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Bird Flight Fractals

Mesmerizing curves and formations made from a flock of birds... some say that these birds exploit the atmospheric conditions preceding a tornado. But tornado, or not, if you see this happening again, can you please make a better-resolution video and send it to us?


Today's pictures & links:

Aerial Swimming Pool

Marina Bay Sand's Skypark in Singapore. Somebody has to shoot the next James Bond movie there. It just asks for a tightrope dance with a villain.

(images via)

This swimming pool even has the "infinity edge" emptying out on the neighbouring skyscrapers. Simply awesome.


A River Runs Through It

...it runs through the gardens at Keukenhof in the Netherlands.

(original unknown)


The Endless Staircase

(image credit: Philipp Klinger)

Sculpture in the yard of the KPMG building in Munich. Designed by Olafur Eliasson - see more images and info here.


The Enormous Grid of Trees Spotted in Japan

Our reader Dave DenHerder spotted something unique in Google Maps on the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan - a giant forested grid of truly stupendous proportions!

He says, "At first, I almost ignored it until I realized that this pattern was huge... and very straight and precise for something that big. So I zoomed in until I saw that the grid was made up of bands of trees. Using the scale in the corner of the screen, I estimate that each square in the grid is about 2.5 miles wide!"

(images via GoogleMaps, sent in by Dave DenHerder)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Crazy Mushroom-Shaped City - [architecture]
To woo a mate, male bowerbirds decorate, lavishly. - [wow nature, pics]
New fantastic wall graffiti animation - [wow video]
Inspiring Science Fiction Art from the 1980s - [cool art]
Carte Geografichen - [vintage maps]
These ATMs will give you money... grudgingly - [funny]
Is Mafia Dead? (State of Mafia Families Today) - [interesting]
Concrete Aircraft Carrier in China - [weird architecture]
Plane Refueling a Ferrari! - [wow video]
An Interview With The Editor Of The Onion - [neat videos]
Short Cute Animation from Stephane Halleux - [cute video]
Unbelievable Acrobatics Performance - [wow video]


We like Klockwerks by Roger Wood

Klockwerks. Gorgeous design pieces - one look at the catalog will make you a believer, anbd possibly, a buyer:

(images via)


Cats... The Good, and the Evil One

Note that we do not specify which one is which, exactly:

(original unknown)

(image via)


Yarn Break

(image via)

See a lot more knitted oddities in Strange Knits and Yarn Monsters.


This truck is too heavy for this bridge

Or rather, "was" too heavy. Somewhere in China, any additional info?

(images via)


Great Star Wars "T" - Bow Tie Tuxedo Shirt!

Among many cool t-shirt designs, this one just begs to be bought - from here. Designed by Reece Ward exclusively for Lucasfilm Ltd. (another example)

(image via)

Other Reece Ward's designs - see gallery:

(images credit: Reece Ward)


The Skull of the Sneezing Man

Very frightening:

(original unknown)

Take care when sneezing!..


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The japan tree grid appears to be a mesh of wind breaks. Here's a quick comment from a largely unrelated page: "Winters are severe in Nakashibetsu [the location of that picture], where grid-like windbreaks of trees protect crops and farms from strong winds." http://www.cbcj.catholic.jp/eng/jcn/oct2007.htm It's pretty impressive though to see such large-scale regularity!

Blogger Cameron said...

Armadillo Aerospace has some great HD video of large-scale bird flocks.

The call it The Birds, a study in chaos.

Blogger Andrew said...

Husband and wife team from England put together some great photos and video footage they captured of an immense flock of starlings over Gretna, Scotland into a short film. All the photos can also be viewed on their Flickr site.

Blogger Rob Roy said...

The "A River Runs Through It" photo was taken in the gardens at Keukenhof in the Netherlands (http://www.keukenhof.nl/).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen flocks of starlings flying this way over farmland in the Texas Panhandle. It doesn't seems to have anything to do with weather conditions.

Anonymous Bge said...

Calvin and Hobbes, about the Chinese bridge:

And the birds fly like a school of fish. But it isn't any predator defense. I think it is the birds are trying to follow their leader but because of the lack of understanding of more than the closest surroundings there are delays in their response and they constantly shift positions to compensate. Like cars in a rush hour jerking forward.


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