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If you've been snowed under for some time, these pictures will help you feel better

"Have you entered the storehouses of the snow?..." (Job, 38:22) Some translations put it as "the treasures of the snow". Well, it seems some locations get entirely too much of this good thing:

Snowed under in the most epic way (somewhere in Switzerland):

(original unknown)

Huge vintage snow fall (would like to get some info):

Norilsk, Russia, The World Capital of Snow

Vicious winter blizzards in Norislk, Siberia, bring an inordinate - even obscene - amount of snow...
(images via 1, 2)

(images via)

There is a car here, somewhere -

(images via)

Norilsk climate is impressive not only in winter - here is a brooding storm over the city, spring 2009:

(image credit: Alexander Grishin)

Norilsk citizen's pasttime (and a popular extreme sport) - they call it "Buildering":

Snow being cleared from the Trans-Labrador Highway in northeastern Canada:

Similar "snow walled-in" road situation, this time in Japan:

(images credit: SnowJapan)

SnowMageddon... or SnowPocalypse? These pictures are from Italy:

(images via)

To dig (this car out), or not to dig?

Most of the time the answer is: yes, you'll have to dig...

"Buses are encrusted in ice and snow in the Omaha, Nebraska suburb of Elkhorn, where a fire was being put out" -

(photo by AP Photo/Nati Harnik - via)

Archeological strata - cultural remains and natural sediments, buried over time...

Digging out a Mercedes E-series car in Canada:

(original unknown)

The climate inside sometimes is not much better:

Some drivers fight back and make in their garage something entirely different:

(images via)

Bizarre and Terror-inducing Icicles

Here is an impressive ice formation - Hard Rime Ice, most often seen atop mountains in winter -

(image via)

(image via)

Might as well head out and frolic in the snow:

(image via)

(image via)

But if you want to catch a ski lift, you might be out of luck:

(somewhere in Europe, image via)




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Blogger sami said...

A lot of snow!

Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, thats incredible. Very good stuff dude.


Blogger David Great said...

Snow, snow and snow this year is true Winter Olympic year.

Blogger Unknown said...

I have some history for you on your second photo titled 'Huge Vintage Snow fall'. This appears identical to a picture displayed in Suomi's Restaurant in Houghton, Michigan. Houghton is located at the base of the Keweenau peninsula and is known as one of the snow capitals of the state. I do not remember the date of the photo, if you would like more information shoot me an e-mail and I will respond with the details from the restaurant. I can recognize the riverfront vaguely in the photo :-)


Blogger kayce. said...

as far as the second pic goes, i'm sorry i don't have better info, but i seem to remember that being sand ~ not snow ~ by that telephone pole. it's either in reference to windstorms in CA or the hurricane in galveston, tx. i'm still googling for more specific info, tho.

Blogger HC said...

Now that's what I call snow... Nothing compared to the 15 centrimetres that have fallen here in Holland.

Blogger Unknown said...

Old school telephone pic...could swear it is from north dakota.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man next to the telephone pole - it is snow, not sand. Jamestown, North Dakota
Photo Date: March 9, 1966 - http://www.photolib.noaa.gov/htmls/wea00958.htm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Japan picture is from Niigata Prefecture, Yuzawa, a ski-resort town. You can see a sign for Joetsu Kokusai in the background, which made me laugh. Jokoku is a pretty decent resort, been there four times or so and hoping to board there again this year. The snow in Niigata is usually half that size.

Anonymous phoenix taxi driver said...

Did anyone mention it is sunny and 75o Farenheit here in Phoenix Arizona this week end?

Anonymous migolfer said...

You asked about the 2nd photo. References:
* http://migolfer.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!A1E14A2D28802CCE!216.entry

* http://nsidc.org/snow/gallery/blizzard_1966b.html

"A man stands near a utility pole in North Dakota, March 9, 1966. A spring blizzard produced snow so deep that it nearly buried the utility poles. (Source: NOAA/Department of Commerce. Courtesy of the Historic National Weather Service Collection.)"

Blogger Marianne said...

Holy Crap! That's a lot of snow.

Blogger Ehsan said...

i am an ice eater , so I hope if I can eat all this snow, I will solute this problems
you have interested blog , I like cool ads, I wish if you visit me in some flowers/

Anonymous kernel.net said...

I can't believe the amount of snow seen in these pics, I have never realized how gentle is the weather here in switzerland....

Anonymous Polish Winter said...

In our country there also is a lot of snow. Maybe not in such amounts as on pictures, but in meaningful way.
Poland on snow

Blogger Unknown said...

Lots and lots of snow. :)

Blogger Cherie said...

I will never complain about our North East Ohio winters again!!!

Blogger Unknown said...

No. 2 - probably a scene of the winter of 1978/1979 in Poland.

Anonymous Koneck said...

Whoa... now I don't feel like leaving Jamaica at all. So much ice, damn

Blogger student SGH said...

it's a widespread myth that picture no. was taken in Poland in 1979. Someone just has found it in the Net and put it up as a fake. Nevertheless we had two-metre high snowdrifts in Poland thirty one years ago and tunnels similar to that "snow walled-in"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Huge vintage snow fall (would like to get some info):" Looks a lot like a photo I have seen in reference to snow in North Dakota, perhaps near the Fargo area.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Vintage snow pic at top) A man stands near a utility pole in North Dakota, March 9, 1966. A spring blizzard produced snow so deep that it nearly buried the utility poles. (Source: NOAA/Department of Commerce. Courtesy of the Historic National Weather Service Collection.) Larger version (33k).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Honduras during Christmas and overheard that it had snowed for the first time in recorded history in... Guatemala! Upon research, however, i discovered that some volcanoes there get snow every once in a while.

Blogger Pizarro said...

Preciosa imagenes me han gustado mucho, saludos desde Guareña-españa.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

strong winter doesn't mean that there is no global warming..wait till summer (besides temperatures are pretty high for a winter..it's just a lot of snow(rain) this year...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura Ingals-Wilder recounts as a child back in the 1800's where there was a storm that came up to the second story bedrooms. So global warming must occur every so often, and of course there were a lot of carbon emissions back when the territories were just becoming states, right?

Anonymous David said...

hey, thats unbelivable. Very good shots

Blogger Unknown said...

I think that the "Huge Vintage Snowfall" photo may be from the winter of 77-78. I remember seeing it then.

Blogger Mitch H. said...

I'm pretty sure that first photo is of a doghouse, not a full-scale house. That much snow to scale with an actual two-storey would have caved in the roof.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should check out a place called Garrett County, Maryland USA. I have seen pictures taken there that compare to a lot of these pictures and they are south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Anonymous Terry said...

I thought I hated snow before but I can't imagine living in that stuff.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool pics, really! Being a Swede, I can tell you the last picture shows ski lift Tusenmetersliften in Åre, Scandinavia's greatest ski resort.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where I ride my snowmobile in the Colorado Rockies they have over 200 inches and drifts normally are 3-10 feet after a Pacific front comes through. Taxi Driver in Arizona just doesn't get it......Oh Ya next week it is going to be sunny and 60 in Denver.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that wasn't a BMW :)

Anonymous Chris Miller said...

Just moved from Alaska to Houston, Texas. Can't say I miss this kind of snow :)

Anonymous Paul said...

Don't want to be a smartass and all but Mercedes makes E-classes, BMW makes 5-series.

Anonymous Commander of All said...

Ah, this reminds me of the ice planet Hoth.


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