Outrageous Hacks and Fixes - and Twisted Creativity

      It's time for the next installment in our wildly popular
      Never Give Up! Series. There are many pictures of this sort on the web (check out for example
      "There, I fixed it" website) - but we
      like to think that this collection will bring a smile to your face, as it
      is the WILDEST, CRAZIEST logistics compilation you will likely to see...
      this week.

      Keep scrolling down, read the previous parts of the series, and you'll
      never get your work done, haha!


      New creative use for used books:


      Hitchhiking variations (what if this bus driver slams on the brakes?):


      (image via)

      Futuristic lawn mower (make your neighbor drop dead with envy!):


      For that guitar solo that you were dying to master:


      Can't figure out what is it, but it doesn't look too comfortable:


      If you get really bored, with nothing better to do, try this:


      Lemon Battery. Even my kids know how to make one:




      Philippines' railroad taxi - seen in Manila:

      (images credit: REUTERS/John Javellana)

      It's quite easy to make this cart from wood and bamboo - the trick is to
      quickly take it off the rails when the train is approaching.


      "Commuters ride a makeshift trolley in a railway in Metro Manila. A ride
      can cost 6-10 pesos ($0.12 - $0.21) depending on the distance travelled".

      (images credit: REUTERS/John Javellana)

      Another home-made railroad transport was seen in Cambodia:

      (original unknown)

      This one is the easiest to make - just keep "walking":



      Extreme Sleeping!

      This "sport" is still quite popular, we even dedicated a separate article
      to it - see
      The Art of the Extreme Sleeping. A few more examples:








      After the class leaves, the tables will look like this? -



      Automotive Ingenuity

      Duct tape!


      More tape:


      Custom stuff:












      Carry a Big Load, in Style!

      I hope the locks are not as rusty as the rest of this truck:



      (image via)

      (image via)

      (image via)






      Wishful thinking


      It is, if I say so!


      Office ingenuity (this image got already quite popular, but it's too good
      not to include, and maybe to try this out):

      (image via)

      Easy to put on and remove (more
      info, and order them


      Lock it up!



      Construction Acrobatics

      Newly-made pipes at a cement plant in Yingtan, Jiangxi province, China






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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The strange helmet with glowing "horns" is from the Boris Karloff movie "The Devils Commands" from 1941

Karloff tries to communicate with the dead, using his daugther (your picture) and several dead bodies in similar helmets.


Anonymous midknight said...

The kids in the picture with their head down are playing a game. If you look closely you can see a number of the children have their thumbs up. It part of a class room game in which a group of children are chosen (usually seven)then the rest of the class places their heads down and thumbs out. The group of previously chosen children then go and each selected a classmate by pushing their thumb down. When finished, the entire class puts their heads back up and the children chosen to be it have one guess to figure out who chose them. If right the take that person place, if wrong the person remains for the next round.

Blogger Unknown said...

"Heads up 7up" anyone?

Anonymous Bendarr said...

On the Lemon Battery pic I love how the handles on the side cutters are "wrapped". It just that additional "touch of class" that makes these pics great!

Anonymous 256 said...

Glad to see you're still coming up with great stuff, Avi.

Have to say, nuff respect to people who manage to transport a sofa on a bike and so on - that's ingenuity.

Also on the motorised bathtub pic - a recent item on http://theworstofperth.com/ noted that there are AT LEAST two people driving around one Australian town in baths, if not more.

Anonymous sing a ma jig said...

I'd love a motorised bath, unfortunately the authorities in the uk are way too square to cope with it. Have really enjoyed these photo sets, so funny :)


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