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      Remember when owning the "Land Yacht" was considered a good thing?

      We all know that fuel efficiency and ease of parking seem to dictate that
      "Smaller is Better". Except in the world of RV and pleasure boating...
      where the opposite still holds true - Bigger is Better, and this isn't
      going to change anytime soon. In fact, imagine blending two concepts
      together - pleasure boat and recreational vehicle - and you get a mammoth,
      beautiful thing that is just as spectacular to look at as it's convenient
      and practical in unlimited luxury travel.

      The Bigfoot Highwave Boater Home - Futuristic Hauler and Luxury
        Cabin Cruiser Together

      In the past the only way you were able to enjoy water and land travel in
      one package was to purchase a motorhome and tow a cruiser. Now you can
      enjoy the ultimate flexibility in land and water travel with this crazy
      combo of 2009 GMC Kodiac Duramax 6500 truck cab and chassis - and a
      "Boater Home" house boat.


      It's an RV! It's a House Boat! It's the Ultimate Lifestyle Vehicle!

      (concept drawings and design by J. R. Clifford)

      J. R. (James) Clifford drew the original concept 9 years ago, flying over
      the Mediterranean Sea, on the way back to Canada from his
      oil-company-based business. Originally, he just wanted to build it for his
      Ma and Pa as a unique DIY project (Discovery Channel even offered an
      exclusive coverage of the process) - and now, together with the Redline RV
      company, he finally has the means and the facilities needed to start
      building it professionally (Engineering and design on the concept was done
      by James Teague,
      Teague Designs Inc.)
Here are the impressive size specs: higher! (11'-9.5"), longer! (44'-9.5"), wider! (8'-9.5"), with weight (26000 GVW) - all providing for a better stability.
- you don't need to transfer any personal items from the RV to the cruiser
- the launching is much simpler due to the adjusted height (it takes only 5 minutes to launch)
- no more trying to haul 80 feet in length on a highway: hence ease of maneuvering, parking and backing up.
- no need for substantial amount of diesel power sources to haul
- you can still tow a small car (not possible if you are already towing a cruiser)
- you can even carry your motorcycle or a jet ski with you
(concept drawings and design by J. R. Clifford) This carbon fiber luxury motor home / house boat combination will give you the best of both worlds - and incidentally should also be used in the movies, like Iron Man, Transformers, Terminator, etc. With its unique concept, the attraction is ideal for the entertainment industry. Another, much larger "(i)Pad" This concept perhaps isn't new, but it's only in a few recent years that the seemingly-obvious idea of making a modular land and water-based RV has seen any hopes of production and further development. You might remember the gorgeous PAD Vehicle RV concept presented a few years back. It was so cool looking that most people just had to sigh with that forlorn look in their eyes: "Oh, I wish I could travel in this thing if only for a day..." (images credit: General Motors Company) Some other modular RV ideas and somewhat unorthodox trailer attachment concept, courtesy Teague Designs Inc.: ("Badlander" concept and matching car and trailer, designed by Teague Designs Inc.) Regardless of the fate of this concept, or if it goes into production, we certainly enjoy the wild audacity of the idea, and wishing the best for the inventor's next round of financing and further development.
After all, it is one thing to be called a "King of the Road", another to be known as "Lord of the High Seas" - and yet quite another thing to be known as BOTH and own the road, seas (and eventually, the sky) with this mammoth vehicle, in "one fell swoop".
If all else fails, we can just crawl into the cheapest RV possible (not sure if it's still in working condition, though): (original unknown) CONTINUE TO "RECREATIONAL SUPER VEHICLES"! ->


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Anonymous Pete said...

I am not surprised that an oil company employee thought this up. Talk about creating demand for your product...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a commercially built unit similar to this concept for sale on Hemmings Motor News this past month. It appear to be a Ford van with a boat carried in the extended rear portion.

Blogger Unknown said...

Sticking a boat on the back of an extended van isn't a new idea.


Anonymous abupu said...

wow, very cool! is there any video footage of it actually in action?

Anonymous adhi said...

hahaha..last picture is funny.. that is a wooden home design with wheels...

Anonymous Bge said...

The last one is a mobile sauna. There are also mobile saunas on a raft.

Related are the small sled huts ice fishers use to keep warm, and the Victorian bath wagons where the ladies could be driven into the sea to bathe in complete privacy. At least that way they were allowed to take a bath in the sea without making a scandal.


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