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Epic Rally Video

Group B Monsters - The Days of Madness: "Group B" was the most exciting and the most dangerous sort of rallying: with 600 hps supercars roaring through country lanes and narrow city streets, these monster machines were dubbed "Too Fast To Race" (see documentary) and banned back in 1986. This stunning slow-motion video pays homage to these legendary cars and almost superhuman drivers who made history from 1982 to 1986... check out the crazy crowd near-miss at 4:26 mark -


Today's pictures & links:

Continuing the autorally theme, here is -

Michele Mouton: Perhaps the Best Female Driver in Autosport History

She drove Audi Quattro Sport S1 - yes, Group B, with a vengeance! Enjoy the video here.

(more info about this former French rally driver)


Push the Button!

(original unknown)


Drifting Upon the Neutrino Seas

This is the SuperKamiokande, Japanese underground neutrino observatory. Two scientists in a boat (to say nothing of the myriad of neutrinos) - modern-day Jerome K. Jerome scene.


Mixed fresh links for today:

Playing Music on Space Station... Sublime - [wow video]
Indomitable Snow Frogs - [great pics]
Underwater Wonder Room, photos - [abandoned]
Six Odd But Awesome Spring Celebrations Around The World - [travel]
Revealing, startling Map Comparisons - [cool site]
Deadliest Poison in Aquarium Near You - [shocking]
Ben Warheit's Cartoons! - [fun site]
Ultimate Catalog of April Fool Pranks - [funny]
Spectacular Music Mosaics - [design]
Miserable, or Blissful? Manhattan Apartment - [wow video]
More Rental Apartment Humour - [funny, some language]
Cats Can Fly, Here's Proof! - [wow video]
Immersive Cocoon: Re-enacting of the famous 2001 scene - [video]
Hilarious Japanese Prank - [fun video]
Movies for only 1 Dollar - [promotion]
Spring Sing & Jazz Concert in Calgary - [promotion]


Heaven's Gate

This is the Tianmen Cave in China, which literally translates as the "Gate to Heaven"; however, it's not fully a cave, but rather a colossal natural arch...

The way to the Gate is a wonder in itself: it has exactly 99 turns which lead to a massive staircase with a total of 999 steps - more info:

(image via)


Picasso-style Illusion

(original unknown)


Chernobyl, Pripyat. Same Place. 30 years apart.

In no time it'll be all covered by forest;

(images credit: Gleb Garanich, Reuters, via)


Scientific Sign Language

Perfect way to visualize some math:

(image via)


Camels at Sunset

Somewhat unintentional picture... Brett Symons was preparing to shoot the sunset, and did not notice the camel train until it was almost upon him:

(image credit: Brett & Donna Symons)

... meanwhile, from the opposite direction -

(image via)


"I'm here for a reason. We need to talk."

(image via)

More "animal morphs" by Martin are here.

"What in the world ?!?!" -

(original unknown)

Take cover!!

(image via)


Out of left field

Original video - here.




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it's kitten kong all over again!

/english geekiness

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Strange that you forgot to mention the real Stig, Stig Blomquist:




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