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Robot Shadows on the Moon

Or, rather, "Shadow Advertising on the Moon" - created by robots run amok on its surface - is it the future of advertising, or a silly cyberpunk-ish dream? Moon Publicity is completely serious about this... Also read our article about Cloud Advertising.


"Shadow Shaping is patent pending (Patent Application 61/150,054) technology that can be used to create images on the surface of the Moon that are visible from Earth. Practical uses for these images include advertising and memorials. The moon is covered with a fine dust that can be compacted to create shadow patterns."

Today's pictures & links:

Absolutely Monstrous Machine Found Somewhere in Russia

Are you afraid? are you?.. Well, you should be!

photo by S. Bednaruk

This thing seems to be abandoned for now, but Decepticons certainly have plans for it. Any idea what this thing was originally intended for?

UPDATE Please read our article Jet Engines on Trucks for Fun and Profit for all the info about it...


Wingless Flight

Catching a ride... exploring the world...

Photo by Benno Neeleman

Giant wings, giant butterfly

Here is another extreme - a huge Atlas Moth, Attacus Atlas, found in Southern China, Thailand and Indonesia. Their winspan can reach 12 inches, and they also called "Snake's Head" in Hong Kong.

(image via Alexis)

Check out this butterfly eating the brains of commuters somewhere in Russia (just kidding) -

(image via Sergei Sambuka)


How Smiley Faces Are Made

The process is not pretty...

(image via)


Organic Spaghetti Bench

Some benches are more alive than others... Made by Pablo Reinoso. See more images here:

(images credit: Pablo Reinoso)


Mixed fresh links for today:

100 things your kids may never know about - [nostalgia]
Reddit discussion of the above, adding more - [comments]
Creepy Automata at Curious Expeditions - [vintage, weird]
Dangerous Knowledge in Mathematics, more - [fantastic video; 1 hr.long]
Pictorial Histories of Flight and Dentistry - [visual timeline]
Crazy and Creative Chairs - [design]
Some neat latest gadget ideas - [gadgets]
Crazy gliders at a festival in France - [fun video]
Cute Baby Meercats - [fun video]
Elephants Bungee Jumping! - [wow video]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]
Rank your favorite things with lists. Fun for the whole family - [promo]


The Many Moods of Han Solo

Here is one of his happier moments:

and "I have a bad feeling about this..." expression -

(images via)


Lets discuss this pic endlessly on Twitter, etc.

(image credit: Eric Hanson)



This subtly-romantic moment was captured by David Mordegan, who sent it to us:

(image credit: David Mordegan)


JAWS, re-imagined

We don't usually feature T-shirt designs (there are far too many of them), but this one is impressive...

you can order it here


An Enviable Dexterity...



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Blogger Jade said...

It's for putting out oil well fires. There's a more bad-ass one out there that's mounted on a tank chassis.

Blogger Jade said...

Or maybe in this case it's used to de-ice planes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It might also be a jet-engine snowblower. I've seen something similar used on the railroad.

Blogger Unknown said...

that is a Klimov VK-1 out of a Mig 15 they are used to remove snow from runways. I have never seen them used for oil fires that is usually done with explosives. That thing would just feed a fire like crazy plus the exhaust out of it is hot enough to ignite the oil.

Blogger christopher575 said...

Can you fix the link to order the shark shirt? It's just a link to the image. Thanks!

Anonymous Nik said...

Sorry to disappoint, but the smiley factory is another t-shirt. http://www.threadless.com/product/1943/Smiley_Factory.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Monstrous Machine Found Somewhere in Russia" is a de-icing machine. Definitely looks like a locally designed and manufactured machine... An old jet engine mounted on a truck. Oh wow. how loud would that be?

Anonymous smokes said...

at the end of the Kuwait war there were a lot of methods tried to extinguish the oilwell fires set by the Iraqis as they fled. One thrown together by the russians was a tank with a couple of jet engines mounted on the turret. When the engines were up to speed and pointed at the burning oilwell, high pressure water was pumped in, in place of the afterburner. This sprayed extremely high pressure water onto the fire and just snuffed them out. It was fantastic to watch.
This truck looks like a cutdown version of the above.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picture of the old jet engine used for 'defrosting' airplanes - http://www.airliners.net/photo/UTAir-Aviation/Tupolev-Tu-134A-3/1019076/L/&sid=5a256d810e4899417eb10f7f6200a871

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, a de-icing machine. The enginge is a MiG-15 or MiG-17 radial compressor engine with just a lengthened jet, it's not an after burner. There's still a tank-truck needed for an hour of work.

Such machines have been used to remove ice especially from rails and railroad switches in the permafrost areas in siberia. But in some cases other eastern europe countries realized the same technical idea very fast. They had several of these machines in East Germany in the very hard winter of 79/80. My father did run such a thing as a flight ingeneer.

Blogger Unknown said...

I've got that t-shirt, its awesome.

Made by the mountain www.themountain.com

Anonymous Charlie Brown said...

The team with the jets on tank chassis was not Russian, but Hungarian, and it worked with high pressure fog:

"Some new methods were used. Early on, teams used liquid nitrogen to smother fires. A team from Hungary put two jet engines on top of a captured Iraqi tank and introduced water into the stream of gas the jets produced, Mr. Heischman said, blowing a high-velocity fog at the fires and 'essentially blowing them out.'" /NY Times Online/

Anonymous Daniel said...

here is a video of that tank:
seems to be quite effective.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regards to the jet engine on the truck. It has a number of uses already mentioned. One that wasn't included is chemical/biological decontamination. Chemicals/liquids are injected into the stream to render chem/bio agents inert.

For those saying it can't be used to snuff out a fire, how do you extinguish a candle on a birthday cake? ;^) A fire can't burn unless it has the right concentration of oxygen...

Blogger Bart said...

Maybe it's a the leaf-blower-from-hell? My penny is on de-icing (melting)or better just removal of snow (just blowing it away and melt the rest).

If i remember correctly the devices for fighting oil-well fires have more thrust (more/bigger jet-engine) and are armoured against the heat of the fire, this thing will melt before it gets close enough (looking at the downward angle of the engine this makes sense).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truck with the "backward" jet engine as a snout is a de-icing system. While the West worked on fluids the Soviets use old jet engine, whose exhaust was hot enough to melt the snow and ice and dry the surface of a plane's wings as well.

Anonymous Sablatnic said...

The "jet thing" is probably for removing snow from the runways. In England similar first generation jet engines were used for removing snow. Works quite well, but they are rather thirsty engines.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Kamaz with some sci-fi gun. Photo belongs to S.Bondarchuk. This is "Inhebited Island" director. I think upper part is used for shooting film.

Blogger peacelovewoodstock said...

NASCAR uses jet dryers to dry race track after rain .. here is a video of one that blew the asphalt apart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFvEcebYWh8

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you guys for all the info about this "leaf-blower from hell" :)

will update soon

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Search for "1. Gulf war" - "blow out burning spouter".
I think such machines was active there.
BR Mike

Anonymous matt said...

the heat gun truck is either an aircraft deicer, an engine-starting heater for older planes, or some sort of crazy experimental snowplow. most likely a deicer.

Anonymous WannaSmile said...

I'm in love with that lady bug.


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