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      Russian Extreme Loggers

      Off-road like you never seen it before - Russian-made "Ural" logging
      trucks and their drivers (from Karachaev region) are simply...
      unstoppable. Watch the video below and then click this
      for more logging madness.



      Cold fingers of...

      The creepiest icicle ever:

      (image via)


      Dieselpunk art is alive and well

      Jud Turner's sinister
      bike we featured in our recent
      article. Turns out he's got some other sculptural artifacts to offer in his
      surreal "Bio-Cycle" series. Pollutocuda - a frightening catch:


      His latest work is Duel Nature - heavily armed trees wage war for
      green cause and nutrients:


      "Duel Nature" is about the unnatural act of war-making, expressed by
          heavily armed trees; it's also about the fact that much of what
          appears to be pastoral nature is also a war between plants for
          sunlight and nutrients played out very slowly."

      See other examples of dieselpunk art on this DRB

      National Geographic's International Photography Contest Winners:

      Among the "English Language Viewers'Choice" winners is this absolutely
      adorable photo of the newborn silver-leaf langur monkey with doting

      (image credit:
        Xen Riggs, National Geographic)

      See the rest of the galleries
      Mixed fresh links for today:

      Fascinating if somewhat morbid read
      - [effects of all-out nuclear war]
      GhostNet is deadly,
      info -
      [wow tech]
      The Secret Cities of Yemen
      - [architecture]
      100 Futuristic Concepts
      - [great compilation]
      Iranian Kid's Book Illustrations
      - [unusual art]
      Stunningly Harmful Songs
      - [crazy enough]
      Metal-extreting bacteria: hello nano cataclysms
      - [weird science] -
      Hamsters performing in a band
      - [fun video]
      For all you survivalists out there
      - [neat video]
      Cute Mousetrap Drama
      - [fun video ad]
      The Secret of Chaos: mathematics beneath our natural world
      - [cool video series]
      Macy's Coupon
      - [promotion]
      The Splendor & Beauty of Russian Churches
      - [travel]
      Ten Science Tricks from YouTube
      - [compilation]
      Rare Vintage Tech Video Ads
      - [retro]


      Macedonia Impressions

      Some interesting sights captured by Dorota Szeligowska in her travels in
      Macedonia (Skopje and Mavrovo). Unusual sculptures (good addition to our


      Something lives in this lake... (and sometimes goes to church):

      (photos by Dorota Szeligowska for DRB)


      "Nautilus": Steampunk-styled One-Man-Band Vehicle

      We featured whimsical creations of
      Arthur van Poppel before -
      "Joint Strike Fighter"
      was a jet that's so small that you could drive it around your mall parking
      lot. Recently Arthur finished a new project - now with a musical slant,
      which also doubles as a submarine.

      Nautilus One Man Band Music Submarine. What's next? 3-D fantasy-quest kiosk plus garburator on wheels? We'll

      (image credit:
        Arthur van Poppel)


      Vintage Medicine Could Be Addictive

      Read these labels carefully. What you see below is the following: - A
      bottle of Bayer's heroin. "Between 1890 and 1910 heroin was sold as a
      non-addictive substitute for morphine. It was also used to treat children
      with strong cough." - Cocaine drops for toothache, popular with children
      in 1885. - Opium for the newborns (not only the Opium, but 46% alcohol!)


      It was suggested that you should take a full glass of Maltine after
      every meal... Children should take half a glass:


      Opium for asthma:


      A paper weight promoting C.F. Boehringer & Soehne (Mannheim, Germany).
      They were proud of being the biggest producers in the world of products
      containing Quinine and Cocaine.



      Homegrown Marketers

      (original unknown)


      Great Concept for Greyhound Coach Lines from... 1942

      (image via)

      An aggressively-painted bus from the modern urban reality (spotted in

      (image credit:
        Pere Rosales)



      (photo by
        James Kearns, "Getting Clean")






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Blogger flow said...


people might be interested that the fancy 1942 ‘Concept for Greyhound Coach Lines’ was predated by at least six years... THE GERMANS GOT THERE FIRST... as this link about a 1936 semi-trailer bus proves, (1) semi trailer busses were a reality in the 1930s already; (2) semi-trailer busses did operate in germany in regular public service during the 1930s...1950s; (3) they even had double deckers; (4) they even operated on rails (insular railway of sylt; system sadly got scrapped in dec. 1970).

wouldn't that page warrant a copycat entry here on d.r.b.? just in order to celebrate the greatness of german semi trailer bus design??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"His latest work is Duel Nature - heavily armed trees wage war for green cause and some oxygen"

Why would they fight over oxygen? To a plant, that is a waste product. Perhaps you meant carbon dioxide?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He didn't say anything about a war over oxygen, he said it was over "sunlight and nutrients" (nutrients could be minerals in the soil).


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