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"The Gift" from Kremlin

A mysterious box, a rollicking chase, thrilling direction (by by Carl Erik Rinsch), a beautiful vision of the future: can it get any better than this amazing short film? We don't think so.


Today's pictures & links:

Hanging Out

We all know that rent can be outrageous, but Gabriel and Tiago Primo, a pair of Brasilian artists, solved the housing crisis in a very creative way: simply live suspended on the side if a building in Rio de Janeiro - watch video.

(images via)


Two-Wheeled Gyrocars

This amazing contraption is a two-wheeled gyrocar, invented by Pyotr Petrovich Shilovsky, way back in 1914:

(image via)

Another recent gyrocar concept - 1961 Ford Gyron (by Alex Tremulis and Syd Mead):

(image via)

And entirely futuristic, beautiful, impossible-looking - gyrocar of the future, by Antonio Sunjerga (more info):

(image via)



Here is one Twitter account worth following. Astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock sends incredible pictures from International Space Station via his Twitter account; (more info)

(photo by Astro_Wheels (Douglas H. Wheelock) / NASA - via)

"Aurora Borealis in the distance on this beautiful night over Europe. The Strait of Dover is pretty clear as is Paris, the City of Lights. A little fog over the western part of England and London."


Mixed fresh links for today:

Time Warp: Inside a Car Accident - [spectacular video]
The Lunar Eclipse Over Mount Shasta - [wow photo]
Loading... Loading... Great Collection of Loaders - [cool site]
Something Different: Fantastic Translation App - [wow tech]
Mailboxes from Strange Objects, and... Toilet Waterfall? - [weird art]
Most Beautiful Jellyfish on Earth - [wow nature]
Photo.net Editors' Picks for Digital Art Photography - [wow pics]
The Whistling Caterpillar - [wow video]
Finger Walk Evolution - [weird videos]
Extreme Skiing and Paragliding All-in-One - [wow video]
Mesmerizing Chinese Jumpers - [wow video, almost art]
Spectacular Flying Over New York: RC Airplane - [wow video]
Savannah Travel Blog - [promo]


A Teeny Tiny Apocalypse

T.S. Eliot is famous for saying the world will probably not end with a bang but a whimper, but New York artist Lori Nix adds that it will end with a very small whimper: her fantastic scenes of a post-apocalyptic world are not only haunting but in a remarkably small scale.

The Library

The Control Room

(images credit: Lori Nix, used by permission)


Cluck For Victory

Here's a very odd propaganda poster, especially since chickens aren’t exactly known for their flying ability (left image). Maybe they mean "the Pilots"?

(images via)

See other weird Propaganda Posters of World War Two


Irrigation Art

These huge circles are not art, in a strict sense - they are utilitarian irrigation structures. However, they look almost like some of huge art "Augmented landscape" installations - see for example, Largest Human-made Art on Earth by Jim Denevan:

(Kufra Growing in Sahara - image via)

Speaking about huge circles, Dutch artist Henk Hofstra decided that people REALLY needed to know that breakfast is THE most important meal of the day:

(image via)


An Automotive Owl (plus the whole metal zoo)

Beautiful sculpture of an owl, even more amazing when you learn that British artist Ptolemy Elrington created it out of scavenged hubcaps!

(images via)

See more amazing metal sculptures and weird creations: Extraordinary Art from Metal.


The Past's Future Is Here, Today

In 1933 the legendary Buckminster Fuller designed the Dymaxion car, his vision of a perfect personal transportation system. But this year London architect Norman Foster built his very own Dymaxion. Even though Fuller passed away in 1983 he'd be proud that his vision is here in our present, his future.

(images via 1, 2, 3)


A Cappuccino Sea

Every once and awhile the ocean off Cape Town, South Africa does something very, very weird: it looks like it's been transformed by some giant barista into what the locals call a "Cappuccino Sea."

(images credit: Mallix)

See more photos here.


Dragon Crash!

Hamsters wage war on the highly... inadequate and fumbling dragons:

(image credit: Hamsterfly, click to enlarge)


Green Army Valor

This fellow really deserves a Medal of Creativity for his green army cosplay (at a comic con in Lucca, Italy):

(images via 1, 2)


No Discounts!

Scrooge Christmas Trees - for only an arm and a leg (click to enlarge):

(art by Carl Barks / Walt Disney)




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Blogger Luca said...

What was in the box then????

Blogger Jonne said...

Always good to see Carl Barks' paintings.

Anonymous Bartek said...

A unicorn was in the box. One of the comments on Youtube translates the dialogue.

Anonymous DaydreamBeliver said...

The sea foam crashing is an awesome shot.


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