of you have seen this already on our Facebook page, but here it is again, in all its glory:

(image credit: Popular Science Magazine, 1932)


Urban Wasteland

Very atmospheric photograph showing Elazig, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey: a cart of a dealer with a bunch of government-run apartment houses in the background.

(image credit: George Georgiou, via)


The Rock Monster

Remember our "Weird Faces Found in Nature" article?. Well, here is another find, from the 2011 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest:

(image credit: Shelly Pollock)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Fascinating: Intricate Locks - [vintage, steampunk]
Star Shoots Epic Amount of Water into Space - [space]
Deadly Trains and other "Morbid Mondays" - [wow info]
Highly Efficient Cleanup in Japan - [photos]
Lightnings with a Lunar Eclipse - [awesome photo]
Onion's Take on Middle Class - [hilarious]
Robopocalypse is Coming! - [cool review]
Hottest Matter Created by Scientists - [wow info]
Malkovich? Malkovich! - [clones to infinity]
Magic Tricks with Circles - [wow video]
Looks Weird: Lake Covered with the Volcanic Ash - [video]
Tank T90 Cannon: Incredible Slow Motion, more - [wow videos]


Great Rotary "Steampunk'd" Phone

Something that we might even want to have here at DRB - more info:

(image via)

Another phone worthy of mention:

This is the "Lobster Telephone", 1936 - classic surrealist object created by Salvador Dali - more info


Haute Couture

(original unknown)


Wengen, Switzerland

Yes, this place exists. I've been there. Here is the Wikipedia article. But it's still hard not to pinch yourself that you're dreaming...

(top images credit: Mark)


Dreamy Rocket Girl

This is Deborah Walley in a studio, circa 1962:

(image via)

Unknown lady learning scuba diving, I guess...

(original unknown)


Whaaaat, man, can't you just leave me alone?!

(originals unknown)


"Locust Tank" by Nicolas Lampert

The whole Machine-Animal series is exceptional - see more here

(image credit: Nicolas Lampert)


Keep your cool... Achieve Zen

(original unknown)

But beware this... larvae! Yes, this is atherix ibix larvae (photo by Fabris Pare):

(image via)

See more images from the Nikon Small World Competition - here


Groovy T-Shirts

604 Republic is a pop-culture & geeky t-shirt site, which sells such favorites as Procrastinate and Epic Duel:

(images via)

Here are some variations on a "Nerdosaurus" theme:

Speaking about t-shirts, don't forget about Dark Roasted Blend Summer T-Shirts:

Buy them here!


Ringo never could get a chance to learn piano:

(image via)

Just as Gregory Peck could never learn to shoot straight:





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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gregory Peck from "To Kill a Mockingbird", methinks, not Alain Delon

Blogger BlogDog said...

You do know that SCUBA stands for "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus" don't you? That ain't self contained.

Blogger ZZMike said...

See if you can find any Oskar Fischinger animations. He worked in the 1920s, first in Germany, then came to Hollywood. The opening sequence for Disney's Fantasia is based on his work.

YouTube has a lot of "based on" and "inspired by" videos, but the real thing is always the real thing.

Blogger Stickmaker said...

Much of Winsor McKay's animation has been recovered and is available on DVD. The creator of _Little Nemo_ and _Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend_ produced multiple works, some for those newspaper comics as well as the famous _Gertie the Dinosaur_.

Anonymous John at Recycle Box Bin said...

Very interesting collection! This could keep me entertained for days. I will be sure to check back to see what else you have in store.


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