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Fantastic Voyage: Mind-boggling Medical Animation

Hybrid Medical Animation Studio sends us their new reel of mesmerizing animations about how your body works on a deepest level. Visit their site for more:

Link (Vimeo video)

Today's pictures & links:

Russian Lunar Rover is found in the garbage

Very sad story, really, somewhat similar to Wall-E sentiments - "Lunokhod" (Moon Walker) was actually a very cute machine, having a glamorous and grand history of Moon exploration:

(image via)

This photograph was taken in the courtyard of the Institute for Space Studies - they came back with a statement that this is only a model, slated for restoration (damage control? we're not sure what to believe now)


The Tornado Girl

Smile!.. or not:

(image credit: Ben Aqua, via)

Let's get the picture, and get out of here!


Alfa Romeo Pandeon Concept 2010

Alfa Romeo and Bertone design studio collaborated on this spectacular car concept, which looks sort-of predatory (name comes from a unique bird of prey in the Osprey family), but still very alluring - see more at Supercars.net

(images by Dirk de Jager, Supercars.net)

Is it a prime example of a wild avantgarde car art? I think so -

(image via)


Nuns are still having fun

Sometimes being mischievous, too -

(bottom image credit: Rene Maltete)

See more here (Religion can be funny).


Mixed fresh links for today:

"Alien Sling-Jaw" Fish - [wow creature]
An Island, Sucked Into a Giant Whirlpool, more info - [wow video]
Giant Stone Mushrooms in Bulgaria - [interesting]
Mona Lisa mosaic made from 3604 coffee cups - some full, some empty - [cool art]
One-in-a-zillion Mutation: Totally Black Penguin - [wow nature]
Neat infographic about online shopping, see large - [chart]
Animal cross-breeds: some of them quite gross - [weird]
Huge Camera from a Shipping Container - [takes pictures]
Great Ad from Citroen: Extreme Car Swing! - [wow video]
Most Adorable Animal Babies - [cute videos]
Crash! Great Ultra-Slow Motion Videos - [wow video]
Very Beautiful Relaxing Video: A Year in the Mountains - [video]
The Toilet Paper - Sign Up for Your Daily Dose of Knowledge - [promo]


If you did not see yet this incredible page about Soviet ekranoplan "Lun", you should -

Click here for a bunch of hi-res images (via). We also wrote about Russian ekranoplans - see Part 1 and Part 2. More articles about this fascinating subject are coming, stay tuned.

(images via)


Here is how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge

You might want to adjust your maps and GPS apps.

(photo by Sarah Tricker)


Wicked Transformer Model from Japan

This one is different. Created by Tomoo Yamaji, it transforms from a flying machine into a humanoid figure, but with a few cool twists (see transformation video) - buy it from his site.

(images credit: Tomoo Yamaji)


Supertanker Knock Nevis Slotted for Demolition

This is a huge ship. Knock Nevis was a supertanker generally considered the largest ship ever built - more info and pictures here. And it is now in the process of being scrapped.

It has been difficult to find it in Google Earth for some time, but now it has been located at the Alang Ship Breaking Yard - link. Coordinates: 21°25'05.02 N 72°12'26.53 W

(sent in by Jodie Smith)


The Creature Spot Offers A Smorgasbord of Monsters

Visit Creature Spot for all sort of concept art related to creature-design and monsters - for gaming and movie FX industry (warning: some are nsfw, some are quite gruesome).

Here is a "fish...dragon?" by Tiffany Turrill:

(image credit: Tiffany Turrill)


We Welcome Our "Red Cable" Overlords!

(image via)

What on earth is really going on here?


This Riddle Seems to Work

Read slowly and say answer out loud





QUICK: pick a number between 12 and 5

Ready ?

Now scroll down...

The number you picked was 7, right?

Weird isn’t it?


Something beautiful to look at

With all the proliferation of weird stuff on the internet, here is some "glamour" therapy:

Photo by Edward Steichen, 1931 - via



(image credit: Tebe-Interesno)

(original unknown)


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Blogger Unknown said...

ekranoplane video :)


Blogger Ino said...

it makes me so sad to see the lunokhod like that

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Overlord: these are Muslims praying in the direction of Mecca.

Blogger Eric said...

My # wasn't 7, it was 6.

Blogger (OvO) said...

The last nun photo, with the group of nuns walking past a poster with naked cartoon ladies on it, is the work of René Maltête: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:7-peches_capitaux.jpg

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ship breaking yards are E not W:

21°25'05.02 N 72°12'26.53 E

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really picked 7, without thinking. Weird...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The number I picked was pencil and paper.
And on captcha is: gem/empathy (:


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