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      One Fleeting Moment, Unbearably Beautiful

      "Nuit Blanche" - Award-winning short film by
      Arev Manukian, music by
      Samuel Bisson
      (100,000$ prize at LG “Life's Good” FilmFest)


      Today's pictures & links:

      Portable VHS Camcorder, 1967

      We've come a long way baby, obviously, since this technology was
      introduced in 1967 in VR-3000 Portable Quadruplex VTR by Ampex:


      More images and info

      This is pretty terrifying, if it's real

      (original unknown)


      Car Eye Candy

      Alfa Romeo 332 Stradale, 1967 - extremely rare, only 18 are reported to
      have been made - more

      (image via)


      "Mental Calculation": a math lesson in a Russian school in 1895. Look
        at the problem on the blackboard.


      N. P. Bogdanov-Belsky painted this in 1895. Can you solve the problem
      presented before the disciples of this old Russian village school? Here it


      Remember, this has to be mental calculation, no computer aid allowed.
      Mixed fresh links for today:

      How Vasily Arkhipov Saved The World
      - [shocking info]
      The nuclear war had come much closer than people had thought...
      - [revealing interview]
      Dioxippus: Historic Epic Fight
      - [someone should make a movie]
      A look at the motorcycles used in WW2
      - [vintage]
      One of the most beautiful swords ever made
      - [cool design]
      Sci-Fi Illustrations by Shusei Nagaoka
      - [some nsfw]
      Vintage HiFi Equipment Ads
      - [classic audio gallery]
      Gorgeous: 1967 Ferrari 330 P4
      - [beautiful car]
      Where Is My Food?!,
      - [fun videos]
      The Monster Eats... Mesmerizing,
      VW Snack
      - [wow videos]
      Computer Bug vs. the Cursor
      - [fun video]
      Collection of various neat ads
      - [compilation]
      Augmented Vision: Cybernetic Contact Lenses
      - [cool tech]


      Jan Kaplicky: Architect of the Future

      Jan Kaplicky's futuristic portfolio includes smooth blob-like shapes and curvy
      skyscrapers. The buildings have flowing, wavy shapes, reminiscent of the
      1960s stylings by
      Luigi Colani:


      More images

      Unknown Cutie

      A bunny. But if you count these two black patches as eyes, it turns into
      an alien.


      Here is another adorable fur-ball:



      The Swan Car

      vintage treasure, unearthed by the great site
      - Robert Matthewson's 1910 Brooke Swancar. Imagine cruising in this with
      your Victorian lady, definitely in style:

      (image via)


      Creative Phone Placement

      (image via)


      GPS, 1964 Version

      First seen on a Ford Aurora concept car (which also had an
      interesting baby seats location, see below):



      Did you check your kitchen lately?

      (art by
        Wally Wood from
        Galaxy magazine)


      Water!! ...makes this cat airborne:


      To see more hilarious airborne cats, click
      (a Flickr set).



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Blogger Rachel said...

I need a car with seats like that! The only other thing it needs is a plexi-glass barrier and a loud stereo, and I'm set for a road trip with the kids.

Blogger Kaiser said...

Damn that mathproblem. I took me a couple of minutes of counting before I solved it. But it gave me a great feeling of satisfaction after solving it! It is worth it!

Blogger Unknown said...

The trick is not to over think the math problem, but when i noticed a pattern, it all made sense.

Blogger dbezz said...

At first sight this math can't be resolved without computer but actually it is really good exercise for mental calculating!

Blogger franckbenand said...

For the problem painted by N. P. Bogdanov-Belsky:

If we know that:
•10^2 = 100
•11^2 = 121
•12^2 = 144
•100 + 121 + 144 = 365
•10^2+11^2+12^2 = 13^2+14^2
then it comes :
10^2 +11^2 +12^2 + 13^2 +14^2
= 365 + 365
(10^2 +11^2 +12^2 + 13^2 +14^2)/365
= (365+365) / 365
= (1+1) / 1
= 2

it can be done in mental arithmetic

Blogger Unknown said...

Buddy of mine had a early 2000's Ford Torus station wagon and it had rumble seats in it. Very popular on road trips I might add!

Blogger Uri said...

Here's an even earlier GPS-like device, from 1932:


The whole set is very interesting, btw

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The answer is 2.
It's really easy. :]

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cat at the end jumps because the balloon pops, the 'water' you're seeing is just the string/ribbon attached to the balloon.

Blogger Kristophr said...

Cats are capable of anti-gravity and bending space-time ... this capability goes away when they get older.

Blogger Ric Locke said...

Rear-facing seats in the back of station wagons were a regular, even expected feature. The back flips down, leaving a flat floor for load hauling. You had to install the plexiglass barrier yourself...


Blogger Unknown said...

Question about the math problem:

Why does 10^2+11^2+12^2 = 13^2+14^2 ?

Of course it is true, but I am not familiar with the principle.

Blogger dbezz said...

There is no any principle here. It's just a weird math fact, which allowed to create such a tricky exercise.
For mental calculation we don't need to calculate full sum of numerator knowing that the part of it is equal to denominator. We just put in mind that the first summand is 1. And when we calculate the second component of the numerator it is easy to see the final result.


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